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Earthcast 2008 & Community Assembly

Hello EdTechTalkers, Earthcast 2008 is only hours away. This 24 hour long conversation about the health of our planet. will begin at midnight GMT on April 22 (Global times at: ). Participants from around the world will moderate discussions, and guests will include students, teachers, local leaders, environmental advocates, scientists/engineers, politicians, grassroots leaders, etc.. Please visit for more information, a complete schedule, and to tune in.

EVO2008, Webcast Academy Class of 2.4, & ETT Webcasts

Hello EdTechTalkers,

An exciting new year of webcasting is already in full swing at
and several 'special events' are taking place this weekend.  
On Sunday, January 13 at 1600GMT  (global times at:
) the  Electronic Village Online Launch Webcast will take place at
EVO is six weeks  of "online sessions or hands-on virtual workshops of

Edublog Awards Ceremony & ETT Updates

Celebrate another amazing year of edublogging at...
  Saturday, December 8, 2007

In other ETT News:



October 7~14, 2007

=== Upcoming Shows and Events on ===
(click links for show times and details)

    * Oct. 7 - EdTechWeekly

    * Oct. 8 - It's Elementary - K-12 Online Conference Preview

    * Oct. 9 - Women of Web 2.0.45

    * Oct. 10 - 21st Century Learning - K-12 Online Conference Presentation Creation
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