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EdTechWeekly#209 - What are the big themes in Edtech?

57:12 minutes (26.18 MB)
February 26, 2012

Technology Integration Specialist, Drew McAllister joins Dave, John, & Jeff to discuss his efforts to share the big themes of EdTech with his staff as he transitions to a new position.

Follow-up posts from Drew
Some Summary Thoughts
Does technology make teenagers into zombies?

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EdTechWeekly#208 - 2012 Goals, Projects, and Edtechosphere updates

50:16 minutes (23.01 MB)
January 15, 2011
2012 Goals, Projects, and Edtechosphere updates

EdTechWeekly#206 - Tech Overload & The Purpose of Education

56:07 minutes (25.69 MB)
December 11, 2011

The whole gang is together again as we cover Dave's recent lack of focus, John's visit to 21st Century Skills Ohio, and Jen's Imminent Doctorhood.  

EdTechWhenever#205 Student Data: Where to draw the line?

32:39 minutes (14.94 MB)
December 4, 2011

Dave & Jeff discuss the merits and ethics of of academic and social media data analysis by universities.

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