Ed Tech Weekly #36

A fun week with two wonderful guest hosts. Chat records up shortly.

This week's delicious links

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EdTechWeekly #35 - Safari, Free Space, E-Discovery, Surface, Bumptop, Revver, & Blaugh

Dell Demands, Windows Safari, Free Space, E-Discovery, Surface, Bumptop, Facebook Concerns, Revver, & Blaugh
June 17, 2007

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June 10, 2007

Screencast - Part#1
SpaceTime     UBroadcast    Fixya     Twitter4skype      Juhu     Witricity   Babelgum

Screencast Part 2
Freebase, Mapping, SR205, Edheads, Mindmeister, Kayuda, Webby's, & Snaps

Screencast Part 3
CNet Webware & Bloggers Choice Awards, Logotwo, JobHunting2.0 , ElectroCity, Online Learning Tools

Screencast Part 4
Adobe Seminars, ETT Raw Stream & Twitter Archive, Song History DB,,  Zoomr,  Motionbox, Grand Central, Skype Lady, Thin Client Whiteboards, ASTD Materials
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EdTechWeekly#33 - Now with Video!

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