Conversations #106 - Summer Learning

62:07 minutes (21.33 MB)The Conversations gang returned from their summer vacation with lots to say and ready for plenty of conversation. Lisa , Maria and Sheila share their learning while away for the summer.

Conversations #104 - How do you end the year? [June 12, 2011]

60:47 minutes (27.83 MB)

This week, we discussed ending the school year. Although for some listeners it was a reflection, Lisa, Maria and Sheila all have about 2 more weeks to go! Several ideas and links were shared in the chat.

Conversations Episode 102 - What Message Does Your Classroom Give?

63:29 minutes (29.06 MB)This week, we discussed the message people get when they come into your classroom.  Does your room portray the message you want it to?  How do you get people to understand your message?  

Conversations Episode 100!!! - A Celebration

66:59 minutes (30.66 MB)This week we celebrated our 100th Episode.  We talked about how we got started and moved right into a conversation about being connected as educators.  It was great fun!

Conversations Episode 99 - Teachers Advocating for Themselves

64:51 minutes (29.69 MB)This week, Lisa, Maria, and Sheila got a bit political, talking about today's politics of teaching.  Our kickoff was a series of tweets by Diane Ravitch, @dianeravitch, about the need for educators to advocate for themselves.  Join us this week in finding a way to promote educators to the public - or at least to your parents.
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