Conversations - Show 9 - 2008-09-21

61:54 minutes (28.34 MB)

This episode is a conversation about the teacher evalaution process that exists in various schools. We were joined by Shannon Smith and Ginger Lewman who shared their thoughts and experiences with evaluation in their schools.


Sorry that the chat log was lost this week due to a technical glitch. Thank you to everyone who met in the chat room and added their comments and questions to our discussion.

Conversations - Show 8 - 2008-09-13

61:31 minutes (56.31 MB)

In this episode Lisa Parisi and Maria Knee are joined by Joel Zehring and Chrissy Hellyer.  We discuss teacher stereotypes: What are they?  How did they get started?  What can we do to change them?

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Conversations - Show 7 - 2008-08-31

62:28 minutes (57.2 MB)

This week, we were joined by Karen Janowski for our Conversation about Inclusion.  We tackled such issues as how to run a great inclusion program and who belongs and who doesn't belong in an inclusion classroom.

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Conversations-Show 6-2008-08-24

52:55 minutes (24.22 MB)

This week the show focused on starting the school year. We discussed what folks do when planning for the year and what routines and procedures are important to establish with students. We also shared what we might do differently in the upcoming school year and any new projects or ideas we are thinking about.

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Conversations - Show 5 - 2008-08-17

65:09 minutes (29.83 MB)

This week the show focused on bullying.  Lisa Parisi and Ginger Lewman, filling in for Maria Knee, were joined by Nicole Hill and Robin Martin.  Together we tackled such issues as a school's responsibility when it comes to bullying, the best thing for a parent to do, and how to deal with bullies and victims.

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