SEEDLINGS 2010-09-16 Show # 91

56:13 minutes (25.78 MB)

Seedlings returns for season 3!!! Show 91. We are delighted to be back. Our show tonight is a catch up show! Catchup and see what we have been up to and what we have planned for the near future!

 The Links:

SEEDLINGS Teaser for the 2010-11 Season

2:24 minutes (2.2 MB)

Seedlings stumbled together Saturday morning for a teaser! We will see you Thursday evening, 7:30 pm EST, 19:30 GMT for our season premiere  with Audora Svitak, Ben and Ben, Alice, Bob and Cheryl and our most important part of our show, all of you!

Seedlings 2010-06-03 Show #90 with Cherrie MacInnes

56:34 minutes (25.94 MB)

The links for the show:

Cherrie's Classblog:

 The Chat:

 02:27:04  chingo -> Room 3: hi

 14:21:48  Lilik  and?

 19:26:35  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hello to all 

 19:26:36  alicebarr  Hi andrea can you hear us?

Seedlings 2010-05-20 Show 89 with MEMoves!

64:28 minutes (29.55 MB)

Join us as we talk with the creaters and producers of MeMoves a musical-body puzzle, interactive program. Listen as Roberta shares the history behind MeMoves and then Chris jumps in a explains how their beliefs turned into a crusade!

 Another White Paper, just published, about MeMoves: International Meeting for Autism Research in Philadelphia.

Seedlings-2010-05-06 with Lucy Gray and the K12Horizon Report

63:25 minutes (29.07 MB)

Join us as we learn more details about the Horizon Report with Lucy Gray. Plus Lucy tells us what has been happening in her professional life!


Links from the show:


K-12 Horizon Report

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