2009-2-19 SEEDlings NIng Conversation

60:47 minutes (55.65 MB)

Thanks to our chat room and guests Ernie Easter and Janice Stearns, we got some great ideas to take the Seedlings Ning to it's next level. Come see what's going on! During the first fifteen minutes there are some technical difficulties.

Geek of the Week Links



2009-2-5 SEEDlings with Clive Goodinson

61:29 minutes (55.86 MB)

Clive Goodinson of Pixton Comics joins us for the show

Links: Pixton Comics  and Geek of the Week


SEEDLINGS SHOW # 50 discussing the Horizon Report 2009

65:50 minutes (30.17 MB)

Alice, Bob and Cheryl did their homework and started the discussion about the Horizon Report 2009. One question we did not answer was how do the old reports measure up a year and up to 4 years later. That will be for you to decide, otherwise we would give it all away.

Listen to the show, leave a comment and come back for more. We are so happy to Worldbridges and Edtechtalk for sponsoring this show through the 50 episodes. Thanks again.

2009-1-22 SEEDlings with the Podcasting Principals

65:33 minutes (60.02 MB)

Scott Elias and Melinda Miller join us to share how they are using podcasts.

Links from the show: (Thanks Bob)

2009-01-08 Seedlings with Wicked Decent Learning!

59:30 minutes (27.24 MB)
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