Peggy George

WOW2 Show #106 Educon Debriefing

63:05 minutes (32.51 MB)

Educon Debriefing with guests Bud Hunt, Lori Sheldon and others who joined us through HiDef (assisted by Matt Montagne)


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WOW2 Show #105 with Angela Maiers

62:49 minutes (32.71 MB)

Jen Wagner, Peggy George, Cheri Toledo and Sharon Peters welcome Angela Maiers on the show tonight to discuss literacy and "Classroom Habitudes".


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WOW2 Show #104 with Liz Kolb

65:48 minutes (34.66 MB)

Special GuestL Liz Kolb sharing about cell phones in the classroom


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Parents as Partners Episode #17 December 15, 2008

62:12 minutes (28.47 MB)

Parents as Partners Episode # 17 Dec 15, 2008 featured Madison Park Middle School with Principal Richard Ramos, Assistant Principal Priscilla Gossett, Classroom Teacher Pam Duty and Parent Angila Gallenstein describing all the great things that they are doing to promote parent engagement in their school.

Without writing a text book , it is impossible to capture all the good things that are happening at Madison Park Middle School in Phoenix Arizona. But here are a few highlights of the discussion in this show.

WOW2 SHOW #100! With the EdTech Posse

71:46 minutes (37.36 MB)

Join us for a game-show style show against the EdTech Posse


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