It's Elementary 32, Live from CUE 2009

On this Special Edition of It's Elementary, Jose and Alice report live from the CUE conference  in Sunny Palm Springs California. With over 2500+ participants it is one of the most popular edtech conferences in the United States. Have a listen

Alice and Jose report live from the conference.  We pulled people fron the exhibit hall and got reflections on their conference experience.  CUE began EdubloggerCon West on Wednesday and continued with three full days of 1 hour talks, 3 hour sessions, full day workshops, panel talks, and an Open Source pavillion.  Have a listen as CUE participants share their favorite sessions and impressions.  Enjoy the the show. 


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ED 21 Unconference

What happens when you mix a group of passionate educators with a desire to advocate for change in education? You get action!
Uploaded with plasq’s Skitch!

Ed21, a conference for educators - and all learners, is happening this Saturday, February 21st from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m PST (global time). The conference is a mix of four Ted-like 14 minute presentations with time for conversation in between and after the presentations.

The website answers the question, “What is Ed21?”, with this:

We are interested in discussing how we can reinvent the educational system so students can be:

• independent processors of information

• solvers of real life problems

• curious and passionate about their interests

• effective oral and written communicators

• collaborators who make an impact on their community, one another, and the world

To this end we are committed to challenging the status quo, connecting people with networks, and sharing ideas worth spreading.

I hope you can join us!




It's Elementary #28, Educon 2.1

Join us as we discuss Educon 2.1 with the Science Leadership Academy Crew; Chris, Zach and Tim.  Vicki Davies also comes into the conversation with the It's Elementary Team.


It’s Elementary #28 was a preview of an upcoming conference, Educon2.1. The conference will be held in Philadelphia at the Science Leadership Academy. Chris Lehman, the principal at SLA, was on our show. Also on the show were SLA teachers Tim Best and Zac Chase. One of the innovative sessions will be a virtual session led by Julie Lindsay, Qatar, and Vicki Davis, Georgia. Vicki was on the show to preview her session, which will be a connection between Educon and the Flat Classroom Conference in Qatar. Vicki and Julie will both be in Qatar and connect virtually with Educon. This is modeling the very skills we want the children in our schools to exhibit. More information about our show is available at It’s Elementary on edublogs.

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Educational Technology and Related Educational Conferences - 2009

Educational Technology and Related Educational Conferences

for January – August 2009  

Prepared by Clayton R. Wright, crw77 at gmail dot com, December 24, 2008 

This list focuses primarily on the use of technology in online and face-to-face educational settings as well as on teaching and learning and related support services. Only listings from January to August 2009 are complete as dates, locations, or URLs are not available for a number of events after August 2009. This list of events is published in a Word format to enable people with limited or high-cost internet access to find a conference that may suit their interests or obtain conference proceedings. Consider using the “Find” tool under Word’s “Edit” tab or similar tab in OpenOffice to locate the name of a particular conference, association, city, or country. Then, “cut and paste” a list of suitable events for yourself and your colleagues. 

It's Elementary #24 K12Online2008 Conference Preview

We had a great conversation with Dean and Wes about K12Online2008 Conference. It was a busy chatroom with past conference participants and presenters, along with educators to k12Online. Make sure to check out for more information.

In It's Elementary #24 we talked with Dean Shareski and Wesley Fryer, two of the conveners for the k12Online2008 Conference. Dean is a Digital Learning Consultant with a school in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Westley Fryer is the Director of the Olklahoma Heritage Association. The K12Online2008 conference is totally online, including both synchronous and asynchronous components. This year's pre-conference keynote will be given by Heppell Next week. (week of October 13th) The conferece contains four strands 1. Getting Started 2. Prove it. 3. Kicking it Up A Notch 4. Leading the Change Within each strand, there are many presentations that fit that theme. Several of the presenters prepared teasers, or short advertisements. of their presenations. These are available at More information can be found at Join us for our next show on October 27th where we will discuss technology in the Early Childhood Classroom. To read Chat see attachment


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