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IHAQ#4 - K-12 MOOC's: Possibilities and Challenges

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I Have a Question#4
April 27, 2014

Featured Question: From +Paul Allison
What would a K-12 MOOC have in it? What connections would it nurture?
Would teachers codesign it with students? Do they exist?

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From +Benjamin Stewart     Why does Mitra anger so many in education?  
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Teachers Teaching Teachers #176 Deep-Sea Diving Into Diigo 4.0 with Maggie Tsai - 11.11.09

52:31 minutes (12.02 MB)

Maggie Tsai - maggie_diigoAs we move into the semester, many of us who are using Youth Voices are also using Diigo with our students.

We invited Maggie Tsai, one of the co-founders of Diigo, back to Teachers Teaching Teachers to talk about how new features in Diigo 4.0 will help us build connections between students through social bookmarking. Come learn with us!

We were also joined by:

  • Alice Barr, Tech Integrator at Yarmouth High School, Yarmouth Maine, and Seedlings Co-Host
  • H. Songhai, Media Literacy/Digital Archiving Instructor (9-12) Hope Charter School, Philadelphia, PA
  • Russ Goerend, Language Arts and Social Studies 6th Grade teacher in Waukee, Iowa

Diigo Resources and Tutorials, by Peggy George

AHS Diigo, by Karl Fisch

How Do You Use Diigo Instructionally?


Click Read more to see a transcript of a chat that was happening during the webcast.

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