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David Bill

ETT21 #128: David Bill, Curator of TEDxNYED

16:56 minutes (7.78 MB)

21st Century Learning #128TEDxNYED
April 13, 2010
David Bill from TEDxNYED

David Bill, Curator of TEDxNYED joined us to discuss the almost posted videos from TEDxNYED and how he hopes to continue the conversation about change in education. 


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21st Century Learning #116: Introducing TEDxNYED

17:20 minutes (7.97 MB)

21st Century Learning #116
November 24, 2009
Introducing TEDxNYED

Dave Bill introduces us to TEDxNYED.

"TEDxNYED will be an all day conference designed to examine education and the impact of new media and technology. Speakers are challenged to share innovative insights and inspire conversations about the future of education. Attendees are challenged to rise to the occasion: learn for themselves, educate each other and, following the spirit of TED, spread these ideas."

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