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COOLCast - October 5, 2011

101:25 minutes (46.43 MB)
Topics: platform options for course events, central cores and threads in MOOCs, designed around the loudest shouters, continuity in open learning topics, 'distributed' teacher goals vs. learner centralized desires, city tour bus vs. independent roaming, and lots more meandering...

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COOLCast#1 - September 14, 2011

67:40 minutes (30.98 MB)
Collaborative Open Online Learning
Sept. 14, 2011
Participants: Lisa M LaneVance StevensKate RobbinsSanford Arbogast, Jeff Lebow

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EduMOOC 2011 Gradcast

52:48 minutes (24.17 MB)

The Final EduMOOC Webcast

August 17, 2011

Participants: Vance Stevens, Lisa M Lane, Alison Snieckus, Osvaldo Rodriguez, Rowan Fairgrove, & Jeff Lebow

Topic: The future of MOOC's and online education ... and acronym alternatives to MOOC, including

   SOOC - Scalable Open Online Course
   MILE - Massive Informal Learning Experience
   COOL - Collaborative Open Online Learning

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MOOCast - Week#4

89:19 minutes (40.89 MB)
MOOCast - Week#4 July 20, 2011
 Participants: Jeff LebowJohn GravesRob DarrowStephen DownesMichael MarzioDr.Nellie Deutsch Muller

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