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Arvind Grover

ETT21 #131: Sachin Agarwal, Founder and CEO of

19:54 minutes (18.27 MB)

Sachin Agarwal, founder and CEO of joins Alex, arvind, and Vinny to talk about their slick web-publishing tool. They give away free blogs to anyone, and they couldn't be easier to use. Sachin walks us through some of our questions including, "how do you pronounce Posterous?" to examples of how teachers could use Posterous.

21st Century Learning #103 - Pandemic Flu And How Our School Are/Should Be Thinking About The Challange

25:35 minutes (23.45 MB)

Alex, Vinnie and arvind discuss the pandemic flu and how our schools and we are thinking about providing education/support for students if we were not able to meet with them in real, physical space.

21st Century Learning #64: U.S. Presidential Primaries and You

29:29 minutes (27.01 MB)Alex, arvind and chatroom guests discussed all the technology surrounding the U.S. Preisdential Primary races. How can you use the Internet and online tools to understand the process? Tune in to find out...

21st Century Learning #62: Review of PBS's Frontline "Growing Up Online"

22:38 minutes (20.74 MB)

21st Century Learning #62

Review of PBS's Frontline Growing Up Online

January 23, 2008

We discussed PBS's excellent newspiece "Growing Up Online" which investigated the lives of the first generation of kids to grow up with Internet access their entire lives. We brainstormed a show with kids as well as covered the pieces of the news story which we felt were critical.

21st Century Learning #39: PodcampNYC Recap plus Interacting with our Listeners

25:51 minutes (11.84 MB)

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #39
PodcampNYC Recap plus Interacting with our Listeners 
April 17, 2007

Today on the show Alex had to phone in, but we discussed PodcampNYC and how the experience was live, mobile webcasting from the podcasting unconference. We played a teaser from Podabracadebra who read out podcast fortune with tarot cards (see the full tarot reading at and highlighted some of the great interviwees that arvind was able to meet. We also discussed the best way to get people to comment and interact with us. We hope that you will use the tool below to leave us a text, audio or video comment. We'd love to hear from you. As always, you can also e-mail us at 21 [at]

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