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Newsletter for those who host shows on EdTechTalk

Newsletter testing

Nothing to see here, just move along.

Though, if you did get this message, it means the new server can now send email from within Drupal, which means newsletters shouldn't get lost in the ether anymore.


Happy new year, everyone.



What's with this "Post-Show Description" Field

If you've posted audio on in the last couple weeks, you may have noticed a new field called "Post-Show Description". This is an opportunity for you to enter a quick synopsis of the show. It should only be a few sentences that describes what the show was about.

The idea is to take this data and aggregate it into a weekly newsletter that is sent out to all ETT subscribers. Ideally, they'd get an email showing all of the shows posted within the last week, along with a description of each one. 

Community Assembly: April 22

EdTechTalk Community,

Our long-awaited Spring Community Assembly is coming up on April 22 as part of the EarthCast 2008 Webcastathon. We need your enthusiasm! We need your support! We need your help! Mostly, we just need you to show up.

New Edtechtalk Manager - voting commencing?

Hey folks,

As I'm soon going to be taking the role of president of educationbridges it's occured to me that i should really relinquish my position as 'manager of edtechtalk' we'll call it effective in two weeks. I realize that many of you probably didn't realize i actually had that title :P but I've been lurking around...

In my mind, the edtechtalk manager must...

1. make sure that necessary upgrades are performed

2. coordinate community website support

3. chair the edtechtalk committee (or skype chat)

EdTechPlanning Meeting - Thursday 9pmEST

Hello EdTechTalk Show Hosts,

Thought I'd use this occasion to test out sending a newsletter in Drupal 5.x. Created this new newsletter for those who host shows on ETT. Perhaps it should be broadened to all those interested in ETT Development. In any event, 'this occasion' is another EdTechTalk Planning Session tonight (Feb. 15) at 9pmEST. I added a tentative agenda to our messy development page at:

Hope to connect soon,

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