EdTechWeekly#50 - Grim Grumpy Gremlins

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EdTechWeekly #50
"a weird show"

EdTechWeekly #29 - Microhoo, Digg Revolt, Silverlight, Open Education 2007, & Dr. Anne

49:57 minutes (22.87 MB)

Microhoo, Digg Revolt, Silverlight,  Open Education 2007, & Dr. Anne 
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K12 Online Conference Reunion & EdTechYearly

Worldbridges 2007 New Year Webcastathon Hour#46

Jennifer Wagner hosts a reunion and recap of the K12 Online Conference ,
followed by a brief discussion of the most important EdTech developments of the year

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EdTechWeekly #12

December 17, 2006
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