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21st Century Learning #118, Internet Safety 101

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21st Century Learning #118
January 12, 2010
Internet Safety 101
A discussion about the how to speak about Internet Safety with parents and their kids.  Vinnie mentioned a danah boyd podcast that you can find here.  Lots of great links in the Chat Transcript too.  Enjoy!

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WoW 2.0 Show # 36 with Linda Criddle, Internet Safety

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Our #35th show. We were missing Sharon, she was in Boston at the Alan November Learning Communities conference. But, Vicki, Cheryl and Jen have a great interview with Linda and learn about predatory behavior and how to garner parent support through empowerment!

Jennifer's Wow
Sharon's wow - (just in case I don't make it to the show) -

  • Blog pick of the week - Andrew Keen: Luddite? (About his book Cult of the Amateur) We have to have an entire show to deal with this one!!
  • Webpage of the week: Top 25 Web 2.0 Apps to Improve a Student's or Professor's Productivity - probably already shared another time, but recently rediscovered (mentioned on ETT on Sunday). The show of ETT on Sunday was really great - can't wait to listen to the podcast because my Internet was so flaky that night
  • Cheryl's Wow
Vicki's Wow - Some cool visual tools

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21st Century Learning #32

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EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #32
A Conversation about Internet Safety ­
With Vinnie Vrotny, Director of Academic Technology from North Shore Country Day School
February 20, 2007

A conversation with Vinnie Vrotny about his role at North Shore Country Day School, and his work with parent education on Internet Safety with Moodle.

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