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It,s Elementary #18, Video Conferencing

53:01 minutes (12.13 MB)

We had a great discussion with James Sigler

1. James Sigler shared his background and how he started video-conferencing, including some pertinent points

  • It involved serendipity and a willingness to try something new, rather than a technology plan...

2. Why do it?

  • Our guest and host shared about the learning connections they've made, and students make using this
  • We discussed the standards, like NETS Communication and Collaboration and looking on how our students are communicating with authentic audiences.

4. The It's Elementary team share their experiences

5. And shared barriers to effective implementation or sustainability, blocking and coordinating schedule/time zones came up as the big issues.

We then threw it open and had the audience join in.

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21:31 minutes (9.85 MB)
This week, I'm joined by Jason Robertshaw and Alice Mercer as we discuss plans for EarthCast08
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37:56 minutes (17.37 MB)Another in our series of virtual staff lounges. The show begins with a plug for earthcast08, April 22, 2008. I'm also joined by James Sigler and Alice Mercer as we discuss Universal Design for Learning, as well as special needs students and what is/can/might/should be done to meet the needs of these learners in our schools.


60:41 minutes (27.78 MB)

Back with Alice, Jose, and Matthew for more thoughts on the CUE Conference from Palm Springs, CA. James Sigler and Matt Montagne also stop by to join the conversation.


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It's Elementary #15 - Video in the Classroom

48:41 minutes (22.28 MB)

We welcomed Mathew Needleman who discussed Video in the Classroom. Maria was unable to join us due to her mother's birthday (happy birthday to you!), Alice discussed attending Mathew's presentation at CUE last week. Her blog post is here it includes links to his presentation. We touched on...

  • Why to use video in the classroom
  • How to structure projects for success
  • Resources to help you with projects
  • Problems we had, and how to deal with them


Mathew's video work:
Digital Storytelling by Room36 Jose:

Royalty Free Images for projects

Content Links/Tutorials, Marco Torres's site for monthly digital storytelling carnival for AFI's training films
Microsoft MovieMaker
Microsoft PhotoStory

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