2010-04-29 Seedlings Chat with Lisa Nielson and Willyn Webb

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 Bob and Cheryl are joined by and Willyn Webb: Author, Counselor at Alternative HS having success with cells in a district where it's banned Lisa Nielson:  Tech Innovation Manager in NYC and creator of The Innovative Educator Blog

Advocate for students using the tools they already own!



Here is part of the agenda with some great links:


    * Why do you think that cells are a tool necessary for combating the digital divide?

          o Ubiqutous (Lisa)

21st Century Learning #118, Internet Safety 101

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21st Century Learning #118
January 12, 2010
Internet Safety 101
A discussion about the how to speak about Internet Safety with parents and their kids.  Vinnie mentioned a danah boyd podcast that you can find here.  Lots of great links in the Chat Transcript too.  Enjoy!

<Chat Transcript>

Women of Web 3.0 - Show #120 Lucy Gray

63:34 minutes (58.19 MB)

Join us for an exciting conversation with the inimitable and well-connected Lucy Gray who shares with us her passion for what's new in ipod/iphone educational apps, Google Teacher Academy and educational technology.

21st Century Learning #116: Introducing TEDxNYED

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21st Century Learning #116
November 24, 2009
Introducing TEDxNYED

Dave Bill introduces us to TEDxNYED.

"TEDxNYED will be an all day conference designed to examine education and the impact of new media and technology. Speakers are challenged to share innovative insights and inspire conversations about the future of education. Attendees are challenged to rise to the occasion: learn for themselves, educate each other and, following the spirit of TED, spread these ideas."

<Chat Transcript>

Jeff Utecht and Daneah with students from International School Bangkok: Operation Smile

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Jeff Utecht and wife Daneah share their students from International School Bangkok with us for an evening of inspiration and hope as their students relate their experiences with a very special project: Operation Smile. Daneah and two of the students have created videos to capture the visit the students had with young patients who experienced facial reconstructive surgery in Thailand.


The Chat:


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