21st Century Learning #121: What does Blogging Look Like in 2010?

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21st Century Learning #121
February 2, 2010
What does Blogging Look Like in 2010?






 21st Century Learning #121
February 2, 2010
What does Blogging Look Like in 2010?
 11:17:10  mrogge ->  Testing.
 11:17:58  mrogge ->  lol 
 11:18:45  mrogge ->  [b]Trying bold and[/b][i] switching to italics midstream.
 11:19:50  mrogge ->  *evil* 
 14:00:35  arvind ->  hi folks!
 14:00:58  arvind ->  my sad Internet connection is crawling today. Hopefully my voice packets go through successfully when we start broadcasting
 14:01:12  wstites ->  What's todays topic?
 14:01:54  alexr ->  hey folks.
 14:02:06  matt motagne ->  hey all
 14:02:10  matt motagne ->  hey there peggy
 14:02:27  PeggyG ->  Hi everyone! has the stream started?
 14:02:46  matt motagne ->  i thik they are just getting revved up
 14:02:56  alexr ->  thanks.  
 14:03:00  alexr ->  No stream started yet.
 14:03:11  alexr ->  Busy here.  
 14:03:21  PeggyG ->  thanks--no problem waiting :-)
 14:04:11  PeggyG ->  be sure to watch the PBS Frontline Digital Nation show tonight at 9:00pm :-) many schools are planning to share it with students
 14:04:24  arvind ->  getting set up now folks. We're going to be talking blogging. WordPress MU, Posterous - the classroom implications
 14:04:35  matt motagne ->  btw, you guys have to check out ustream producer...very cool client application for webcasting to ustream
 14:04:42  wstites ->  I just got back from my second WordCamp...
 14:04:55  wstites ->  Went to one in NYC in the fall and just got back from Bosotn
 14:05:05  arvind ->  UStream Producer: http://www.ustream.tv/producer
 14:05:11  wstites ->  GREAT PLACE to go for WordPress knowledge!!!
 14:05:12  PeggyG ->  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/digitalnation/ The full video for Digital Nation is posted online :-)
 14:05:24  arvind ->  We sent our webmaster to Wordcamp NY. I was sad to miss it
 14:05:39  PeggyG ->  I installed the iphone ustream broadcaster and it's really slick!
 14:05:42  wstites ->  I migrated a number of single installs to MU recently too...
 14:06:00  wstites ->  plus wordpress 3.0 is going to join sinle and MU together
 14:06:05  wstites ->  same code base
 14:06:17  matt motagne ->  cool, Peggy...look forward to checking out digital nation
 14:06:41  arvind ->  @matt UStream producer pro seems really cool, unlimited cameras! I wonder how that works. We need a solution like that for http://www.tedxnyed.com
 14:06:55  wstites ->  We're self hosting our own server...
 14:06:57  matt motagne ->  arvind...it mite work
 14:07:05  arvind ->  @wstites looking forward to the forks merging back again in WordPress. We host MU 2.9 over here now
 14:07:18  VinnieV ->  boy, we just got the stream going, but the chat room is hopping
 14:07:19  matt motagne ->  you can have cameras all over the place...it is fantastic
 14:07:31  matt motagne ->  setup your different shots ahead of time...and then just control from producer
 14:07:36  alexr ->  @ arvind -- how's that update going?
 14:07:45  arvind ->  alex, it's done!
 14:07:46  wstites ->  @arvind... sounds like we need to find some time to get together again and share stories
 14:07:49  matt motagne ->  if you install producer you can demo the pro version with watermarking...
 14:08:04  arvind ->  @wstites I agree!
 14:08:12  arvind ->  @matt cool, I'm going to do that
 14:08:19  matt motagne ->  It took me about 90 minutes to kind of get familiar with pro...it isn't steep, but it isn't their web GUI either
 14:08:30  matt motagne ->  are we ustreaming??
 14:08:35  matt motagne ->  or shoutcasting??
 14:08:42  PeggyG ->  I'm hearing it on itunes
 14:08:47  matt motagne ->  k
 14:08:49  VinnieV ->  alex is working on it. But why let the show get in way of the chat going on
 14:08:57  arvind ->  haha, indeed @vinnie
 14:09:01  wstites ->  @VinnieV you going back to Memphis?
 14:09:06  matt motagne ->  hey damien
 14:09:14  Damien Barrett ->  Howdy
 14:09:16  matt motagne ->  exactly vinnie!!!
 14:09:28  VinnieV ->  @wsites I am. Threw five proposals against the wall. All five stuck
 14:09:52  wstites ->  hahahahaha... I'll be there too... have people presenting as well
 14:10:01  PeggyG ->  wow Vinnie!! amazing!! that's great news!
 14:10:07  wstites ->  I'm just going to be arranging dinners and cocktails
 14:10:14  wstites ->  if you wanna join us again
 14:10:57  PeggyG ->  oh no--now you have to edit the recording!! :-)
 14:11:18  wstites ->  Is there audio yet?
 14:11:19  VinnieV ->  My wife may join me. If we are invited, we would love to join you.
 14:11:33  PeggyG ->  tell us about your proposals Vinnie
 14:11:36  wstites ->  @vinniev - sure thing
 14:11:53  PeggyG ->  audio is on ETT A
 14:11:58  VinnieV ->  1. Cell phones and mobile devices - the new computing platform
 14:12:17  VinnieV ->  2. Google Earth and Google Maps - Visualizing 
 14:12:37  VinnieV ->  3. Professional Development - new ideas, borrowed from our show with Liz Davis
 14:13:02  PeggyG ->  those sounds great!! exciting stuff!
 14:13:08  VinnieV ->  4. Rethinking Search - Remixing Joyce Valenza's K12 keynote
 14:13:42  PeggyG ->  what fun remixing Joyce's wizard of apps preso!! :-) would love to see what you do!
 14:13:44  wstites ->  First time I've had to use itunes to hear this
 14:13:52  wstites ->  UStream widget not working
 14:14:15  VinnieV ->  5. Blended Learning Environments - Google Apps + Moodle
 14:14:43  PeggyG ->  we started our 21st century learning before the stream started :-)
 14:14:58  arvind ->  Peggy, that's a quotation to save!
 14:15:13  arvind ->  That's the definition of 21st century learing, no?
 14:15:39  wstites ->  I think blogging is comnig back because of social media
 14:15:47  wstites ->  particulalry the mashup site
 14:15:52  arvind ->  Interesting, how so, Bill?
 14:16:02  wstites ->  pulling Twitter, flickr and youtube together
 14:16:14  wstites ->  irishstudies.mka.org
 14:16:17  PeggyG ->  we're going to feature Chris Walsh's K12 online presentation on Moogpal in the next Echo show- Feb. 9
 14:16:41  arvind ->  What's a Moogpal?
 14:16:47  wstites ->  www.wamash.com
 14:17:14  dbarrett ->  All of these tools, mashed-up, or not, are ways for our students to have a voice. It's been proven over and over again that students who can see their writing published get more excited about the process and work to improve their skills....
 14:17:15  matt motagne ->  biopsych
 14:17:36  PeggyG ->  Moodle + google apps +Drupal :-)
 14:17:41  wstites ->  @dbarrett - That's what we talk about...publishing... voice of an author
 14:18:38  wstites ->  Our MS newpaper has exploded
 14:18:39  PeggyG ->  love the idea of a blog for student newspaper
 14:18:43  wstites ->  cougarcall.mka.org
 14:18:54  wstites ->  it's grades 4-8
 14:19:01  matt motagne ->  we've had great difficlty trying to get our kids to take their newspaper into a blog...they don't want to give up print...
 14:19:02  VinnieV ->  http://nsfirstgrade.edublogs.org/ - First Grade
 14:19:22  matt motagne ->  too bad our kids don't ahve to feel the economic forces that traditional print media is dealing with...
 14:19:33  arvind ->  if newspapers are going to be modern, they need to emulate what modern newspapers are doing: http://blogs.nytimes.com/
 14:19:48  VinnieV ->  http://www.dillerstreetjournal.com - Newspaper
 14:20:04  dbarrett ->  also, never underestimate the power of the human ego. Blogs and social networking sites like Facebook are ways for people to express themselves. If done tactfully, students can use these kinds of tools to boost their sense of self-esteem, etc.
 14:20:08  wstites ->  So... we have two foreign studies programs blogging, MS Newspaper, MS Head of Campus, community service project to S.America and a few more coming online shortly
 14:20:23  wstites ->  all hosted internally...
 14:20:34  wstites ->  going to link to LDAP to easily bring in users
 14:20:39  matt motagne ->  yep, Iagree arvind...I've found it a bit odd that our students have such an emotional attachment to print. 
 14:20:57  arvind ->  I think the paper makes it feel more legitamate 
 14:20:59  PeggyG ->  these links are great! thanks
 14:21:00  matt motagne ->  I've been thinking about starting up a competitor instead of trying to get our incumbent print paper to change...
 14:21:15  dbarrett ->  "emotional attachment to print"....I think that will change...is changing
 14:21:18  wstites ->  I think paper is good... but when students see the stats with the blogs
 14:21:26  wstites ->  and the reach... you forget about paper
 14:21:28  alex.ragone ->  here's my blog: http://blogs.collegiateschool.org/digitalmedia
 14:21:30  arvind ->  stats, awesome point!
 14:21:41  wstites ->  it's what's taken Irish Studies to the next level
 14:21:42  alex.ragone ->  First student post at top.
 14:21:48  wstites ->  World wide reader
 14:22:00  wstites ->  on the blog, Youtube, flickr and twitter
 14:22:06  dbarrett ->  paper publishing isn't going to go away completely, but it's clear that digital publishing is the future
 14:22:10  matt motagne ->  our students have been pressured so intensely to not be public as well...except for athletics of course [snarky comment, please excuse]
 14:22:37  wstites ->  we make sure that no names and pictures are linked
 14:22:48  wstites ->  but the stats cannot be ignored
 14:22:59  wstites ->  you may not get the comments, but the numbers don't lie
 14:23:05  matt motagne ->  @wsites...so do we ont he academic site...but on the athlectic side they can have names, videos, stats, pictures, etc
 14:23:33  wstites ->  @matt gotcha... odd though... does that fly in the face of your privacy policy
 14:23:45  matt motagne ->  oops, I'm trying to say that we have all these regulations on what can be published and how it can be published on the academic side, but those same types of forces arent' there for athletics
 14:23:47  arvind ->  we're revisiting the privacy issue - we think we may want to be more public, let the kids develop positive online reputations
 14:23:53  PeggyG ->  that's an interesting point Matt! why athletes but not academics?
 14:23:58  arvind ->  when you Google them, we want their accomplishments found
 14:24:17  dbarrett ->  @arvind, I think that's a very important skill to help them develop
 14:24:19  matt motagne ->  @peggy...I don't know...I simply don't get why ahtletics can celebrate their accomplishments but academics can't
 14:25:24  matt motagne ->  got to go
 14:25:27  matt motagne ->  bye all
 14:25:30  PeggyG ->  bye Matt
 14:25:32  matt motagne ->  good convo as usual
 14:25:43  arvind ->  thanks for being here, Matt!
 14:26:12  wstites ->  Other way around
 14:26:18  wstites ->  We are really private
 14:26:19  dbarrett ->  Privacy is a concern, but as long as there's some kind of adult monitoring, it shouldn't be a huge issue
 14:26:19  arvind ->  Here's our Art Club's blog, which rocks: http://gallery.hewittnet.org/
 14:26:21  PeggyG ->  your point is key, Arvind! want their accomplishments found!! academics not just athletics!
 14:27:01  PeggyG ->  I love seeing the student work on Kevin Honeycutt's Artsnacks Ning! Fantastic community!
 14:27:04  wstites ->  @VinnieV Are you still going to the concerts?
 14:28:22  arvind ->  http://posterous.com
 14:28:26  VinnieV ->  @wsites I do sometimes, when she let's me ! Going to see a few in the next months
 14:28:26  arvind ->  http://tumblr.com
 14:28:31  PeggyG ->  eportfolios are so important for the students!
 14:28:35  arvind ->  [email protected]
 14:28:51  dbarrett ->  Right...getting the kids to think critically about the content they are publishing is important
 14:29:14  PeggyG ->  and they need to be able to continue to access their eportfolio after they leave the class/school
 14:30:15  VinnieV ->  http://wallwisher.com/wall/testsite1
 14:30:15  arvind ->  Vinnie is talking about: http://wallwisher.com/
 14:30:15  PeggyG ->  I just learned about ipadio.com yesterday and you can upload/stream audio, video directly to blog posts--call in from your phone
 14:30:24  alex.ragone ->  http://wallwisher.com/
 14:30:33  wstites ->  Are the chatroom transcripts posted?
 14:30:48  arvind ->  So here's my new Posterous blog: http://arvindgrover.posterous.com/
 14:30:55  PeggyG ->  http://ipadio.com/
 14:31:09  arvind ->  I see it as related to my ed tech blog: http://www.21apples.org but somehow more casual, and smaller, quick posts
 14:32:00  dbarrett ->  ah, Wallwisher is like a wide-open graphical wiki
 14:32:13  dbarrett ->  very interesting
 14:32:15  arvind ->  Wallwisher looks really cool!
 14:32:16  Peggyagain ->  I'm glad the audio keeps going even when my browser crashes!
 14:32:52  Peggyagain ->  Rodd Lucier also presented at Educon about ipadio :-) Great session on Banning Chalkboards
 14:33:22  Peggyagain ->  Jackie Gerstein used wallwisher for us during her educon presentation and both virtual and f2f could contribute
 14:34:10  dbarrett ->  There are a bunch for OS X also:  SideNote, Shovebox, Evernote, etc.
 14:34:10  Peggyagain ->  Diigo lets you add sticky notes to websites :-)
 14:34:11  wstites ->  Stickies have been with the MacOS for YEARS!!!! I guess Windows is finally catching up
 14:34:30  Peggyagain ->  agree wstites :-)
 14:34:35  arvind ->  haha, no fanboys please :)
 14:34:43  Peggyagain ->  great links in the chat today!! thanks everyone!
 14:34:47  dbarrett ->  I think an EdTechTalk about the privacy issue, specifically, would be excelletn
 14:35:07  wstites ->  Is the transcript posted
 14:35:09  dbarrett ->  re:  how do diff companies handle it
 14:35:22  dbarrett ->  and the legal rules:  The importance of the age 13, etc.
 14:35:25  Peggyagain ->  sometimes pre and post conversations are even better than the show :-) but not today!! great show!!
 14:35:47  wstites ->  Thanks everyone... gotta run to a meeting.
 14:36:05  Peggyagain ->  that's a high risk behavior :-)
 14:36:38  Peggyagain ->  that would be a great conversation to follow up on Digital Nation--you can view it online anytime
 14:36:50  arvind ->  looking forward to watching, haven't seen any of it yet
 14:36:53  Peggyagain ->  the full recording is already online
 14:37:00  arvind ->  now to put it on my sticky notes :)
 14:37:28  Peggyagain ->  I put the link to the full recording for Digital Nation earlier in the chat
 14:37:36  Peggyagain ->  bye everyone! thanks!
 14:37:39  arvind ->  saw that @Peggy, thanks
 14:37:43  arvind ->  thanks for being here, all!