EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #17: The Read/Write Web Conference

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #17
The Read/Write Web Conference
October 10, 2006
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This week, we discussed the Read/Write web enabled conference. Alex is on the planning committee and arvind is the Blog manager for the NYSAIS Managers of Information Technology conference at Mohonk Mountain house in New Paltz, New York this November (where EdTechTalk's very own Dave Cormier will be presenting). We discussed how to extend and enhance the conference with Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, Webcasts, and other web 2.0 tools. No clear decisions were made, but you can track our progress at NYSAIS Mohonk 2006 Wiki page

Alex_Ragone has joined the chat.
[Alex_Ragone] Welcom!
[Alex_Ragone] Welcome.
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[Alex_Ragone] Hi Louis!
[Louis] Hi Alex
[arvindgrover] hi louis, welcome
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[arvindgrover] a whole new pink - daniel pink
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[Louis] there - think I'n in for good (sorry for interuptions
[Alex_Ragone] no worries
[arvindgrover] http://kairosnews.org
[arvindgrover] see how they use drupal to let anyone post (kairos)
[arvindgrover] EdTechTalk.com and WorldBridges all use Drupal to power their sites
[arvindgrover] Mailman, the free listserv software: http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/index.html
[arvindgrover] has tie ins to Drupal: http://www.drupal.org
[arvindgrover] David Warlick's Conference 2.0 site: http://davidwarlick.com/2cents/2006/03/27/conference-20-ten-tips-for-ext...
[arvindgrover] Warlick's Hitchikr site: http://www.hitchhikr.com/ find out about conferences from around the world
[Alex_Ragone] Louis --- if you have any questions, please ask away.
[Alex_Ragone] Where are you from?
[Louis] Milw WI
[Louis] I'm wondering if people have also thought about using a Web 2.0 item I just discovered - http://www.vyew.com - I'm trying it for department meetings
[Louis] and I'm here because I have been lurking in my car driving with the podcast, and decided to start being synchronous
[arvindgrover] great, glad to have you
[Louis] A conference WIKI possible?
[Alex_Ragone] Sure ---
[arvindgrover] School Computing Wiki: http://schoolcomputing.wikia.com
[Alex_Ragone] Longer conference by reading A Whole New Mind:http://www.danpink.com/aboutwnm.php
[Alex_Ragone] http://www.danpink.com/aboutwnm.php
[Louis] is there a way for someone like me to particpate from afar?
[Louis] for instance - I plan on being part of K12 Online conference (http://k12onlineconference.org/ )
[Louis] excellent - thanks
[Alex_Ragone] No prob.
[arvindgrover] Education Bridges: http://educationbridges.net
[arvindgrover] Elgg: http://elgg.net DS has joined the chat.
[arvindgrover] hey DS
[DS] hey Arvind, and all
[Alex_Ragone] http://davidwarlick.com/2cents/2006/03/27/conference-20-ten-tips-for-ext...
[arvindgrover] we're just wrapping up (started at 1 today), make sure to catch the podcast (should be up by tomorrow)
[Louis] thanks much for the discussion
[arvindgrover] thanks for being here Louis
[DS] look fwd to catching up with the audio, thanks
[Louis] it was nice to not only lurk
[Alex_Ragone] Hi Ds...
[Alex_Ragone] Where are you from?
[DS] Hey Alex, it's Doug
[Alex_Ragone] Hi Doug...
[Alex_Ragone] Sorry -- we were both thinking --- who's the mystery guy?
[DS] just caught the end, looking fwd to the audio--sorry for the mystery
[DS] just lazy w/the name today ;)
[DS] thanks and cya again soon
[Louis] ta ta - off to the Dentist - thanks again for making my first visit enjoyable
[DS] bye for now
[arvindgrover] see ya
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If you have ideas on how to run a successful conference website/blog/chatroom/flickr site/del.icio.us etc, let us know!