21st Century Learning #21: NYSAIS EdTech 2006

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #21
NYSAIS EdTech 2006
November 7, 2006
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A quick rundown of pre-conference NYSAIS EdTech 2006 planning. Check out the conference web site for more details and listening.


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1:39 PM [Alex] alright folks --- we should be steaming now.
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1:40 PM [bill k] hi don
1:41 PM [arvind grover] hey bill, welcome
1:41 PM [bill k] hi arvind
1:41 PM [Alex] Hi Guys --- working on the stream -- can you hear arvind?
1:41 PM [bill k] yes
1:41 PM [donbuckley] hi all
1:41 PM [bill k] he lies
1:41 PM [bill k] yes
1:42 PM [donbuckley] i can hera all of you
1:42 PM [arvind grover] hi don
1:42 PM [bill k] how about a little harmonizing?
1:43 PM [bill k] you might want to edit the beginning when discussing how easy this is....
1:44 PM [arvind grover] ha ha
1:44 PM [arvind grover] love audacity, edit any audio u want
1:45 PM [bill k] from the spa?
1:45 PM [arvind grover] Conference Site: http://www.nysais.org/page.cfm?p=4&verbose=126&ref=list
1:45 PM [arvind grover] official site link
1:46 PM [arvind grover] the spa has ethernet, right?
1:46 PM [bill k] it must. there's music under the water in the pool.
1:49 PM [arvind grover] wow, haven't visited the spa yet
1:49 PM [bill k] pool 2.0
1:49 PM [arvind grover] but i booked my time for thursr
1:50 PM [Alex] nice!
1:52 PM [bill k] those that aren't checking e-mail, surfing, etc.
1:52 PM [bill k] it's called multi-tasking
1:53 PM [donbuckley] i dont like greys anatomy
1:54 PM [Alex] lol.
1:55 PM [donbuckley] appearently kate moss loves greys anatomy
1:55 PM [bill k] live from the vendor room...?
1:55 PM [arvind grover] you might not, but itunes users are downloading like crazy
1:56 PM [bill k] was he on through Skype-cast?
1:57 PM [Alex] Conferenced in -- Skype-out -- to a phone..
1:57 PM [bill k] ah
1:57 PM [donbuckley] so have I
1:58 PM [bill k] will you use skypecast for conference?
1:58 PM [donbuckley] i skype out to internation # and it varies...uk is .o3 cents to a lankine and about 8cents to a UK cell
1:58 PM [Alex] http://nycist.net/
1:59 PM [bill k] you two are Blue nerds
2:00 PM [Alex] blue --- nerds...
2:01 PM [Alex] indeed
2:03 PM [bill k] NYSAISEdTech2006
2:03 PM [Alex] www.flickr.com
2:04 PM [Alex] http://del.icio.us
2:05 PM [Alex] http://delicious.com
2:11 PM [bill k] where's the technorati info on the site?
2:12 PM [Alex] right hand side --- Who's Talking About NYSAISEdTech2006?
2:13 PM [arvind grover] also under assignment 3 it tells you how to post to your blog and have it show up
2:13 PM [donbuckley] thanks for doing this Alex and arvind...
2:13 PM [arvind grover] thanks for being here guys
2:13 PM [bill k] looking forward to it
2:13 PM [arvind grover] glad to do it
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2:14 PM [arvind grover] should be a great time - let's see what our first tech hurdle is going to be
2:15 PM [donbuckley] how about killbill for bills blog
2:15 PM [arvind grover] ha ha
2:17 PM [donbuckley] arvind.. verne was the one dealing with the blog last year and figured out t mohonk sound booth/closet, we can get him to help tomorrow if you want...
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2:18 PM [arvind grover] yes, will definitely talk to verne
2:18 PM [arvind grover] spoke to him on the phone
2:18 PM [bill k] i'm picking verne up
2:18 PM [bill k] we're going to talk about you
2:18 PM [bill k] both
2:18 PM [bill k] thanks
2:18 PM [bill k] summer
2:18 PM [bill k] summer
2:18 PM [arvind grover] ah, nice
2:19 PM [bill k] come visit
2:19 PM [arvind grover] will do
2:19 PM [arvind grover] we owe you one too
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