21st Century Learning #39: PodcampNYC Recap plus Interacting with our Listeners

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #39
PodcampNYC Recap plus Interacting with our Listeners 
April 17, 2007

Today on the show Alex had to phone in, but we discussed PodcampNYC and how the experience was live, mobile webcasting from the podcasting unconference. We played a teaser from Podabracadebra who read out podcast fortune with tarot cards (see the full tarot reading at EdTechTalk.com) and highlighted some of the great interviwees that arvind was able to meet. We also discussed the best way to get people to comment and interact with us. We hope that you will use the Crowdabout.us tool below to leave us a text, audio or video comment. We'd love to hear from you. As always, you can also e-mail us at 21 [at] edtechtalk.com

Our podcast fortune being read by Podabracadabra

Getting to know Podcaberacadabera, a podcast tarot reader

Welcome to the Worldbridges Chat Room
You have entered EdTechTalk.
[arvind] jeff, you're in AA?
[arvind] for what?
[arvind] http://podcampnyc.org
[arvind] videos and interviews at http://worldbridges.net
[arvind] http://talkshoe.com
[arvind] http://www.blubrry.com/ - advertisements that you choose
[arvind] See 21st century learning gets its fortune read: http://blip.tv/file/get/Worldbridges-PodaberacadabraGivesAVirtualTarotCa...
[arvind] http://veoh.com
User alex.ragone has logged in.
User alex.ragone has entered this room.
[alex.ragone] Ok --- I'm in the chat.
[arvind] wanna switch to skype?
[arvind] email: 21 at edtechtalk.com
[arvind] or comment at edtechtalk.com
[arvind] or find arvind @ http://twitter.com/arvind
[arvind] or alex at: http://twitter.com/alexragone
User vjansen has logged in.
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[arvind] hey v, we are live on the stream
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[arvind] hi wrecked
[Wrecked] whats up
[arvind] live streaming
[arvind] listen with links on the right
[Wrecked] i was wondering about mpeg.4 codecs and vista media center
[arvind] are you listening to the stream?
[Wrecked] cant hear nothig
[arvind] uh oh
[arvind] what are you using to hear, itunes?
[Wrecked] im listning to media player 11
[arvind] that should work
[arvind] click the little windows media player icon
[Wrecked] ok
[Wrecked] see ill download a video file and i can get them to play using the VLC player but they wont work with the vista media center
[arvind] hmmm, i am guessing the microsoft site should let you download more codecs
[arvind] try this: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/forpros/format/codecdownlo...
[arvind] i dont know if that works on 11, but might link to stuff that helps
[arvind] this might help too: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/forpros/encoder/default.mspx
[alex.ragone] 21st century tech support:)    
[arvind] you know it
[arvind] gotta run
[Wrecked] ive been looking just not sure what ones i should download
[Wrecked] thanks
[arvind] good luck wrecked

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