21st Century Learning #41: Lorrie Jackson and the Laptop Institute

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EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #41
Lorrie Jackson and the Laptop Institute
May 1, 2007

Lorrie Jackson from the Laptop Institute at the Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, TN tells about their 1:1 conference/institute and about some best practices for laptop programs. She knows a ton, so give a listen!

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Unfortunately, we lost some of our chatroom transcript. Here is what we managed to save.

[arvind] annoying!
[vincej] erasing yourself Alex!
[Alex Inman] I'll just stop making mistakes! :-)
[arvind] having administrative push for laptop use
[alex.ragone] You can pop the chat room out of the browser by click on the third icon from the left.
[arvind] Lorrie also recommends building tech goals into evaluations of faculty
[alex.ragone] Lorrie's speaking about professional development with faculty.
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[alex.ragone] She is the organizer of the Laptop Institute: http://www.laptopinstitute.com/
[vincej] do you know any schools that build cyclic PD sessions into teacher schedules
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[Alex Inman] To stop the us vs them thing, we let teachers do most of the tech training
[alex.ragone] Very Nice.
[arvind] great idea Alex. do you pay them somehow?
[Alex Inman] I'm pretty sure we stole that idea from someone at the Laptop Institute
[alex.ragone] I just ask Arvind to train my faculty:)
[arvind] you shared, the idea, shared, not stole    
[alex.ragone] creative commons.
[Alex Inman] No. We have time for PD and ask innovators to showcase...
[Alex Inman] Now we actually plant these a little. It's a little subversive
[Alex Inman] ...
[Alex Inman] We find teachers percieved as low-tech and find a intereste thay have...
[alex.ragone] Just smart.
[Alex Inman] Then we give them one on one training and then they present
[alex.ragone] nicel
[Alex Inman] This takes away the concern that "oh they can do that, because they are a tech superstar.
[arvind] right on
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[Alex Inman] I had forgotten about that! The network dinner is awesome!
[arvind] hi sharon
[Alex Inman] You can also sneak to another table to hear different perspectives
[sharonp] Hi arvind, how are you?
[alex.ragone] Hi Sharon.
[arvind] good thanks, are you listening to the stream?
[alex.ragone] Welcome.
[sharonp] which channel?
[vincej] a
[sharonp] thanks VJ
[Alex Inman] Will the laptop institute have an online follow up system?
[Alex Inman] Stole my question! :-)
[sharonp] last year I followed Dave Warlick's wiki
[arvind] sorry Alex, the stream is 30 seconds delayed    
[arvind] so we get to ask all the awesome questions first
[Alex Inman] Do you use the delay to beep out curse words?:D
[arvind] we have to, Alex can get a little overheated when talking about encrypting wireless networks
[Alex Inman] :-)
[JenMad] how about drupal vs joomla    
[alex.ragone] you know about our edtech guests --- you have to really watch them...
[sharonp] I have great memories of my time at LI in 2005
[arvind] Lorrie is at the Lausanne Collegiate School: http://www.lausanneschool.com/
[JenMad] bell tolls 2:00 cinderella jen needs to head out - I'll catch 2nd 1/2 on tape - Great topic / great show!
[JenMad] bye!
[alex.ragone] Thanks for coming Jen.
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[JenMad] be at 49th and Lex in a few hours - bye
[arvind] bye Jen
[arvind] oh close by
[arvind] hi mayorkmw
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[Alex Inman] How do you move teachers from lecture to hands-on project based learning?
[alex.ragone] http://alf.org
[alex.ragone] Anytime Anywhere Foundation.
[stewart crais] http://aalf.org
[arvind] thanks Stewart
[Alex Inman] Amen sister!
[alex.ragone] Whoops --- wrong url. sorry. alf.org is: Association of Libertarian Feminists
[arvind] ha ha
[Alex Inman] That's a riot!
[arvind] pretty similar groups
[alex.ragone] Canadian Teachers --- Office and Classrooms that are not owned.
[Alex Inman] very socialist!
[arvind] asociation of lilbterian feminist laptop schools perhaps?
[Alex Inman] www.alfls.org
[Alex Inman] :-)
[alex.ragone] I don't even want to click on taht link -- scared!
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[vincej] right on Lorrie - it is based on control
[Alex Inman] management is a problem, as is classroom use. However a good school ohilosophy should be directive to both
[Alex Inman] oops...philosophy
[vincej] Great stuuf folks. Thanks
[alex.ragone] Thanks for coming, vince.
[arvind] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_1
[Kneyokee Shelton] This was my first time and I have enjoyed it. Thanks.
[arvind] great, we are on every tuesday
[arvind] stop on by again
[Kneyokee Shelton] I will definitely check this out and mark my calendar. Thanks.
[arvind] thanks
[arvind] hope to see you around
[alex.ragone] Thanks for coming.
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[Alex Inman] bye eveytyone
[Alex Inman] everyone
[arvind] bye Alex
[alex.ragone] Take care alex...
[vincej] bye
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