21st Century Learning #47: Live from NECC with Vinnie Vrotny in the Bloggers Cafe

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #47
Live from NECC with Vinnie Vrotny in the Bloggers Cafe
June 26, 2007

Vinnie Vrotny, our special NECC Correspondent toured us around the Bloggers Cafe and found Chris Lehman, Jeff Utecht, and John Pederson.  Great interviews, fun show.  arvind and I ended up with NECC envy.  Hope you do too. 

If you want to continue the F2F conversation, check out Chris Lehman's proposed conference

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[Durff] sickening
[suzanne] hmmm
[Durff] which session is he in?
[Durff] the speaker
[suzanne] Vinnie
[suzanne] (sp)?
[Durff] yeah, vrotny
[suzanne] oh   
[Jose] bloggers cafe
[suzanne] which session? 2:00
[Durff] i hope someone podcasts
[Durff] NECC isn't
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[Durff] thank you for the twitter, Arvind
[Jose] some podcasts were up this morning
[Durff] hi again Jose
[Durff] try them
[Durff] i couldn't get to do anything but look pretty
[arvind] no prob Durff, glad you made it in
[arvind] we had Chris Lehman on, Jeff Utecht, now back to our senior correspondent Vinnie Vrotny
[Durff] our senior correspondent - the big time!
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[arvind] oh yeah
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[Durff] jen w skyped me and had David Warlick say hello
[arvind] excellent!
[Durff] i'm still stuttering
[Durff] they were in the bloggers' cafe
[JoseR] Durff; firefox crashed when I tried to open podcast from necc
[Durff] that is what i mean
[Durff] don't try any more
[JoseR] yep
[Durff] there will be more NECCs
[JoseR] so we must have second hand buzz
[Durff] and 2009 in DC I think - good for me
[Durff] 2008 San Antonio - good for Jose
[Durff] and coffee!
[suzanne] yay!!
[alex.ragone] Jeff's Skype chat trans: http://www.thethinkingstick.com/?p=542
[JoseR] I missed San Diego last year1
[arvind] I think I'll choose SXSW in 2008. I had so much fun this year. Not to mention the learning
[JoseR] year!
[JoseR] he's pretty old
[Durff] i want to do PETE-C inJan
[arvind] How about TED? ted.com
[alex.ragone] We'll be there soon.
[Durff] and MICCA in late May or early June
[Durff] Mark is NOT old
[Durff] so there
[suzanne] I agree
[Durff] TEDTalks are great
[Durff] I like the Ken Robinson
[JoseR] One day a man was sitting in the plaza and he noticed the old folk were not there anymore, then he noticed HE was the old man!
[Durff] funny
[Durff] what about the women?
[Durff] so am I an old woman?
[JoseR] They're in the Elementary School
[JoseR] young at heart
[Durff] today at the store, the cashier asked if I got the Senior Citizen discout
[Durff] folks - I'm 46!
[JoseR] you can use the denny's senior discount
[Durff] i tthink i will
[Durff] i am naturally grey
[suzanne] wow
[suzanne] 11 1/2 = cell phone
[suzanne] right
[JoseR] The White Noise movie was spooky
[Durff] did Mark hear Bernie Dodge's this morning and what does he think about knowledge?
[arvind] Made to Stick: http://www.amazon.com/Made-Stick-Ideas-Survive-Others/dp/1400064287/ref=...
[JoseR] skype and instant messaging
[alex.ragone] Those are the alternatives.
[JoseR] iphone smartphone
[Durff] I put an IM widget on the student blog
[Durff] that is too much $$$
[arvind] I am going to put a Meebo chatroom on our tech homepage next year I think - for online tech support live
[suzanne] good Durff
[suzanne] hmmm good idea arvind
[alex.ragone] http://pedersondesigns.com/2007/06/26/learning-is-conversation-revisited/
[Durff] Arvind - just use a widget that IMs to one person
[JoseR] how does meebo work
[Durff] meebo.com
[arvind] try edtechtalk.com/meebo
[arvind] that is am embedded chatroom
[Durff] brings all the IM accts together
[arvind] Meebo is an amazing web-based IM client
[arvind] i am a big fan
[JoseR] great post. I read it this morning
[Durff] so I can IM with yahoo, MSN, AIM Google, all at the same time
[suzanne] true
[Durff] yea
[Durff] he is looking for Mark
[Durff] he says something about fchips
[Durff] he thinks we should all wear chips
[Durff] hi john
[Durff] can't have everything
[JoseR] John?
[JoseR] oh yeah sorry
[Durff] will you take "the box" like at podcamp
[JoseR] what's his twitter
[Durff] jpederson
[arvind] Oooh, the box, need to bring them back
[Durff] pedersoj
[Durff] that is hilarious!!
[Durff] didn't you see the pics?
[Durff] it was on the pageflakes
[JoseR] I saw pic, cool
[Durff] i blogged about it too
[Durff] and had a comment in seconds
[JoseR] pics
[alex.ragone] http://flickr.com/search/?q=necc07+bag&ct=0
[arvind] Take a look at all the conference Flickring and blogging via HitchHikr: http://hitchhikr.com/index.php?conf_id=215
[JoseR] of'course
[alex.ragone] http://flickr.com/photos/pedersoj/623631551/
[Durff] http://www.pageflakes.com/susiewhoq_2000
[Durff] this i so cool!
[Durff] lovely sight!
[Durff] finish the names
[suzanne] hee hee
[Durff] on the wiki
[Durff] bye vinnie
[suzanne] bye vinnie   
[JoseR] me too
[Durff] the old fols home
[Durff] that was Jose?
[JoseR] nope
[arvind] that was Vinnie Vrotny
[Durff] noise
[Durff] noise
[JoseR] only on stream
[arvind] thanks for the extra noise   
[JoseR] oh
[Durff] NECC envy
[suzanne] youall... yall
[suzanne] cool
[JoseR] so if your mexican it's brown noise
[Durff] funny
[Durff] and female
[Durff] is it pink noise?
[arvind] definitely NECC envy
[JoseR] pink it is
[Durff] it's chronic
[Durff] excellent!!