ETT21 #137: 2010 Goals Show

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ETT21 #137: 2010 Goals Show                  
September 15, 2010

iPads, GTD, NYASIS Think Tank 2010, NEIT2010, Switch, Professional Development, (TPACK Technology Content and Pedagogy) and more...

ETT21 #137: 2010 Goals Show      Goal            
September 15, 2010

iPads, GTD, NYASIS Think Tank 2010, NEIT2010, Switch, Professional Development, (TPACK Technology Content and Pedagogy) and more...

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12:28:13  alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Hi John!
12:28:28  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: Hey, Alex.
12:28:31  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: Good to have you back.
12:32:01  alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Fingers crossed.  Rusty!
12:33:56  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: Getting audio on ETT A. It sounds good.
12:34:08  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: Just Alex, though.
12:41:31  VinnieV -> EdTechTalk: welcome Jason
12:41:49  jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: Good afternoon gentleman! What's the topic for today?
12:42:06  VinnieV -> EdTechTalk: Catching up, goal setting for the show, and other errata
12:43:48  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: 2006.
12:43:57  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: ETT only started in June, 2005.
12:44:08  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: WCA was later.
12:44:45  jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: Just checking... audio live yet?
12:44:56  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: Yep. Audio is both on ETT A and in the ustream.
12:45:13  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: Actually, I haven't checked A in a while.
12:48:00  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: Dublin, Ohio is nice.
12:48:22  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: Excuse me?
12:48:42  alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Them's there's fighting words!
12:48:58  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: Talk about that -- the Google certified trainer stuff. What was involved?
12:49:13  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: Is it worth it to become certified?
12:49:56  VinnieV -> EdTechTalk: Going through training, taking six exams makes you a qualified individual. Application raises you to certified trainer. New program, so don't know the value
12:55:09  jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: Welcome gentleman... welcome! NAIS 21st Curriculum/Technology Task Force is a good group.
12:55:26  alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Thanks, Jason!
13:00:11  jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: My goals are here:
13:02:53  jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: Dan Heath lives in Raleigh...
13:03:06  jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: could try to make contact for the group..
13:03:40  alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk:
13:04:08  alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: The power of pull
13:04:36  alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: Cognitive Surplus:
13:04:44  jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: @Vinnie - The Heath brothers are speaking at ISACS in November.. All about SWITCH: How to Change When Change is Hard --&gt;
13:05:10  VinnieV -> EdTechTalk: I know, I am all over it
13:05:35  jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: @Vinnie looks like a great lineup.. and Pat Bassett too!
13:06:10  VinnieV -> EdTechTalk: I know. I am really excited.
13:06:50  jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: Check out the Education Innovation Summit at Hathaway Brown in Ohio in November. Dan Pink keynote, Ian Jukes, and lots of great speakers from the local area to boot. $250,000 EE Ford Grant to get it setup.
13:07:24  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: Really? I should look at that. Hathaway Brown is close.
13:07:28  JohnS -> EdTechTalk: Thanks, guys.
13:07:45  jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: @John