ETT21 #144: Various: NEIT2010 Reflection, Global Education Conference, and

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ETT21 #144: Various: NEIT2010 Reflection, Global Education Conference, and
October 27 2010

We discussed various topics during this show...  
Focus3D-CoverETT21 #144: Various: NEIT2010 Reflection, Global Education Conference, and
December 1, 2010

We discussed various topics during this show...  

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  12:34:19   arvind -> EdTechTalk: hey folks, waitinf for alex
  12:34:25   arvind -> EdTechTalk: how's everyone?
  12:34:38   JasonHanlon -> EdTechTalk: I'm doing well
  12:34:40   JasonHanlon -> EdTechTalk: And you?
  12:34:54   jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: Great! How's life in NYC arvind?
  12:36:26   arvind -> EdTechTalk: pretty great. Coming off a wonderful NEIT2010 conference which we'll be discussing on today's show
  12:37:12   jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: I thought as much.... the tweets indicated another great success?
  12:37:53   jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: Sorry.. that should have said "another great success!"
  12:38:12   vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: Hey all.
  12:38:28   vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: Alex is late and we are trying to get the stream up and ready to use
  12:40:40   arvind -> EdTechTalk: Alex is joining us now. Streaming shortly. Thanks for hanging out
  12:45:21   arvind -> EdTechTalk: anyone tried editing a google doc in their mobile device? How does it look?
  12:45:34   arvind -> EdTechTalk: We are streaming live now on the right with UStream
  12:48:46   arvind -> EdTechTalk:
  12:49:01   vvrotny -> EdTechTalk: Google Docs now edit on mobile devices -
  12:49:53   william stites -> EdTechTalk: I heard a lot of great things about the ignite sessions
  12:49:55   alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk: WooHoo!  Loved Ignite.  Thanks, folks.
  12:50:55   william stites -> EdTechTalk: what's the ignite format... 20 slides, 5 minutes?
  12:51:03   jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for the shout out arvind... glad to know they went well! Still my favorite is Sam's "I Hate Paper"  (Spark Education)
  12:51:17   jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: @Bill check out the link I just posted...
  12:51:30   arvind -> EdTechTalk: 20 slides, 15 seconds each, so 5 minutes total
  12:52:14   arvind -> EdTechTalk: - going on now!
  12:52:15   vvrotny -> EdTechTalk:
  12:52:20   william stites -> EdTechTalk: @jramsden - for some reason that link won't click,,,
  12:52:35   arvind -> EdTechTalk: Jason, I love Sam's I hate Paper Ignite session. Too funny
  12:52:50   arvind -> EdTechTalk: the video doesn't quite do it justice, but video rarely does :)
  12:52:59   jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: Chris Lehman is actually in the Tech & Learning Virtual Conference right now... was in his chat room before coming over here.
  12:53:07   jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk:
  12:53:33   william stites -> EdTechTalk: can't get any link to work... will wait for the transcript
  12:53:37   jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: @Bill - it's cutting out for some reason.. try this instead:
  12:53:38   william stites -> EdTechTalk: not sure what's what
  12:54:14   jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: @Bill - that's jramsdennc at the end of the last link
  12:55:11   arvind -> EdTechTalk: welcome everyone, audio on the right in UStream
  12:56:12   william stites -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Jason!
  12:56:42   alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk:
  12:57:17   alex.ragone -> EdTechTalk:
  12:58:42   jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: So arvind.. would you say you are hyperfocused on the focus manifesto?
  12:59:34   kerri -> EdTechTalk: LOL- just downloaded the free pdf- :) but the free version has no videos-
  13:01:02   arvind -> EdTechTalk: the book is worth it alone. I have not watched the videos, though
  13:01:08   arvind -> EdTechTalk: haha, Jason, maybe
  13:03:01   Matt L. -> EdTechTalk: Virtual egg-nog
  13:03:15   arvind -> EdTechTalk: for those who are interested we will be streaming our youth conference, TEDxYouth@Hewitt this Saturday:
  13:03:48   arvind -> EdTechTalk: tune in to Vinny Thursday evening 9pm central time at
  13:04:54   jramsden (raventech) -> EdTechTalk: Thanks all!
  13:05:18   arvind -> EdTechTalk: thanks, everyone for being here
  13:05:57   kerri -> EdTechTalk: :)