ETT21 #148: 1:1 iPads with Peter Smith

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ETT21 #148: 1:1 iPads at St. Andrews School in Savannah Georgia
February 2, 2011

Peter Smith, Middle School Head at St. Andrews School in Savannah, Georgia joined us to discuss his schools 1:1 iPad program. 

Chat Transcript

  12:34:19   arvind ->   Hi Sheila
  12:34:42   VinnieV ->   Good morning, Sheila
  12:36:29   arvind ->   hi Jim
  12:37:13   Jim Foley ->   hey arvind
  12:37:30   Jim Foley ->   great day for a broadcast
  12:40:40   VinnieV ->   Good morning MB, Tom, and Jim
  12:41:03   arvind ->   Polyvision Boards and IPads came to their schools along with new servers, laptop for every teacher, and an iPad for every teacher
  12:41:14   Tom Jordan ->   HI Vinnie
  12:41:31   arvind ->   480 iPads and Macbook students carts
  12:41:33   Jim Foley ->   hi Vinnie
  12:41:38   arvind ->   whoah!
  12:42:23   arvind ->   this was announced as a discovery model - teachers and community expected to discover
  12:42:57   VinnieV ->   students creating ePubs, using systems for organization
  12:44:03   MB ->   Hi all.
  12:45:19   Tom Jordan ->   any problems with printing from the iPads?
  12:46:19   Jim Foley ->   Q:  how do teachers comment on papers?  Pages doesn't have track changes or commenting features, eg...
  12:47:30   fred ->   hi all
  12:47:48   Jim Foley ->   hi fred
  12:47:55   arvind ->   setting up the expectation that we don't know everything, we are exploring was key
  12:47:56   fred ->   hey jim
  12:53:04   Jim Foley ->   how do you "take games off?"  what's your app distribution/maintenance model?
  12:53:16   arvind ->   I thought he was going to say they put Angry Birds on their AUP :)
  12:53:27   Jim Foley ->   ha!
  12:53:59   matt montagne ->   gift cards
  12:54:08   arvind ->   I haven't seen this yet but do any schools make both students *and* parents buy a 1:1 device?
  12:54:31   Ed Patterson ->   there is a volume license program from apple, yep he's saying that now
  12:55:17   matt montagne ->   Drew School in Bay Area to use iPads w/all students next year:
  12:55:25   Jim Foley ->   pete, that means that the students own the apps then, right?
  12:56:17   matt montagne ->   If we apply traditional IT constructs to iPad management, I think we'll lose...the iPad and other light weights are a great opportunity to rethink the way we do business
  12:56:41   william stites ->   That is one of the biggest things I am struggling with
  12:56:48   arvind ->   me too
  12:57:07   william stites ->   management, ownership (data & device), deployment of apps
  12:57:24   arvind ->   I'm not sure we'll lose, though. We will be less bleeding edge
  12:57:28   Jim Foley ->   I agree... I think the key is that they're "personal" mobile devices.  We need to look at them as less our own, and more the students'
  12:57:43   william stites ->   Right...
  12:58:05   matt montagne ->   I wouldn't expect apple to make changes for the enterprise -- it has been built to be highly personal
  12:58:11   fred ->   re personal devices, so more like textbooks/calculators than laptops
  12:58:14   william stites ->   that was how we rolled out Macbook 1:1 and think about the same model for ipads
  12:58:25   william stites ->   maybe wrong... but not sure yet
  12:58:26   matt montagne ->   that's a good way to think about it, Fred
  12:58:30   Jim Foley ->   yep, that's right fred - app mgmt like textbook mgmt
  12:58:56   jramsden (raventech) ->   I know Hiram Cuevash at St. Christopher's is moving toward an open model for devices. Anyone else doing that now?
  12:59:01   Ed Patterson ->   anyone using a syncing cart
  12:59:11   william stites ->   costs can be an issue with app deployment
  12:59:19   matt montagne ->   was there an expectation that iPads would do everything a laptop could do?? And if so, were people disappointed w/the iPad?
  12:59:38   matt montagne ->   that is the model we have jason...OS and hardware agnostic
  12:59:51   matt montagne ->   software agnostic, actually
  12:59:57   Ed Patterson ->   we're looking at textbook viability across department/division on the ipad and other digital - personal devices
  13:00:17   fred ->   everyone see this video... some of the clearest thinking about the iPad i've seen
  13:00:51   william stites ->   @fred - What video? Sorry.
  13:00:52   jramsden (raventech) ->   @matt - need to touch base with you (headed to NAIS?) if not a Skype call? Would love to learn more.
  13:00:56   arvind ->   Hardware/software agnostic is something I sometimes wish we had, but also something I often am so glad I don't
  13:01:27   matt montagne ->   sure, Jason...any time. I won't be at NAIS
  13:01:34   jramsden (raventech) ->   @arvind - Why are you sometimes glad that you do not have a hw/sw agnostic approach?
  13:02:10   fred ->   arghh... no copy/paste in the chat box
  13:02:11   arvind ->   because I can often move faster/more nimbly with students knowing they have the same tools - common solutions and replicable that way
  13:02:15   matt montagne ->   @arvind...its definitely a mixed bag...we have some teachers who really don't like it. Having 3-4 different word processors present in any given class creates some consternation no doubt
  13:02:35   arvind ->   no copy paste from a mac. Fred, drag the link from the bar into the chat window textbox
  13:03:17   arvind ->   I think the support issues are even bigger, @Matt. I can have any machine fixed in our school generally within a day, or worst case within 4-5 days
  13:03:38   matt montagne ->   but at the same time, its moved us away from 'click here' software instruction...its made for good pedagogy
  13:03:50   arvind ->   I bet
  13:04:08   fred ->   Thanks Arvind... that works... anyway, great talk by Theo Gray, author of the Elements.
  13:04:09   william stites ->   follw @fraiserspeirs on twitter
  13:04:24   william stites ->   he is doing a lot in his school in Scotland
  13:04:25   jramsden (raventech) ->   @arvind @matt - What if you provide access to wifi and access to data (via remote app) and they are responsible for supporting their device. Are you seeing that or are they still very dependent on the school to "fix" their machines?
  13:04:37   matt montagne ->   @arvind...we've drastically simplified support...we look at it for 15 mins, give 'em a netbook loaner if we can't fix it, and the student takes it in to be reparied. Gets us out of the computer fix it business
  13:05:47   matt montagne ->   @jason...that was our thinking indeed...we wanted to get out of the computer fix it business and empower the users in the process more...the students have really stepped up.
  13:05:48   Ed Patterson ->   @matt, is your program 1:1 with one platform or more than one platform (sorry I'm not keeping up)
  13:05:51   william stites ->   @fred - please email or tweet me the link please
  13:06:07   william stites ->   can get it out of the chat room
  13:06:19   william stites ->   define the learning goals too
  13:06:23   matt montagne ->   we're actually looking at applying this model to faculty computers as well-we'd like to give faculty a budget and they can go buy the hardware/.software mix that works best for them
  13:07:13   matt montagne ->   @ed...our model is multi-platform and family purchased/owned. We require min specs
  13:07:40   matt montagne ->   @ed...our FAQ is here:
  13:08:08   matt montagne ->   we followed in the footsteps of Rye and Harker to a certain degree
  13:08:20   fred ->   We are same model Matt but we've seen over 95% opting for Macs the last few years. F
  13:08:49   fred ->   lol
  13:09:04   matt montagne ->   that is pretty much what we see too, Fred. Mostly all Macs. We've been having the convo re: whether or not we should allow iPads in Min specs
  13:09:22   matt montagne ->   kudos, Pete...keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!!!
  13:09:28   MB ->   Thank you.
  13:09:28   william stites ->   @fred - thx!
  13:09:33   fred ->   Matt, I think within a year or two we will be doing iPads along with laptops.
  13:09:35   Jim Foley ->   Thanks Pete!
  13:09:40   Ed Patterson ->   thanks Matt,
  13:09:41   MB ->   I just listened to a very interesting conversation
  13:09:42   matt montagne ->   thanks for providing this webcast Arvind, Vinnie and Alex
  13:09:42   fred ->   Thanks All.
  13:09:44   Ed Patterson ->   Thanks Everyone!
  13:09:55   matt montagne -> the students would have a laptop AND an iPad??
  13:10:04   william stites ->   think about Evernote on the ipad :)
  13:10:16   fred ->   Yeah, thats the direction I think we are heading for grades 7-12.
  13:10:35   Tom Jordan ->   well done everyone!
  13:10:55   matt montagne -> makes sense...the iPad still needs a desktop/laptop for backups of apps, data, etc.
  13:11:18   fred ->   Matt, Watch the Theo Gray video. Very interesting. F
  13:11:22   matt montagne ->   as always, nice chatting, everyone
  13:11:32   fred ->   Vinnie, We want to see more pictures!
  13:11:42   matt montagne ->   will do it loaded in my browser right now.
  13:11:49   arvind ->   Thanks for being here all, great talk!
  13:11:57   fred ->   so long
  13:12:02   Jim Foley ->   thanks arvind, talk to you all soon