EdTechBrainstorm#26a Chat Transcript

21:08:34 Art_Gelwicks: The world of intellectual dilemmas.
21:10:13 conrad: there are only challenges with streaming and broadcasting
21:10:18 conrad: :)
21:12:53 DougSymington: hey Art
21:13:05 Art_Gelwicks: Hey Doug.
21:13:19 DougSymington: http://ideas.smarttech.com/service3/CTL1611/CTL1611-0_1.html
21:13:30 DougSymington: Hey everybody
21:13:45 Darren_Kuropatwa: Is the show over?
21:14:05 DougSymington: just getting started
21:14:10 Darren_Kuropatwa: Thanks ;)
21:15:14 AndyL: http://ideas.smarttech.com/service3/EdTech/EdTech-0_1.html
21:16:01 Art_Gelwicks: Sorry...in a Skype free zone right now.
21:16:30 dave: lalala
21:16:32 dave: i made it
21:16:43 AndyL: http://ideas.smarttech.com/service3/EdTech/EdTech-0_1.html
21:17:27 DougSymington: http://ideas.smarttech.com/service3/CTL1611/CTL1611-0_1.html
21:18:53 Darren_Kuropatwa: Hi, Having computer trouble...
21:19:33 DougSymington: no problem Darren, skype in to edtechtalk if you'd like
21:20:16 Darren_Kuropatwa: I'd love to. but I only have a short time ... I've got to put the kids to bed soon. ;-)
21:21:34 Darren_Kuropatwa: Can someone resend the link to the software being discussed?
21:21:48 conrad: www.smartideas.com
21:21:52 DougSymington: http://ideas.smarttech.com/service3/EdTech/EdTech-0_1.html
21:21:58 Darren_Kuropatwa: Thanks! :)
21:22:10 DougSymington: http://ideas.smarttech.com/service3/CTL1611/CTL1611-0_1.html
21:23:21 dave: hi
21:23:51 DougSymington: any questions for Andy?
21:24:32 Art_Gelwicks: A wiki with personality...try Wet Paint.
21:27:02 Art_Gelwicks: How does this differ from online collaboration tools like Webex?
21:27:30 dave: gotta go and paint
21:27:42 dave: nice to see you guys for a few minutes
21:28:09 Art_Gelwicks: Got room in Skype?
21:28:29 DougSymington: sure do, c'mon in
21:29:20 dave: by dudes
21:29:36 DougSymington: http://ideas.smarttech.com/service3/EdTech/EdTech-10_2.html
21:29:42 Darren_Kuropatwa: Gotta go folks. I'll try to drop in again. Cheers!
21:30:02 conrad: bye darrent
21:30:04 DougSymington: thx Darren
21:30:09 DougSymington: missed him ;)
21:31:54 conrad: how about smartideas for education? langue education
21:31:56 conrad: etc
21:36:54 DougSymington: http://ideas.smarttech.com/service3/EdTech/EdTech-10_2.html
21:37:53 Alex_Ragone: Hey Everyone...
21:38:10 conrad: hi Alex
21:38:12 DougSymington: http://ideas.smarttech.com/service3/EdTech/EdTech-10_2.html
21:38:17 DougSymington: Hey Alex
21:38:34 conrad: that was quick :)
21:38:41 DougSymington: http://ideas.smarttech.com/service3/CTL1611/CTL1611-0_1.html
21:39:59 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Goodness! I'm surprised to see that this is still going!
21:41:42 Alex.Ragone: Can you throw up that link again, please?
21:42:32 DougSymington: http://ideas.smarttech.com/service3/EdTech/EdTech-10_2.html
21:42:40 Alex.Ragone: Thanks
21:42:54 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks, Doug.
21:43:01 DougSymington: http://ideas.smarttech.com/service3/CTL1611/CTL1611-0_1.html
21:45:21 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Very nice pages. Very promising potential.
21:47:46 AndyL: www.smartideas.com
21:47:49 Alex.Ragone: Firefox crashed on one of those links...
21:48:30 conrad: true
21:48:30 DougSymington: http://ideas.smarttech.com/service3/EdTech/EdTech-10_2.html
21:48:37 conrad: i have the same problem
21:49:28 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I got both of the above in Firefox with no crash.
21:50:11 Alex.Ragone: I got to it --- one of the links seemed to cause the crash but I had a bunch of tabs open, so...
21:52:04 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I have Firefox open in two windows now. Currently, one is showing the EdTech-10_2 page.
21:52:42 Alex.Ragone: Seems to be working fine now.
21:52:59 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Yep.
21:53:37 Dennis_in_Phoenix: I wish I'd been at this from the beginning. Sounds fascinating.
21:54:22 Dennis_in_Phoenix: But of course the whole thing will be podcast, no?
21:54:30 DougSymington: yes
21:54:41 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Great!
21:55:49 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks, Andy.
21:55:59 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Thanks, Art and Jeff.
21:56:03 JeffLebow: http://wetpaint.com/
21:56:06 DougSymington: Yes thanks Andy, it was great to have you on the show
21:58:21 DougSymington: anyone else like to skype in -- call edtechtalk if you'd like to join the conversation
21:58:52 Alex.Ragone: wikispaces.com has a pretty nice one -- but it's hosted.
21:58:59 Dennis_in_Phoenix: No, thanks. I need to leave now. Thanks anyway, though.
21:59:08 Alex.Ragone: editme.com is another hosted service...
21:59:13 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Again, thanks Jeff and Art.
21:59:16 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Bye.
21:59:23 DougSymington: cya Dennis
21:59:33 conrad: haha Doug, at 4am? all i could say would be: ahhhhhhhhhhh
21:59:33 Dennis_in_Phoenix: CYA, Doug.
21:59:41 conrad: bye dennis
21:59:43 DougSymington: lol conrad
21:59:46 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Bye, Conrad.
22:00:04 Dennis_in_Phoenix: Take care, all.
22:00:09 conrad: u2
22:01:07 conrad: does wiki use php??
22:01:16 JeffLebow: yes
22:01:39 conrad: well, then the explanation is simple: php adjusts itself to different screens
22:01:48 conrad: resolutions, etc, html messes up
22:02:22 conrad: that's why when u enter html websites, there is usually sign: best view in resolution *******
22:02:35 conrad: with php there are no problems like that
22:04:39 Alex.Ragone: Love the writely deal... Google just bought sketchup from @last too.
22:04:51 Alex.Ragone: It's perpetual beta --
22:05:41 conrad: maybe google would like to launch online broadcasting and will try to bye worldbridges? :)
22:07:03 Alex.Ragone: Yeah, but they have kept out of the ad business in picassa and google earth.
22:08:35 conrad: you can turn them off
22:10:05 Alex.Ragone: and moon.google.com
22:11:46 Alex.Ragone: the npr guy was painting ads on the roofs of houses near popular google map searches
22:12:07 conrad: ok, have to go, have to sleep because europeans also sleep (from time to time) :)
22:12:23 conrad: fun to listen to you
22:12:37 conrad: take care all
22:13:23 DougSymington: http://ideas.smarttech.com/service3/CTL1611/CTL1611-0_1.html
22:14:03 DougSymington: thx Conrad, take care
22:18:01 Alex.Ragone: I once used it to see if there was a play ground at a national park I was visiting.
22:18:09 Alex.Ragone: Google maps that is.
22:18:40 DougSymington: http://www.frappr.com/worldbridges
22:24:17 Alex.Ragone: Sure --- We use smart a lot and I'll install it.
22:24:21 Alex.Ragone: See you guys -- Thanks!
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