EdTechSomething#0 - The EdTechWeekly Gang Rides Again @Eduquestion

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@eduquestion possibilities for show reboot

March 30, 2014

While the EdTechWeekly Show has been 'on hiatus' for quite a while, our skype group chat has remained active. Yesterday Dave posted...

I just had an idea for resurrecting edtechtalk...
twitter hashtag #Edneeds (or something better)
use ifttt to automagically get it to post to a wordpress account
carry other tags as category
encourage people (through sharing service on the wordpress) to volunteer answers
do  a weekly review show going over some of the cooler problems/solutions
would take an hour to build
15 minutes of prep before show
done and done
Jen & Jeff were on board right away and (of course) John had his curmudgeonly doubts, but we were all quite pleased to Hangout together again on a Sunday Night/Monday Morning and discuss possibilities. 

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Dave! Long time no digital interaction, my friend. I like the way that you are thinking here. It is almost like democratizing (if it is not already) EdTechTalk. We over at 21cl have finally got our rhythym back, posting both video and audio. Now, if we could only edit our audio, we'd be on top of the world.

I like the idea of reinvigorating your show, with a slightly new twist. Keep in mind that it might take some time to build responses, but you have to start somewhere, right?

Good luck!