Ed Tech Talk #24 - show notes

Introduction and opening comments from Barbara Ganley
What does she do?

Will Richardson's class shows up in the chatroom 3:55
they start talking 4:30

Questions from Will and the class
1. What is the benefit of blogging for students: 5:40
2. How are the kids critiquing each other's work 9:25
3. How do you progress from being very involved at the start of the term, and slowly pull out to let the students take control 11:26
4. How have you used this model internationally 13:05 (dave responding)
5. Assessment in blogging 14:47
6. shy students in blogging 16:00
rss, furl, delicious
will and the class leave

privacy in blogging 17:30

Troublesome posts, how do you handle them - 20:00

Balancing leadership in education with student freedom - 23:45

Connections to the world outside the classroom - 27:30

How does this change the university experience 30:30

Digital portfolios in education 33:10

How has writing changed with technology use (and some multitasking) 34:30

How has writing changed over the last 16th years 36:45

Formal and informal writing 38:10

How many people in your school are using multimedia stuff 42:45

More private/public debate 43:30

private public by culture 47:45

wrap up of podcasting video ipods and other multimedia possibilities in education 50:10

barbara's photography 53:20

elderbob asks - What about videoblogging in your classroom 54:00

final words and discussion