EdTechTalk#27 Chat Transcript

[guest_0478a] is a guest scheduled for today's show?
[JeffLebow] No. Pre Show notes are at http://edtechtalk.com/EdTech_Talk_27_Show_Notes
[dave-on-air] yes
[dave-on-air] those
JohnMartin has joined the chat.
[dave-on-air] hi john
[JeffLebow] Morning John
[JohnMartin] Hi gang
[guest_0478a] hello John
Art_Gelwicks has joined the chat.
[dave-on-air] hi art
lbaber has joined the chat.
[dave-on-air] hi lee
[lbaber] HI Dave
[Art_Gelwicks] Morning.
[lbaber] Well, while we are waiting, may I ask a question?
[dave-on-air] yes
[dave-on-air] what's your question
[guest_0478a] skype just crashed *(
[Art_Gelwicks] The eternal question...what does it sound like under a beanbag chair...has now been answered.
[lbaber] Noooo
[Art_Gelwicks] They know who has the money.
[lbaber] Not what is going on but,,, on my worldbridges hosted moodle.
[lbaber] I see a list of other courses .. ie. Bob, Graham, Daf..
[lbaber] Is my moodle going to be added to that list when it is up and running?
[lbaber] Ahhh
[lbaber] yea
[lbaber] As you say
daf has joined the chat.
[lbaber] I was just checking to see if I had the correct moodle. I am starting to work on it and was making sure I had the correct Moodle
[guest_0478a] The hammer sound was equally annoying...
[daf] hi everybody
[Art_Gelwicks] Our zen yoga master monitoring our breathing...
[guest_0478a] The Luckinback, Texas episode - Back to the Basics
[daf] lol
[lbaber] Hello Daf!
[daf] hi Lee :-)
[lbaber] clap clap clap
lbaber has left the chat.
lbaber has joined the chat.
lbaber has left the chat.
lbaber has joined the chat.
[guest_0478a] welcome back
[lbaber] thanks
[lbaber] So are both of your bios easily found on a site? Jeff and Dave?
[guest_0478a] what do you do when no one asks serious questions?
[daf] any review article about edtechtalk yet?
[lbaber] back up and punt?
[lbaber] I know I am a BIG help.
[guest_0478a] graham might have mentioned it in his recent BBC article.
[lbaber] And you mentioned that they have a version of Access now right?
[guest_0478a] yeah, I heard it works with Access database files! cool!
[lbaber] And those commities become very dependent on some of these open source applications as well!
[lbaber] I totally agree!
[daf] that's what i feel about webheads
[lbaber] Yep, me too Daf.
[lbaber] Vance agreed Daf.
[daf] yes, I read it at TI ;-)
[lbaber] Do you have RSS feeds for those blogs?
[lbaber] DAve, Lee and Steven?
[guest_0478a] http://downes.ca for Steven Downes
[guest_0478a] from there you can find everything else that matters.
[guest_0478a] oops, Stephen not Steven - sorry
[guest_0478a] what is the difference between blogs and chat? Doesn't chat have an archive too?
[JohnMartin] My thought is that the conversation can be extended well beyond the duration of a chat
[JohnMartin] That and the content can be searched as it is available online. Whereas posting and searching a chat would require tweaking
elderbob has joined the chat.
[guest_0478a] hey ElderBob
[JohnMartin] Welcome
[Art_Gelwicks] Chat is much more real time...blogs are more of a convenience food.
[elderbob] Good Morning
GrahamStanley has joined the chat.
[guest_0478a] there are paperboys in Japan, they ride a scooter!!
[GrahamStanley] there are paperboys in England
[daf] chat and blogs are different, for different purposes
[lbaber] Hi Bob.
[GrahamStanley] Hi Daf
[elderbob] Hey to all....
[daf] starting with, chat is a synchronous tool, while blogs are asynchronous
[GrahamStanley] Hi elderbob
[daf] hi Graham
[lbaber] Hello Graham.
[daf] thanks for your answer to my question :-)
[GrahamStanley] my pleasure - hope it worked
[daf] I have not had the time to try it out. My dad has been sick and I haven't had much time left
[GrahamStanley] scott?
[guest_0478a] Hi Graham
[GrahamStanley] aha! using a pseudonym I see!
[daf] Graham, I have included your BBC article on our BaW-06 syllabus, hope you don't mind
[elderbob] Dave, I got my copy of Ubuntu this week.
[GrahamStanley] that's great Daf
[elderbob] Im still trying to decide what to do with it.
[daf] deblogging?
[Art_Gelwicks] Much better term.
[GrahamStanley] audio blogging doesn't have to be podcasting
[guest_0478a] AudioMagazine (audmag)
[GrahamStanley] you can audio blog without having an RSS feed
[dave-on-air] yes, that's true
[guest_0478a] audmag conveys the idea of subscription (RSS)
elderbob has left the chat.
elderbob has joined the chat.
[GrahamStanley] great to be here
[GrahamStanley] there are lots of blogs without feeds
[GrahamStanley] Blogger blogs have Atom feeds, but you don't have to turn them on
[daf] that's right, Graham
[elderbob] I think there is a difference to what some Webheads are doing with Blogs in classrooms and the traditional idea of blogs.
[dave-on-air] true
[guest_0478a] can they be turned off (blogger atom feed)?
[lbaber] such as
[daf] I guess so
[GrahamStanley] yes - check the options on Blogger
[daf] have not tried to turn mine off
[elderbob] Almost "blogs on training wheels."
[lbaber] Cute
[lbaber] I may draw that thought.
[daf] buzznet, friendster, elgg, and many others have the tag feature
[GrahamStanley] Dave, you're showing your age now
[daf] lol
[dave-on-air] oh yes?
[lbaber] In the keywords area of Elgg DAve?
[dave-on-air] we youngsters are like that i suppose... what exactly gaveit away?
[daf] csl
[GrahamStanley] Led Zeppelin maybe
[elderbob] It takes a while to really sink in....
[elderbob] but I think you do need to be aware of it.
[daf] every time I add something to my del.icio.us, I think of e-Bob
[daf] after he explored it here
[lbaber] Just use the tools and it starts to make sense
[elderbob] Understanging through use.
[GrahamStanley] I have your del.icio.us feed in my RSS aggregator, elderbob!
[elderbob] Thanks Graham
[daf] I learned to use Moodle on my own
[lbaber] What's it's name Bob
[elderbob] Whats that Lee?
[lbaber] your del.icio.us site
[daf] I don't like them
[daf] they are very static
[guest_0478a] dave can you give us a link for Barbara Sawelle??
[JeffLebow] http://languagelabunleashed.edublogs.org/
[elderbob] http://del.icio.us/elderbob
[daf] a voice board, a guest book, guest map, a whiteboard/groupboard
[elderbob] go to A-9.com and plug in Elderbob and you wiil find just about everything I have ever done.
[elderbob] A very nice summary.
[elderbob] go to moodle.org and look at the samples.
[elderbob] $10.00 per mo or less.
GrahamStanley has left the chat.
GrahamStanley has joined the chat.
[elderbob] If you go to a host who offers Fantastico, there is a good chance, that it will not only host your moodle, but also give you a
[elderbob] choice of CMS, Blogs, Wikis, etc. and also the space to host them.
[guest_0478a] will Fantastico install them as well, ElderBob?
[elderbob] Fantastico is the installer software.dd
[lbaber] Bob, A-9.com does not open..
[elderbob] Pretty much, although you will likely have to do some fine tuning.
[elderbob] I can be.l
[guest_0478a] Don't tell Dave Winer that!!
elderbob has left the chat.
[GrahamStanley] Atom doesn't support podcasting does it?
[lbaber] Yes, Mac has been stable and user friendly
[GrahamStanley] Are you a Neil diamond fan, Dave?
[guest_0478a] Love on the Rocks!!
[GrahamStanley] :)
elderbob has joined the chat.
[elderbob] This is good news.
[guest_0478a] Right On
[guest_0478a] oh yeah!!
[daf] hi Vance
[daf] sounds good
[guest_0478a] Who's that breathing? Sounds like a locomotive.
[daf] I haven't recovered yet from wiaoc
[elderbob] I hope I dont recover from it, but just move on.
[lbaber] Yes was a rush from when the first call to volunteer to the last event on sunday...
[lbaber] It kept us all involved.
[daf] what I really love about wiaoc was the freedom
[elderbob] I doubt that
[daf] the distribution of power
[daf] presenters were given moderators privileges
[daf] the audience could interact freely with the presenters
[daf] I am presenting in an online conference in Feb. and it is completely controlled
JohnMartin has left the chat.
[lbaber] ok, if 25 access it at the same time, does it affect the server?
[daf] I don't think so, I am teaching a 25-participant course, and nothing has happened
[lbaber] Thanks Daf
[JeffLebow] 25 shouldn't be a problem,but let us know if you experience any significant slow downs during usage
[lbaber] Is it your center hub for your course...
[daf] I think that the wiki is affected if too many people are editing at the same time
[guest_0478a] question about edublogs wordpress installation...
[guest_0478a] can the html in the templates be modified (beyond changing the visual layout)?
[guest_0478a] similar to the way it can be done in blogger?
[guest_0478a] you guys should get a mascot, call him "Ed Tek"
[dave-on-air] yes. it can scott
[dave-on-air] i think
[dave-on-air] if i understand your question
[guest_0478a] left and righ hemisphere brainstorms
[lbaber] 15A 15B
[daf] lol
[lbaber] 15-Thu 15-Sat
[lbaber] left right wont work... one would be too ehterical and the other too down to earth
[daf] well, folks I need to go, see you around, thanks for everything!!
[guest_0478a] later daf
[daf] h eh
daf has left the chat.
[lbaber] Bye Daf and my thoughts are still on your family... Good luck
[dave-on-air] back in a sec guys...
Art_Gelwicks has left the chat.
[JeffLebow] Lee, major hurricane on your end
[guest_0478a] turn your radio off -
[lbaber] hmm. I am using headphones and mic and no radio
[lbaber] let me check my audio setup
[lbaber] I will try this again..hang up it its still bad
[lbaber] yesss
[lbaber] i can hear you
[guest_0478a] sounds great
[lbaber] was there still a hurricane
[JeffLebow] no hurricane
[lbaber] ok we are good
[lbaber] i am on
[lbaber] i have a question about rss...
[guest_0478a] deli.cio.us shouldn:t work in iTunes
[guest_0478a] try bloglines
[JeffLebow] http://www.downes.ca/news/audio.xml
[guest_0478a] or a news aggregator
[guest_0478a] NetNewsWire
[guest_0478a] for mac
[dave-on-air] suprglu.com
[JeffLebow] Paste that URL in to Advance/Subscribe to Podcast (in ITunes)
[dave-on-air] i love suprglu
[dave-on-air] ignore that guest guy
[dave-on-air] he's a punk
[guest_0478a] I picked a heck-of-a week to quit snffing suprglu!!
[dave-on-air] ha
[dave-on-air] my point exactly
[dave-on-air] glusniffer
[dave-on-air] scott isn't it 4am there?
[dave-on-air] 1:44
[dave-on-air] am
[guest_0478a] yeah
[guest_0478a] time for bed, eh?
[JeffLebow] 0.
[JeffLebow] Ooops... Would be nice to hear your voice before you sign off
[lbaber] Is Scott on still
[guest_0478a] hi
[lbaber] I will get off the skype so you can gt on Scott
[lbaber] I am done with my question.
[guest_0478a] that's okay, my skype crashed earlier
[lbaber] oh
[JeffLebow] He's just shy
[lbaber] I see
[guest_0478a] elderbob, any good links for geotagging?
[dave-on-air] and his english is a little stunted... he find the conversation tough to keep up with
[lbaber] sure.. :)
[guest_0478a] http://del.icio.us/tag/geotagging
[lbaber] jajah
[guest_0478a] jajah binks?
[GrahamStanley] :)
[GrahamStanley] nice one scott
[GrahamStanley] When can we expect the next Comprehensible Input podcast?
[GrahamStanley] I miss it
[JeffLebow] Good question
[guest_0478a] 6 hours ago
[GrahamStanley] really?
[guest_0478a] #12
[GrahamStanley] great
[JeffLebow] woohoo
[guest_0478a] you might need an air-sickness bag while listening.
[GrahamStanley] I love your commute casts (if that's what you're referring to)
[guest_0478a] thanks
[guest_0478a] later gang, thanks for a great show - as always!
guest_0478a has left the chat.
[GrahamStanley] take care Scott
[GrahamStanley] bye everyone
GrahamStanley has left the chat.
bob_sprankle has joined the chat.
[bob_sprankle] howdy!
[JeffLebow] sorry we missed you Bob. Just wrapped up
[bob_sprankle] still having connection problems with you guys... I'm at school, different computer, different connection
[JeffLebow] Thanks for the kind words in your last podcast
[bob_sprankle] :-)
[JeffLebow] Hmmm... would you like to do a quick skype sound check?
[bob_sprankle] I'm on my laptop.... skype worked fine with Dave last week
[bob_sprankle] I'll have to listen to this show tomorrow on Podcast
[JeffLebow] So, the connection problem is related to listening to the stream, not skype?
[bob_sprankle] weird... I can hear the show for a bit, and then it drops out...
[JeffLebow] Which media player are you using?
[JeffLebow] Do you have any better luck with the 32k stream instead of the 64k stream?
[bob_sprankle] real player... same prob with both streams... itunes as well
[bob_sprankle] are you guys live right now? or is it the loop?
[JeffLebow] Very strange indeed.
[JeffLebow] I'm hoping to make it down to Nashua Wednesday and catch your presentation
[bob_sprankle] Cool! Have you ever been to the conf? It's really great
[JeffLebow] Nope. I'd be a first timer
[JeffLebow] Looking forward to it
[bob_sprankle] very cool
[JeffLebow] Look forward to meeting you in person
[bob_sprankle] same here
[JeffLebow] Going to sign off for now... Need to have some breakfast and get to work processing audio. Will think about the connection issue
lbaber has left the chat.
[JeffLebow] Hope to get it figured out eventually
[bob_sprankle] thanks. later
[JeffLebow] Have a great Sunday - hope you manage to get out of school before too long
[JeffLebow] Take care and hope to see you soon
[bob_sprankle] thanks. you too
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