EdTechTalk31 - Chat Transcript

EdTechTalk#31 - Chat Transcript
January 8, 2005

[Doug_Symington] hi guys
[JeffLebow] Hey Guys
[Doug_Symington] lol
[dave-on-air] hello
Leanne has joined the chat.
[dave-on-air] hi leanne
[Leanne] Hi Dave, are you Dave Cormier?
[dave-on-air] oh yes.
[Leanne] I thought as much - I have a question for you and Jeff (but not an on-air kind of question)
Obtuse_Angle has left the chat.
[dave-on-air] k.
scott has joined the chat.
[dave-on-air] hi scott
[scott] hi guys
[JeffLebow] Hey Scott
[scott] animated gifs should be the format for video
[dave-on-air] wow. never heard anyone say that before
[dave-on-air] animated gis
[dave-on-air] gifs
[dave-on-air] can they handle that?
[scott] the real question is: can guest 478 handle that?
[dave-on-air] lol
[JeffLebow] http://www.onlinelib.de/VCS/VCS_Vp6Demo02.html 600kbs
[Leanne] so you aren't tied to a computer with your skype turned on?
[dave-on-air] yup
[Leanne] awesome!
[Leanne] where do I sign up?
[JeffLebow] http://www.fas.harvard.edu/%7Ecscie1/?page=podcast&type=static
[Leanne] or Larry the Cable Guy?
[JeffLebow] Skype , wifi link - http://news.com.com/Skype,+Netgear+to+launch+Wi-Fi+phone/2100-7352_3-6018508.html
[Leanne] Thanks Jeff
[scott] great stuff
[Leanne] A suggestion to make the show better: (or maybe you already do this) Is there a way you can identify the speaker? Other than...
[dave-on-air] do you mean between jeff and i or more generally?
[Leanne] self-introductions, that if you missed it, can leave you hanging.
[scott] g-spot cast?? what are guys talking about?
[Doug_Symington] lol
[Leanne] well, I recognize Jeff's voice now, but not yours, Dave.
[dave-on-air] must be very late where you are scott
[Leanne] And for call-in guests, is there a way I can look at skype and see who it is?
[JeffLebow] http://www.isrl.uiuc.edu/%7Echip/projects/timeline/
[JeffLebow] http://helpshare.lockergnome.com/
[Doug_Symington] http://www.blogbridge.com/
[Leanne] Many useful links, Jeff - thanks, I've bookmarked lots!
Leanne has left the chat.
Leanne has joined the chat.
[Leanne] oops, I went to llok at the main page to see where the new links were, and I lost the previous chatlog
Clarence_Fisher has joined the chat.
[dave-on-air] hi Clarence
[Leanne] good thing I've already bookmarked them
[dave-on-air] just about to talk about you actually
[Clarence_Fisher] hi, can just stay for a few minutes but I wanted to listen
[dave-on-air] you want to skype in?
[Clarence_Fisher] I have to take my kids out skiing
[Clarence_Fisher] I meant to be here earlier but couldnt make the time today
[JeffLebow] Have fun skiiing... sounds like more fun than audio editing
[Clarence_Fisher] I can stay for about 15 minutes
[dave-on-air] skype?
[Clarence_Fisher] I've got skype: glassbeed
Jo_McLeay has joined the chat.
[JeffLebow] Jo, are you up very late or very early?
[Jo_McLeay] Up very early. It's 5.50 am
[JeffLebow] Your Monday mornings start early indeed
[Jo_McLeay] Yes. I've really enjoyed listening to Barbara and Erin sdoing their correspondents report
[Leanne] Clarence, are you saying that the teachers need to take a more active role in becoming familiar with the technology?
[Leanne] Can KnowPlace provide some of that education?
[Clarence_Fisher] yes, definitely
[Jo_McLeay] Hi Clarence, good to hear you and what you have to say
[Leanne] Where are you Clarence? I used to be from Manitoba
[Clarence_Fisher] Snow Lake
[Leanne] cool - been there!
[Clarence_Fisher] why have you been to snow lake?
[Leanne] My Dad worked for MTS and had a colleague who was transferred there. We almost got to move there
[JeffLebow] http://www.weblogg-ed.com/2006/01/02#a4439
[Leanne] in the days before touch-tone phones!
[Clarence_Fisher] goodbye all! off to the snow!
Clarence_Fisher has left the chat.
[Leanne] Good show today, guys. I have to sign off, but I'll email you with my question, OK?
[JeffLebow] Thanks Leanne
[Leanne] OK, bye for now.
Leanne has left the chat.
[JeffLebow] http://www.elearnspace.org/blog/archives/2006_01.html
[JeffLebow] http://incsub.org/awards/2005/winners-announced/
Leanne has joined the chat.
[Leanne] Hey, I'm back because I'm trying to find an email address for you guys, meantime I heard you talk about the Jan 29 show
[dave-on-air] [email protected]
[Leanne] Aren't you doing something for "Become A WebHead" that day?
[Leanne] That leads to my question, but I will email you - thanks.
[Jo_McLeay] This is a fantastic idea
[JeffLebow] Standby by for on air answer Leanne
[Doug_Symington] is non incremental change practicable? Why or why not
[Doug_Symington] the people need to do it for themselves, I think
[Leanne] ok, but here's the real question: what is the topic, and can you send that info and your bios to Dafne Gonzales please.
[Leanne] yes
[JeffLebow] Here we come Doug
[Jo_McLeay] has anyone read why Jonny and Janey can't read and Mr and Mrs Smith can't teach?
[Jo_McLeay] That might have something to say about the topic?
[Leanne] great thanks for the topics - but we still need you bios, plus I'm supposed to introduce you.
[JeffLebow] Will get the bios to you today
[Leanne] not to me - to Dafne please and thanks
[JeffLebow] Yes
[JeffLebow] to Daf
[Leanne] excellent - I couldn't ask for anything more...see you!
Leanne has left the chat.
[Jo_McLeay] On who will take leadership with all these new media check out - http://blendededu.com/2006/01/on-leadership-and-community.html
[dave-on-air] hi chat room
[dave-on-air] no typing all day
[dave-on-air] grrr....
[dave-on-air] damn mac
[Jo_McLeay] Hi Dave
[dave-on-air] wow... mysound was really bad
[dave-on-air] that's really cool
[Doug_Symington] outstanding
[Jo_McLeay] That was really great
[Jo_McLeay] Bye all
[JeffLebow] http://www.holophonic.ch/archivio/testaudio/Cereni%20-%20Holophonic.mp3

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