EdTechTalk#35 Chat Transcript

EdTechTalk#35 Chat Transcript
February 12, 2006

12:48:45 Doug_Symington: hi conrad
12:51:54 Doug_Symington: hey guys
12:52:00 Doug_Symington: audio good here
12:53:31 Doug_Symington: hearing crackle here too
12:54:35 conrad: hi Doug
12:54:38 Doug_Symington: jsut Dave
12:54:40 Doug_Symington: just
12:55:02 Doug_Symington: sounds good on stream now
12:55:14 Doug_Symington: hi Conrad
12:56:17 Doug_Symington: definitely
12:56:28 Doug_Symington: been blogging about it
12:57:45 Doug_Symington: I need an invitation to cocomment
12:58:13 Doug_Symington: Hi Graham
12:58:22 conrad: Hi
12:58:32 GrahamStanley: Hi doug
12:59:27 GrahamStanley: I'm there now
12:59:54 conrad: Skype will soon make available to have a conference call with 10 people but it will only be supported for dual-processor-PCs or something like that
13:00:13 Doug_Symington: sounds good re audio -- good levels, altho Dave seems to be creeping up...
13:00:13 conrad: I read it somewhere :
13:00:15 conrad: :)
13:00:29 GrahamStanley: I heard about that conrad - can't wait
13:01:11 Doug_Symington: that's interesting conrad
13:01:38 conrad: I just wonder how it fill affect interent connection
13:03:27 GrahamStanley: hurrah!
13:03:52 GrahamStanley: ist edtech talk x rated now?
13:04:00 Doug_Symington: lol
13:05:36 conrad: :D
13:06:36 conrad: I DOESN"T WORK YET
13:06:38 conrad: !!!!
13:06:44 conrad: IT WILL!
13:06:54 conrad: i think ;)
13:08:41 ruthv: Hi!
13:08:45 conrad: hi
13:09:10 ruthv: Good tip, jeff!
13:09:14 GrahamStanley: hi ruth
13:09:25 Doug_Symington: Hi Ruth, good to see you
13:09:50 ruthv: Hi! Good to see you all too. Graham reminded me of the show:-)
13:10:16 ruthv: I'm using Firefox
13:10:22 conrad: me too
13:10:24 conrad: No problems
13:10:30 conrad: in Win XP SP2
13:10:37 ruthv: Me too.
13:10:38 GrahamStanley: what about flock?
13:10:48 conrad: flock?
13:11:01 conrad: that's correct Jeff :)
13:11:23 ruthv: can you type the URL please?
13:11:37 GrahamStanley: http://www.flock.com
13:11:37 ruthv: Jaja?
13:11:40 conrad: does anyone know if it's possible to call a skype user with gizmo?
13:11:49 JeffLebow: http://jajah.com/
13:11:55 ruthv: Thanks!
13:12:00 Doug_Symington: conrad--you can call into skype with gizmo
13:12:07 Doug_Symington: not sure if works the other way round
13:12:24 conrad: cool
13:13:52 ruthv: URL for Moodle doc please? can you type it?
13:15:29 ruthv: Aslo, Moodle has a concordancing module now
13:15:46 GrahamStanley: incredible!
13:16:03 conrad: norton sucks :)
13:16:05 conrad: really
13:16:13 Doug_Symington: another ad for linux
13:16:15 dave-on-air: they are not nice
13:16:17 dave-on-air: no kidding
13:16:35 GrahamStanley: what do you use for AV Conrad?
13:16:44 conrad: poor people who pay for it and find out that many freeware antiviruses are much better that norton
13:16:51 conrad: avast!
13:17:34 ruthv: Google desktop is very good for searching tho. What else does that job?
13:17:35 conrad: i use avast as AV and Sygate Personall FIrewall and Firefox
13:17:44 GrahamStanley: what about AV on the Mac? I've recently got a Mac, and I've been told I don't need an AV as there aren't any Mac viruses. Is that true?
13:17:48 conrad: not a single virus for over a year
13:18:04 conrad: that true about Mac
13:18:07 conrad: i wish I had one
13:18:15 conrad: but they are still quite expensive
13:18:25 JeffLebow: http://www.egosurf.org/
13:18:54 ruthv: What's this URL useful for Jeff?
13:20:38 JeffLebow: http://mhetherington.net/blogs/?p=8
13:21:24 JeffLebow: http://www.darcynorman.net/2006/02/06/moodle-vs-sakai-fight
13:22:46 GrahamStanley: Just found I've got 2979 ego points at http://egosurf.org
13:23:35 JeffLebow: Congratulations...that's really good
13:23:52 GrahamStanley: how did you do Jeff?
13:24:14 Doug_Symington: my ego is crushed-- 0 points ;)
13:24:16 dave-on-air: http://mhetherington.net/blogs/?p=8
13:24:18 JeffLebow: Poor Doug, he's ranked as a 'slacker'
13:24:33 JeffLebow: I was around 6000 points
13:24:45 JeffLebow: for worldbridges
13:24:54 JeffLebow: less for edtechtalk
13:25:02 GrahamStanley: wow!
13:26:06 GrahamStanley: It's gone up Jeff - you're now at 6509 points
13:26:07 ruthv: Graham, I got 4998 points
13:26:15 GrahamStanley: Ruth! Well done
13:26:18 ruthv: Jeff, you beat me!
13:28:23 GrahamStanley: good point dave
13:29:27 GrahamStanley: Will got 8023 points at egosurf!
13:29:34 dave-on-air: i wanna know about my egosurf!
13:29:42 dave-on-air: someone search me!!!
13:30:09 GrahamStanley: no, sorry - it wasn't finished - it's 9449
13:30:53 GrahamStanley: I'm doing it now Dave
13:31:36 GrahamStanley: you're quite active on the neil diamond wiki I see
13:31:44 lee: I got a whopping 168!
13:31:57 JeffLebow: Stephen downes got 10444
13:32:03 GrahamStanley: 3489 points Dave
13:32:31 GrahamStanley: sorry!
13:32:40 dave-on-air: :)
13:34:06 ruthv: I didn't notice the invite to the Nordic Voice Confernce.
13:34:21 ruthv: Who is speaking please?
13:35:20 dave-on-air: doug symington
13:35:35 ruthv: Were Sus and Ann Fix involved/ organising it?
13:35:44 ruthv: Thanks.
13:36:24 ruthv: Julie Dong, or Dung or ??
13:36:31 JeffLebow: leung
13:36:50 ruthv: Thanks.
13:37:25 ruthv: Oh, thank you, Jeff.
13:37:29 Doug_Symington: http://learningdiary.blogspot.com/2006/02/confererence-reflections.html
13:37:32 ruthv: So, F2f
13:37:38 dave-on-air: yes
13:37:38 Doug_Symington: yes re f2f
13:38:41 GrahamStanley: I've wanted to stay up a couple of times, but it's just too late for me
13:38:54 ruthv: Doug's head has grown. Did u check your ego points Doug?
13:38:57 lee: I assume there is no rss feed for doug's blog?
13:39:24 ruthv: And the time is?
13:39:39 Doug_Symington: have to confess that I don't have a feed right now for my blogspot blog
13:40:18 dave-on-air: 9pm EST
13:40:31 ruthv: I still don't know how to put a feed on my blogs. I try to add them to itunes or del.ic.io.us
13:40:47 ruthv: Which is what GMT please?
13:41:14 JeffLebow: 2am
13:41:21 GrahamStanley: World Bridges is a featured site on next week's 'Putting the learning back into ICT for ELT' British Council seminar in Manchester, UK next week - hopefully you should see n increase in your audience
13:41:25 ruthv: Oh yes. Thanks.
13:41:35 dave-on-air: ?
13:44:23 ruthv: U2.com and
13:44:59 Doug_Symington: youtube.com
13:45:06 Doug_Symington: http://youtube.com
13:45:31 conrad: Doug - rss feed is already in blogspot
13:45:45 Doug_Symington: mine's broken--long story ;)
13:45:49 JeffLebow: Falling Sand game - http://chir.ag/stuff/sand/
13:46:36 JeffLebow: other video site - http://mefeedia.com
13:46:37 conrad: try this one: http://www.eigelb.at/?sID=67
13:46:48 ruthv: Thanks.
13:46:56 conrad: Grappa - time-waster
13:47:23 ruthv: What's the URL please Graham?
13:47:46 Laine: and we all love the course!!!
13:48:15 dave-on-air: I am listening to edtechtalk. Graham should make Mercedes model of a wiki text available for comment at that conference
13:48:15 Doug_Symington: and one more re video http://www.dailymotion.com/
13:48:43 dave-on-air: copy and paste from my skype account
13:48:47 dave-on-air: from john mullaney
13:49:22 JeffLebow: I am listening to edtechtalk. Graham should make Mercedes model of a wiki text available for comment at that conference
13:49:29 dave-on-air: lol
13:49:35 dave-on-air: i just pasted that
13:49:41 conrad: :D
13:49:50 ruthv: 15 GMT is good.
13:50:41 ruthv: Sounds good, Jeff.
13:51:08 ruthv: I'll contact Nellie.
13:52:22 Laine: yes, i jumped the gun by making a podomatic quickly but then didn't go to an advanced way
13:52:39 dave-on-air: mmm
13:52:41 ruthv: Some blogs have the one-monty free trial.
13:54:43 ruthv: I agree, Jeff
13:56:50 ruthv: Hear, hear!
13:57:08 Laine: thank you
13:57:16 ruthv: I've not seen any weekly news letter!
13:57:35 Laine: bye
13:57:42 ruthv: Bye Laine
13:58:19 ruthv: I'll need to LEARN how first!
13:58:42 ruthv: I can try to find someone for you, jeff.
13:59:25 ruthv: Send me a short ad and I'll post it in the student newsgroup-
13:59:35 ruthv: What's that URL please Jeff?
14:00:39 JeffLebow: http://castingwords.com
14:00:49 ruthv: Thank you.
14:02:24 ruthv: Interesting, Jeff.
14:02:47 ruthv: making isolated Umms
14:06:40 JeffLebow: If anyone esle would like to join the post-show, please feel free to skype 'worldbridges'
14:08:12 ruthv: audiohighcast pro?
14:08:25 JeffLebow: audio hijack pro
14:08:36 ruthv: Where are the nicecast instructions please?
14:09:15 JeffLebow: http://www.rogueamoeba.com/nicecast/
14:13:14 ruthv: I am
14:13:33 ruthv: Hi Scott!
14:14:03 ruthv: Is it 4a.m.?
14:14:28 JeffLebow: yes
14:14:40 ruthv: The URL?
14:15:10 JeffLebow: http://ci.iplusone.org/podcast/get.php?web=http://ci.iplusone.org/podcas...
14:15:16 JeffLebow: http://ci.iplusone.org/podcast/
14:19:33 ruthv: Congratulations Scott!
14:20:45 ruthv: Jeff, I'd like to be a guinea pig
14:22:53 lee: I am part of that
14:23:24 lee: Do you have room to add another skype participants?
14:23:53 ruthv: They are not reading here now Lee!
14:23:55 JeffLebow: let's try
14:24:23 JeffLebow: We're reading, just a little slow *)
14:24:37 ruthv: OK:-)
14:25:00 ruthv: I'd like to be involved in the teacher training course.
14:25:08 JeffLebow: Lee, looks like the conf is still capped at 5. Scott will be leavnig momentarily
14:26:08 ruthv: Bye Graham and Scott
14:27:02 GrahamStanley: bye everyone
14:30:12 ruthv: Bye
14:30:23 ruthv: And thanks:-)
14:31:59 lee: orldbridges.com/courses/course/view.php?id=15
14:32:24 lee: http://worldbridges.com/courses/course/view.php?id=15
14:32:54 ruthv: What's Lee's URL please?
14:34:51 Doug_Symington: http://worldbridges.com/courses/course/view.php?id=15
14:36:21 ruthv: Thanks.
14:37:25 ruthv: Which one is Lee's course there?
14:38:30 ruthv: Can't see it.
14:39:54 lee: login as a guest ruth
14:40:35 ruthv: I have
14:40:45 ruthv: But can't find lee's course.
14:40:54 ruthv: What is the name of the teacher or the course?
14:41:02 lee: ruth go to k12
14:41:10 ruthv: And then?
14:42:11 ruthv: I've found
14:42:12 ruthv: http://comptech8.blogspot.com/
14:42:26 lee: computer technology 8
14:42:27 lee: in moodle
14:42:50 ruthv: Got it
14:42:51 ruthv: http://www.worldbridges.com/courses/course/view.php?id=15
14:42:58 ruthv: Thanks.
14:43:13 ruthv: Will take a look. Thanks.
14:43:46 ruthv: Bye
14:43:57 lee: bye!