EdTechTalk#36 Chat Transcript

EdTechTalk#36 Chat Transcript
March 5, 2006


12:35:52 JeffLebow: Hey Scott
12:36:28 scott: good morning, sunshine.
12:39:26 JeffLebow: up late again, are you?
12:39:28 JeffLebow: or up early?
12:40:09 scott: early, sadly. Luckily there's worldbridges/edtechtalk for we insomniacs in the Far East
12:40:29 JeffLebow: And lucky for us, there are insomniaces in East Asia to listen to us
12:41:59 scott: :D
12:45:51 scott: are either of the streams up yet?
12:47:06 JeffLebow: Playing a recording of etbrainstorm
12:47:34 JeffLebow: will go live momentarily
12:48:01 dave-on-air: hi scott
12:48:13 scott: Hi Dave
12:48:20 dave-on-air: lala
12:48:34 JeffLebow: are you able to listen to the streams Scott?
12:50:41 scott: That's a nega-tori, good buddy.
12:50:48 JeffLebow: hmmm
12:50:55 dave-on-air: hmmm...
12:50:56 scott: and I've got my ears on, come back.
12:51:00 JeffLebow: where are you and what are you clicking on?
12:51:27 scott: safari browser, iTunes- Channel 1 and 2 both tried
12:51:31 scott: http://worldbridges.com:8002/listen.pls
12:51:39 scott: http://worldbridges.com:8000/listen.pls
12:51:39 JeffLebow: Ah, links have changed
12:51:53 JeffLebow: Go to http://edtechtalk.com/listen
12:52:15 scott: I got those from the bottom of the chat window, will make the switch in iTunes. Thanks
12:52:22 JeffLebow: roger that
12:52:34 dave-on-air: I'll get the chat thingy
12:52:40 dave-on-air: unless you're already there jeff
12:53:16 dave-on-air: mmm...
12:53:22 scott: Okay, got it. Thanks
12:54:02 dave-on-air: edtechtalk.com:8000/listen.pls?
12:55:35 scott: huh, huh he said my name
12:56:13 JeffLebow: Scott were you on the ETT chat page or WB chat page?
12:56:26 scott: WB chat page
12:57:56 conrad: hi guys
12:57:59 conrad: what's up?
12:58:20 scott: hey conrad, they are just tuning up their instruments - the show should begin soon
12:58:34 conrad: o
12:58:36 conrad: ok
12:59:19 scott: hi Doug
12:59:33 DougSymington: hey Scott, and all
13:00:01 dave-on-air: hi doug
13:00:33 conrad: ohhh poor Jeff :D
13:01:30 dave-on-air: hi sus
13:02:05 sus_denmark: congrats with your salvation of server
13:02:10 scott: hi Sus
13:03:23 sus_denmark: listening now
13:03:28 dave-on-air: how is the sound?
13:03:33 sus_denmark: fine fine
13:03:33 dave-on-air: seems alittle weird in my ears.
13:03:35 DougSymington: sounds good
13:03:37 dave-on-air: k
13:03:39 conrad: good
13:03:47 dave-on-air: my headphones then
13:04:15 sus_denmark: how did these suspicious hacking activity looklike Jeff?
13:04:46 sus_denmark: :(
13:07:22 dave-on-air: http://www.edtechtalk.com/wiki/index.php/EdTechTalk_36
13:07:24 sus_denmark: yes, I read your show notes
13:08:43 scott: have you consulted any security experts?
13:11:18 JeffLebow: yes
13:11:19 sus_denmark: I had a hacker attack when I started using Windows some years ago and I tried everything I could to find out what was going on.It was such a great learning activity and apparently I managed to reinstall and then set up a stronger firewall before the PC was totally erased
13:11:41 JeffLebow: server is now very well protected
13:11:46 JeffLebow: i hope
13:12:04 sus_denmark: I was used to work on mac, so I was quite fearless when starting working on windoze
13:12:14 conrad: the best things for home pc's is to NOT to use IE, use firewall like Sygate Personal Firewall and antivirus - a very good freeware antivirus is Avast
13:13:01 conrad: i have these on my pc and I'm really happy with this set up
13:13:04 sus_denmark: I'm using Zone Alarm software firewall
13:13:09 sus_denmark: the free version
13:13:39 sus_denmark: and my virus protection is AVG
13:13:53 sus_denmark: right
13:13:58 conrad: sorry Jeff but Norton really sucks :D
13:14:00 conrad: haha
13:14:13 sus_denmark: hiya Graham
13:14:23 dave-on-air: hey graham
13:14:25 scott: hey Graham
13:14:28 conrad: hi Graham
13:14:30 GrahamStanley: Hi everyone!
13:14:45 DougSymington: Hey Graham
13:15:17 DougSymington: heard this week about a keytrap virus for stealing pwds
13:15:41 sus_denmark: tell us something more Doug
13:16:29 DougSymington: looking for more info now
13:16:40 scott: keytrap is also an issue in computer labs
13:16:48 scott: has been for years
13:17:43 scott: a text file is generated which records every keystroke that the bad guy/gal gets later
13:18:22 sus_denmark: do you know how to reveal a keytrapper?
13:19:34 DougSymington: here's a link to an article http://www.nytimes.com/2006/02/27/technology/27hack.html?_r=1&oref=slogin
13:20:16 conrad: and don't click on links from people you don't know :D
13:23:07 sus_denmark: yes, that's a very good advice
13:23:53 sus_denmark: Don't forget your toothbrush!
13:24:56 sus_denmark: you could always swallow the paper list with pw
13:25:14 scott: lol
13:27:00 conrad: gmail has implemented antivirus, but i don't know how good it is
13:27:20 sus_denmark: I had a nasty Paypal alike message telling me that my new Omega watch was on its way, and would I just confirm something by ***CLICKING HERE*** - so I reported this to Paypal who confirmed this was fraud
13:27:47 conrad: my co-host Anna had the same thing
13:29:37 sus_denmark: I did hire aguy but I found out he knew even less than I do
13:30:12 dave-on-air: site: edtechtalk.com
13:31:00 scott: as Dr. Ruth always said, "Always use two back-ups!"
13:31:07 sus_denmark: so that was your rescue plan!
13:31:43 dave-on-air: http://internetarchive.org
13:32:07 scott: The Wayback Machine
13:32:23 sus_denmark: you can find interesting old stuff there
13:34:58 scott: new media guys? new media guides? new media gods?
13:35:37 dave-on-air: http://newmediaguides.com
13:35:44 scott: thx
13:36:38 sus_denmark: I've done that once,I needede a temp backupand a friend let me use his iPod for backup
13:37:24 sus_denmark: I wish I were at home for that barnraising - but I'm travelling and will probably not want to get online
13:37:24 GrahamStanley: go scott!
13:37:43 GrahamStanley: I won't be at home either I'm afraid
13:38:00 scott: we used to have barn-burners in college. ;)
13:38:29 scott: probably not the model Dave has in mind here. :p
13:39:20 JeffLebow: http://www.davecormier.com/edblog/
13:41:47 sus_denmark: I can hear you both
13:42:06 scott: cool
13:42:27 JeffLebow: BTW, Graham and Scott, would you be interested in resurrecting ELTPodcasting stuff under its own domain - perhaps something like thepodheads.com or something?
13:42:55 sus_denmark: there is a Danish Podhead site
13:42:56 GrahamStanley: I think that would be great Jeff
13:43:08 GrahamStanley: what's the URL Sus?
13:43:18 sus_denmark: the Danish podhead site collects all sorts of info on Danish podcasts
13:43:21 sus_denmark: wait...
13:43:35 GrahamStanley: :)
13:43:43 scott: and in Holland it's the potheads
13:44:13 conrad: potheads spread like a disease :)
13:44:36 GrahamStanley: Are there many potcasters Scott?
13:45:31 conrad: haha POT Graham??
13:45:50 sus_denmark: the Danish http://www.podhead.dk/pod/pod_forside$.startup
13:46:00 sus_denmark: this site is more bizniz related
13:46:18 sus_denmark: they're talking about having an adminostrative director
13:46:20 GrahamStanley: I'd be happy to join in later, when I come back from my weekend away
13:46:38 GrahamStanley: we're going to visit our adopted monkey (I'm serious)
13:46:47 conrad: :D
13:46:48 sus_denmark: this is a non smoker server Conrad
13:47:04 DougSymington: http://www.edtechtalk.com/wiki/index.php/Conference_Agenda
13:47:14 conrad: thnx Sus :)
13:47:46 scott: Graham, could you give a recap of the podagogy session from yesterday?
13:48:43 GrahamStanley: sure
13:50:19 JeffLebow: skype us, if you like
13:50:31 GrahamStanley: ok
13:54:24 sus_denmark: I will need to run away soon, thanks for being back and alive
13:54:25 JeffLebow: anyone else want to join in ?
13:54:38 sus_denmark: there
13:55:16 sus_denmark: I'll just say goodbye now! Good luck with your barn raising!
13:55:42 JeffLebow: thanks sus
13:55:49 JeffLebow: happy travels
13:56:20 scott: Love on the Rocks - ain't no surprise - buy me a drink - and I'll tell you some lies!!
13:56:21 conrad: bye sus
13:56:44 sus_denmark: going to Spain for a course on intercultural understanding with Anne Fox and her project colleagues as our teachers
13:56:51 scott: yeah, lots of folks want to pirate Neil Diamond
13:57:15 sus_denmark: :waves goodbye and vanishes in cyberspace
13:57:24 scott: later Sus
13:58:56 GrahamStanley: where in Spain Sus?
13:59:03 GrahamStanley: oops..too late
13:59:27 conrad: i read it wrong and i thought that you type: Where is Spain Sus?
13:59:28 conrad: :)
14:00:33 lee: Well, Thanks for getting my course up on line again!!
14:01:01 scott: podaholics-annonymous.com
14:02:45 conrad: let's hack potheads then Graham :)
14:02:53 scott: eltpodcast.com belongs to Bill Pellowe from the session
14:03:36 scott: Have fun Graham
14:03:56 GrahamStanley: thanks Scott
14:04:02 GrahamStanley: bye everyone
14:04:03 DougSymington: enjoy the concert Graham--I have to run too
14:04:10 DougSymington: have a great week all
14:04:12 scott: later Doug
14:04:21 scott: bye guys
14:04:59 JeffLebow: Thanks everybody
14:05:38 lee: Hello Jeff,, Sorry I did not answer..
14:05:48 lee: I was trying to hook up the headphones in hurry
14:05:56 lee: I did in fact get the course up and running
14:06:13 conrad: good to hear that worldbridges are alive again :)
14:06:50 lee: I just had to start at that day and continue on...
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