EdTechTalk#40 - Chat Transcript

18:36:11 jeff: I'm going to reboot my machine - stream will go down for a few minutes and then we'll be back ready to go on live
18:38:45 conrad: roger that
18:42:27 Brad_Hicks: Hey Jeff, I was hoping that I'd be able to join in this morning , but I'm not going to be able to hang around unfortunately
18:42:56 conrad: channel 2 works too or you play just a recording there?
18:43:15 Jeff_Lebow: both are a recording now
18:43:23 Jeff_Lebow: Channel 2 is just lower bitrate
18:45:06 Brad_Hicks: Hey Jeff , I was hoping to join in this morning but unfortunately can't hang around
18:45:51 Jeff_Lebow: Sorry to hear that. We'll be scheduling a couple of 'labs' this week - any day/time preferences?
18:46:07 Brad_Hicks: Wednesday is good
18:46:11 conrad: me too 512
18:46:28 Brad_Hicks: I really want to find out how to do this webcasting stuff
18:46:38 Jeff_Lebow: great
18:46:42 conrad: cool Brad
18:46:43 Jeff_Lebow: when there's a will, there's a way
18:46:52 conrad: exactly Jeff
18:46:52 Jeff_Lebow: what time wednesday?
18:47:14 Brad_Hicks: well, Id better go now, going into school with my wife to help her setudentrs set up some more blogs
18:47:25 Brad_Hicks: 1am GMT is good for me
18:47:31 Jeff_Lebow: Have a good Monday
18:47:39 conrad: ohhh there is a recording going on right jeff?
18:47:44 Brad_Hicks: Still Sunday night there Jeff?
18:47:48 Jeff_Lebow: That might be doable
18:47:51 Jeff_Lebow: yes
18:47:57 Jeff_Lebow: going live very soon
18:48:00 conrad: ok
18:48:07 Jeff_Lebow: yes, still Sunday
18:48:15 conrad: i was listening thinking it was live :)
18:48:25 conrad: stupid feeling now :D
18:48:27 Brad_Hicks: Alright have a good one guys, I'll keep an eye on the time schedule
18:48:30 Jeff_Lebow: we need to find a good way to let people know if it's live or not
18:48:37 Jeff_Lebow: talk to you later Brad
18:48:38 conrad: bye Brad
18:48:40 conrad: take care
18:49:05 conrad: well, maybe just putting info in the name of the stream in Winamp or whatever software ppl use
18:49:47 Jeff_Lebow: Yeah, Sam can automatically create a 'What's Playing' page, but I still haven't been able to configure it to show live detials
18:49:50 Jeff_Lebow: details
18:55:59 Lee: Hi
18:56:05 conrad: hi Lee
18:56:11 dave-on-air: hi lee and conrad
18:56:16 conrad: hi Dave
18:56:24 Lee: I was in another part of the academy space updating my intern info
18:56:55 conrad: April 10th :D already at my place :)
18:58:03 Lee: I am glad to be part of the first round
18:58:24 Lee: My kids have started blogging like kids do already
18:58:51 Lee: I have not even talked to them about how to blog politely!
18:59:23 conrad: what age group Lee?
18:59:36 Lee: So they have some so so stuff started
18:59:51 Lee: I will need to show them what to do with this
19:00:00 Lee: Thats what the personallearning space is about
19:00:52 Lee: Mentor these kids so they understand the incredible power of the net and this type of group connection and things like you and we are doing together.
19:00:58 conrad: Are you guys afraid that blogging, myspace and all the similar things are starting to substitute the real life of kids?
19:01:18 Susan_Ettenheim: absolutely not ... if you don't mind me jumping in!
19:01:23 Susan_Ettenheim: hi
19:01:29 conrad: HI :)
19:01:42 Lee: hi
19:01:42 Susan_Ettenheim: are you, Conrad?
19:01:52 conrad: well, a little bit
19:01:56 Susan_Ettenheim: why?
19:01:58 Lee: No I dont think it is substituting real life
19:02:00 Lee: either
19:02:05 Lee: it enhances it
19:02:25 conrad: well, it takes time and you can see that kids spend more and more time in front of the PC instead of outside
19:02:44 conrad: and that's one part what influences obesity, isn't it?
19:03:27 Lee: yes pc's and tv's are couch potatoe-ville but...
19:03:32 Susan_Ettenheim: ok but you said myspace- now you're talking about all screens and all books and all things that are not outside..
19:03:50 Susan_Ettenheim: ;)
19:03:51 Lee: learning to balance things is part of what parents and friends and teachers are supposed to teach them how to do that.
19:03:52 conrad: i'm talking about the new technology
19:04:11 conrad: i agree Lee
19:04:23 Susan_Ettenheim: yes, I agree too
19:05:18 Susan_Ettenheim: for instance, here in the middle of Manhattan, it's not very easy for a teen girl to play ball whether or not myspace exists...
19:05:26 Lee: I know growing up we spent allll our time outside
19:05:50 Lee: there was very little to do inside during a nice day after school or weekends aside from saturday morning cartoons
19:06:20 conrad: how about youth centers? I used to work for American Youth center myself
19:06:37 Susan_Ettenheim: I spent some time outside and a lot of time reading and sewing and cooking with my mother. My father was a swimmer but my mother had a slipped disk and was never very comfortable with any sports so it wasn't a bit part of my life... even way before computers!
19:07:39 Susan_Ettenheim: wow Lee- the opposite for me... there were always amazing projects going on inside- my father and brother spent hours and hours building a model train table that eventually caused the living room to relocate to the family room!
19:08:02 conrad: :)
19:08:04 Lee: wow, it is interesting
19:09:22 conrad: how come no one tuned in?
19:09:25 Lee: The kids today need to just understand and learn how to use their imaginations \
19:09:26 conrad: haha :D
19:09:44 dave-on-air: one is the loneliest number
19:10:06 bestbuddiesgirl: *welcome*
19:10:22 conrad: correct Lee, but media like PC and movies visualize things for kids, no need for creative imagination anymore
19:10:24 Lee: Hey Susan
19:10:25 dave-on-air: welcome back susan
19:10:29 Susan_Ettenheim: hi
19:10:43 bestbuddiesgirl: hey everybody
19:11:27 Lee: well... when i put out all the legos and the speilburg (SP?) movie maker and lego kit and the video camera ... the kids went crazy... waiting to play!
19:11:45 conrad: :)
19:12:24 Lee: I think if we give them a cool "playroom" to create in we will see the imagination kick in.
19:12:35 conrad: yep
19:13:42 Lee: that can be a sewing circle, model train table, the art room at school orrrr... an online or computer space with cool apps to play with and someone to show them how
19:15:01 Lee: where is room 8?
19:15:22 Lee: Hi Best buddiesgirl
19:15:32 conrad: it was LIVEWIRE jeff
19:18:37 dave-on-air: hi paul
19:18:45 paulallison: Hi
19:19:08 paulallison: hi Teb
19:19:15 paulallison: Susan you there?
19:19:18 Susan_Ettenheim: yup
19:19:19 teb: hello Paul
19:19:30 Susan_Ettenheim: hi- is this the place?
19:19:47 teb: does anyone have sound?
19:19:49 paulallison: Teb is Thomas also from NYC
19:19:56 Lee: yes tehb
19:19:58 Lee: teb
19:20:07 Susan_Ettenheim: no sound
19:20:14 dave-on-air: no sound?
19:20:18 conrad: i have sound
19:20:28 Susan_Ettenheim: do you click on a channel?
19:20:31 conrad: on channel 2
19:20:36 Lee: have you clicked on listen?
19:21:06 Susan_Ettenheim: yup sound - thanks conrd
19:21:10 Susan_Ettenheim: conrad
19:21:14 dave-on-air: hi lynne
19:21:20 Lee: go chat go
19:21:27 LynneW: Waves hello to all!
19:21:31 Susan_Ettenheim: hi teb
19:21:35 Susan_Ettenheim: hi lynne
19:21:41 Lee: :waves
19:21:50 Susan_Ettenheim: got it now
19:21:53 Susan_Ettenheim: tnx
19:22:23 dave-on-air: http://webcastacademy.net
19:22:31 paulallison: Where do we skype in?
19:22:42 dave-on-air: you can skype - worldbridges
19:23:38 dave-on-air: paul - close your webcast
19:24:05 Lee: no way. I want my admin to be able to come and say yes... no reason for a refusal from a public organization like a school system
19:24:33 Lee: I am talking to Jeff about what we dont want
19:24:40 Lee: hate stuff, x rated etc
19:24:42 teb: is there a trick to obtaining audio on a mac. when a click on either icon below I get an error and get kicked off
19:24:50 Lee: yes
19:24:52 Lee: i have a mac
19:25:00 Lee: click on the black speaker
19:25:04 Lee: it will open your itunes
19:25:05 conrad: try realplayer link maybe
19:25:13 Susan_Ettenheim: i do too teb - click on the channel 2 - that worked for me
19:25:36 Lee: or open your itunes then click on the black speaker in the listen box
19:25:43 Susan_Ettenheim: ok- question - why do you have to kill the chat to talk with you on skype?
19:25:44 teb: okay.
19:25:52 Lee: it creates a loop
19:25:57 Susan_Ettenheim: yes- it opened in my itunes
19:26:07 Lee: an audio loop that ends up in an endless echo
19:26:10 conrad: kill chat? just kill the listening stream
19:26:23 Lee: no chat is fne
19:26:31 Susan_Ettenheim: ahhh so you can watch the chat and skype at the same time?
19:26:33 Lee: kill the listen channel
19:26:34 dave-on-air: anyone wanna skype in?
19:26:38 Susan_Ettenheim: ahh
19:26:50 dave-on-air: that's right susan
19:26:51 Lee: when you go into skype you can not have the listen channel on
19:26:53 Susan_Ettenheim: not yet - tnx
19:27:12 Susan_Ettenheim: must ask... what's your day job?
19:27:45 Lee: Who are asking?
19:28:00 Susan_Ettenheim: is it jeff talking?
19:28:05 dave-on-air: yes
19:28:06 Susan_Ettenheim: or dave?
19:28:06 conrad: yes
19:28:08 dave-on-air: jeff is talking now
19:28:12 dave-on-air: dave is asking quesitons
19:28:15 dave-on-air: jeff is answering
19:28:30 Susan_Ettenheim: wondering what jeff does now during the day?
19:28:51 Lee: Cool!
19:29:05 Susan_Ettenheim: just finished reading Mountains to Mountains - have you read it? Tracy Kidder
19:29:10 Susan_Ettenheim: cool~!
19:29:30 conrad: wow
19:29:34 teb: okay. audio working...good ole camino.
19:29:42 Susan_Ettenheim: great teb
19:29:57 dave-on-air: hi paul... nice to have you back
19:30:11 paulallison: my skype wasn't connecting... but is now
19:30:14 Susan_Ettenheim: lol
19:30:44 Susan_Ettenheim: eating twizzlers?
19:30:53 Susan_Ettenheim: too?
19:31:26 teb: yeah!
19:32:18 Susan_Ettenheim: hi paul
19:32:46 dave-on-air: http://www.nycwp.org/paulallison/
19:33:13 Susan_Ettenheim: have everything downloaded... ready to go!
19:33:19 teb: good role models :)
19:34:21 Susan_Ettenheim: hey- i'm a little sure... lol
19:34:46 paulallison: Teb and Susan skype worldbridges
19:34:54 Lee: My Nicecast is ready and waiting
19:35:06 Susan_Ettenheim: have you tried it yet lee?
19:35:13 Lee: Not yet
19:35:25 Susan_Ettenheim: neither have i - but i'm excited..
19:35:30 conrad: :)
19:35:32 Susan_Ettenheim: what state are you lee?
19:35:33 Jeff_Lebow: OK, Susan and Lee - you're ready to 'give it a shot'?
19:35:39 Lee: I am waiting till I get to work tomorrow and use my usb mic
19:35:39 Susan_Ettenheim: yup
19:36:07 Jeff_Lebow: OK, I will private message you two the access info you need
19:36:08 Lee: I am in Virginia
19:36:09 Susan_Ettenheim: ahh - got a headset with mic for home and don't carry the usb back and forth anymore
19:36:21 Susan_Ettenheim: ahh cool - nyc - how about you conrad?
19:36:24 Susan_Ettenheim: lol
19:36:43 conrad: Born in Poland, living in Belgium now and studying in the Netherlands
19:36:45 Lee: In the montains of the blue ridge
19:36:52 Susan_Ettenheim: i'm curious about the screen cast.. i'm fine with listening to paul..
19:36:57 Lee: wow conrad.
19:37:01 Susan_Ettenheim: ahhhh beautiful!
19:37:07 Lee: Thats far away... very nice
19:37:09 conrad: yeah, interesting
19:37:11 Susan_Ettenheim: wow conrad!
19:37:18 conrad: i'm in the melting pot of Europe
19:37:20 conrad: and I love it
19:37:21 Susan_Ettenheim: what time of day is it there?
19:37:21 conrad: !
19:37:27 conrad: 2:30 am
19:37:44 Lee: oh no
19:37:49 Lee: thats late
19:37:54 conrad: everything for Worldbridges :D
19:37:58 Lee: I agree
19:38:02 conrad: great commitment :)
19:38:16 Susan_Ettenheim: so nice to meet you conrad!
19:38:21 Susan_Ettenheim: what do you teach?
19:39:00 conrad: right now I'm studying European Studies, i used to work for the US GOV. before
19:39:19 Susan_Ettenheim: ahh so you're not a teacher? how did you end up here?
19:39:48 conrad: i was the very first listener of worldbridges in May 2005
19:40:05 conrad: and ever since, I've been a great fan of WB
19:40:16 Susan_Ettenheim: cool
19:40:24 paulallison: http://blogs.writingproject.org/blogwrite265
19:41:44 Susan_Ettenheim: paul- ken's group did some great work on sat- on ken's group blog
19:41:55 teb: i have a quiet enviroment and have downloaded the programs.
19:42:26 Susan_Ettenheim: ok- so how do I turn off the stream?
19:42:47 dave-on-air: to skype in?
19:42:52 dave-on-air: or to webcast?
19:47:36 paulallison: So I'm hearing susan and lee in skype, no?
19:50:40 teb: no, I think you are hearing them via the webcast academy's webcast
19:51:25 paulallison: I'll have to download those programs... and come back sometime
19:52:48 teb: yeah. this is cool stuff.
19:54:05 paulallison: Teb are you jumping in?
19:54:31 teb: sorry. i should have said that "i was hearing them via webcast"
19:54:51 teb: i am not sure if I am suppose to skype in too.
19:55:00 Lee: well
19:55:10 Lee: i am seeing things but not hearing anything
19:55:54 paulallison: Teb, you can skype in now...
19:55:57 teb: i don't need to.
19:56:02 Susan_Ettenheim: lee say something if you can hear us
19:56:09 rentre: Hi Dave
19:57:09 Lee: i can not hear
19:57:14 dave-on-air: shouldn't you be working dad...?
19:57:15 Lee: hmmm
19:57:20 dave-on-air: building something?
19:57:27 paulallison: I'm still listening.
19:57:33 Susan_Ettenheim: humm looks like i'm in but can't hear
19:57:51 Susan_Ettenheim: paul- this has happened with us
19:57:52 rentre: I am retired
19:58:05 Lee: my source says itunes..is that right?
19:58:09 Jeff_Lebow: hmmm susan, can you say something?
19:58:18 Jeff_Lebow: we hear you
19:58:21 Susan_Ettenheim: i am saying hello can you hear me?
19:58:34 Susan_Ettenheim: ahh is this what it's like when someone is in a coma?
19:58:39 Susan_Ettenheim: i can't hear you
19:58:41 Susan_Ettenheim: hummm
19:58:44 dave-on-air: lee and susan... we can hear both of you!
19:58:46 Lee: can you haer me
19:58:53 Lee: ok
19:58:55 Lee: thats a start
19:59:06 Susan_Ettenheim: shall i leave and come back?
19:59:11 Jeff_Lebow: ok
19:59:11 dave-on-air: check your skype preferences
19:59:13 conrad: HAHAHHA
19:59:17 Lee: Now how do we try to hear?
19:59:44 Susan_Ettenheim: ok- quit- coming back
19:59:50 Lee: thats right you said something about skype ...what do we need to check on in preferences
20:00:10 conrad: i can't stop laugh
20:00:27 conrad: that was hilarious
20:00:42 Lee: I do feel like imin a coma
20:01:44 Susan_Ettenheim: lee i got it... keep trying!
20:01:51 Susan_Ettenheim: quit and recall
20:01:57 Lee: alright.
20:02:15 Susan_Ettenheim: i think it had to do with input... all of a sudden my speakers were quiet and my headsets alive again
20:02:19 Susan_Ettenheim: and then I was back in
20:02:22 Susan_Ettenheim: and could hear
20:03:06 Lee: cALL worldbridges , right?
20:03:20 Susan_Ettenheim: now what?
20:03:34 dave-on-air: we hear you
20:03:35 paulallison: I'd love to stay... but I need to introduce myself to my family again...
20:03:39 paulallison: See you soon.
20:03:41 Susan_Ettenheim: bye paul
20:03:43 conrad: bye paul
20:03:47 dave-on-air: bye paul
20:03:57 Susan_Ettenheim: now what?
20:04:23 Susan_Ettenheim: helllloooooo????
20:04:40 Jeff_Lebow: we hear you
20:04:40 conrad: we could hear you
20:04:40 dave-on-air: hellolo susan
20:04:46 Susan_Ettenheim: hi whew
20:04:47 Lee: I can heaer now
20:04:50 Susan_Ettenheim: hi lee
20:04:55 Susan_Ettenheim: should i hear you?
20:04:58 teb: bye paul
20:05:04 Lee: i can hear you
20:05:14 conrad: the funny thing is that I was going over the same problems as you ladies but now it's funny for me to listen your problems :)
20:05:22 conrad: hahaha
20:05:23 Susan_Ettenheim: haha conrad
20:05:31 LynneW: I am so enjoying my first experience with your webcast. (I've been a podcast subscriber for several months.)
20:05:36 rentre: I can hear all of you
20:05:37 Susan_Ettenheim: does broadcasting mean not hearing?
20:05:47 conrad: nope
20:05:51 Susan_Ettenheim: if so this is very lonely
20:06:03 Lee: oh.. conrad... tis funny if in the past
20:06:08 Susan_Ettenheim: i'm going on strike i'm not going to talk if i can't hear
20:06:20 conrad: what do you want to hear? skype?
20:06:26 conrad: we do hear you Susan
20:06:27 Susan_Ettenheim: anything? anyone?
20:06:37 Susan_Ettenheim: but I can't hear you anymore
20:06:40 Susan_Ettenheim: anyone
20:06:44 Susan_Ettenheim: :(
20:06:45 conrad: ahhhhhhhhhhh
20:06:47 conrad: skype settings
20:06:56 Susan_Ettenheim: yesss ??
20:07:06 conrad: go to settings and Audio
20:07:09 LynneW: This is a delightful and interesting study in constructing one's own learning framework. Love the good humor and supportiveness offered.
20:07:11 Lee: susan, recall sype again
20:07:20 conrad: i think i know the issue
20:07:21 Lee: skype
20:07:48 conrad: jeff, correct me if i'm wrong, she needs to change setting in the pc in the recording of her sound card
20:08:03 conrad: stereo mix
20:08:15 Jeff_Lebow: I think it's different with a Mac
20:08:27 conrad: ohhh
20:08:39 conrad: right
20:08:52 Jeff_Lebow: The problem is she's not connected to the server
20:08:57 Jeff_Lebow: we hear you Susan
20:08:59 LynneW: Hi Scott.
20:09:01 scottmerrick: Hey all
20:09:13 scottmerrick: I'm such a Skyper but this is not a good time for me
20:09:19 scottmerrick: so I'm only gonna chat
20:09:34 scottmerrick: I'll try to exercise maximum restraint :)
20:09:35 Jeff_Lebow: Hi Scott
20:09:39 scottmerrick: hi jeff
20:09:53 scottmerrick: I hear you
20:10:09 conrad: Susan:
20:10:50 scottmerrick: Hi Susan
20:10:53 conrad: Tools>Options>Sound devices and choose all default for mAC
20:11:19 conrad: uncheck adjust volume automaticaly
20:11:30 conrad: in the same options
20:11:35 Jeff_Lebow: i think skype
20:11:37 Jeff_Lebow: susan
20:11:39 conrad: skype
20:12:13 scottmerrick: I'm in late. what's the prob?
20:12:19 scottmerrick: I hear susan fine
20:12:23 conrad: we don't know scott
20:12:28 Jeff_Lebow: They're trying to connect to the server using Nicecast
20:12:32 conrad: and that's the whole beauty of it :D
20:12:35 scottmerrick: ha
20:13:00 dave-on-air: skype preferences will work as well susan
20:13:07 scottmerrick: <duckin' his head and downloading nicecast>
20:13:23 conrad: do we have anyone with good Mac background here?
20:14:34 conrad: we can still hear you Susan
20:14:47 Jeff_Lebow: sounds the same
20:14:48 scottmerrick: ah, capitalizm
20:15:05 conrad: welcome to the real world Scott :)
20:15:15 conrad: you sound the same Susan
20:15:32 Jeff_Lebow: ok
20:15:34 Jeff_Lebow: susan
20:15:35 teb:
20:15:39 scottmerrick: I'm a PC neanderthal, ya'll, is Live365 an acceptable alternative, per the site?
20:16:24 scottmerrick: Susan I might reboot completely and try again
20:16:27 Lee:
20:16:56 conrad: Jeff, wouldn't it be more convienient to creat few channels streams, set up meetings with at least one person who does already webcasting and has some experience and break it into groups
20:17:07 conrad: creat groups for mac users and pc users, etc?
20:17:22 scottmerrick: this sounds so good 4 me
20:17:42 scottmerrick: you all sound like yr in the next room
20:17:45 conrad: like 2 newbies + 1 advances user
20:18:00 conrad: *advanced
20:18:41 Susan_Ettenheim: brb
20:18:50 scottmerrick: reboot=nice for most everything, let's all reboot!
20:18:59 Lee: ok here i go
20:19:09 Jeff_Lebow: The channels already set up Conrad
20:19:09 scottmerrick: ha
20:19:28 conrad: ok....
20:19:50 Jeff_Lebow: Right now, it wouldn't matter if we had more channels available - we're just trying to have people 'give it a shot'
20:20:06 conrad: yeah yeah
20:20:24 conrad: i gotta go, it's 3 am here
20:20:32 conrad: it was great to be here tonight
20:20:50 conrad: i wish you a lot of luck tonight and for the future
20:21:06 conrad: for the new webcasters
20:21:11 Lee: thanks conrad
20:21:18 conrad: have a great week all
20:21:33 conrad: bye bye
20:23:04 Susan_Ettenheim: hi
20:23:04 scottmerrick: Hi back Susan
20:23:17 Susan_Ettenheim: ok will not listen but will just skype in
20:23:21 scottmerrick: you started to respond about Live365
20:23:32 Susan_Ettenheim: maybe it was an itunes/cast/conflict
20:23:47 Jeff_Lebow: Susan, are you listening to this
20:24:01 Jeff_Lebow: We seem to have found the issue
20:24:19 scottmerrick: Cool!
20:25:19 Jeff_Lebow: can you hear us susan?
20:25:25 Susan_Ettenheim: yes- can hear fine
20:25:32 Susan_Ettenheim: don't want to interrupt
20:25:41 Susan_Ettenheim: let me know when you want me to talk
20:29:12 scottmerrick: so like how come I can be hearing all this without all that hoop-jumping. R you trying to do something more than what I'm seeing in the chat room?
20:29:24 Lee: ok
20:29:26 scottmerrick: Is there video involve?
20:29:27 Lee: hee hee
20:30:00 scottmerrick: Is there Skype chat going on 2?
20:30:13 Jeff_Lebow: not really
20:30:34 scottmerrick: (I'm in only in the edtechtalk website interface
20:31:58 Lee: ok
20:32:08 Lee: scott, i think it is the same one
20:32:14 Jeff_Lebow: it is
20:32:59 Lee: scott go to this site address
20:33:00 Lee:
20:33:29 Lee: opps
20:33:32 Lee: wait scott
20:33:32 scottmerrick: 'K
20:33:34 scottmerrick: ok
20:33:44 scottmerrick: that 1's nt workin'
20:33:45 Lee: http://webcastacademy.net
20:33:52 Lee: try this
20:33:54 Lee: then go to chat
20:34:01 Lee: and stay in worldbridges skype
20:34:21 Lee: or i mean listen is the same for worldbridges and webcast adacdemy
20:34:24 scottmerrick: did
20:35:20 scottmerrick: Hey, ya'll. I'm agotta go and I'll see you again soon
20:36:25 Lee: ok
20:36:28 Lee: see you
20:36:41 Susan_Ettenheim: i think i have the same problem back
20:36:47 Susan_Ettenheim: i don't hear anything again
20:37:01 Susan_Ettenheim: there is some sort of conflict between hijack and the skype
20:37:28 Susan_Ettenheim: when the skype was working the hijack wasn't on and now the hijack is active and I don't hear anything again'
20:37:45 Jeff_Lebow: you don't hear us Susan?
20:37:51 Susan_Ettenheim: nothing
20:37:56 Susan_Ettenheim: can you hear me?
20:38:01 Jeff_Lebow: no
20:38:04 Susan_Ettenheim: oh
20:38:06 Susan_Ettenheim: ok
20:38:15 Jeff_Lebow: yes i do hear
20:38:16 Jeff_Lebow: you
20:38:21 Jeff_Lebow: i heard a sigh, let's see
20:39:15 dave-on-air: hi jeff
20:39:31 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Hi dave what's happening in webcast land
20:39:33 dave-on-air: thanks for coming an hour after i struggled to remember how to get everyone set up
20:39:49 Lee: yea man
20:39:50 Susan_Ettenheim: can you hear me?
20:39:54 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: You know me a day late and dollar short
20:39:55 Jeff_Lebow: yes
20:39:55 Lee: check check 123
20:40:13 Jeff_Lebow: mp
20:40:15 Jeff_Lebow: no
20:40:19 Jeff_Lebow: not broadcasting
20:40:29 Jeff_Lebow: yes
20:40:39 Jeff_Lebow: sure
20:40:46 Lee: bye dave
20:40:48 Lee: thank you
20:42:36 Lee: bye to susan and conrad
20:42:40 Lee: i must go for now
20:42:45 Lee: teb
20:42:50 Lee: and susan
20:42:52 Lee: I meant
20:42:55 Lee: thanks
20:43:01 Lee: Hi jeff
20:43:27 Lee: I bet you are Jeff! :)
20:44:35 Jeff_Lebow: Lee, did you use a USB mic?
20:45:15 Susan_Ettenheim: hi back in chat
20:45:21 Susan_Ettenheim: nothing else open yet
20:45:25 Susan_Ettenheim: wondering if there'
20:45:30 Susan_Ettenheim: there's a good order
20:45:34 Susan_Ettenheim: for doing this
20:45:44 Jeff_Lebow: would you like to come back in Susan?
20:45:46 Susan_Ettenheim: lee are you still working?
20:45:56 Susan_Ettenheim: would love to try
20:46:05 Susan_Ettenheim: to webcast/broadcast
20:46:07 Jeff_Lebow: Lee, signed off for the night
20:46:11 Jeff_Lebow: come on in Susan
20:46:12 Susan_Ettenheim: ho
20:46:14 Susan_Ettenheim: oh
20:46:22 Susan_Ettenheim: what should i do first?
20:46:29 Susan_Ettenheim: i wonder if the order matters?
20:46:31 Jeff_Lebow: Not sure
20:46:40 Jeff_Lebow: call in and check with our new mac expert
20:46:44 Susan_Ettenheim: ok will open nicecast
20:48:58 Susan_Ettenheim: i just clicked start broadcast- can you hear me?
20:49:11 Susan_Ettenheim: are you still there?
20:50:33 Jeff_Lebow: we hear you
20:51:47 Susan_Ettenheim: can you hear me now?
20:52:00 Jeff_Lebow: i think so
20:52:05 Jeff_Lebow: yes
20:52:09 Jeff_Lebow: we can hear
20:52:44 Jeff_Lebow: yes
20:53:23 Jeff_Lebow: Susan, try calling in on the phone 1-603-574-4923
20:53:47 Jeff_Lebow: We miss being able to communicate with you
21:00:16 Susan_Ettenheim: teb can you hear this
21:00:27 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: teb we hear you
21:00:37 Susan_Ettenheim: us?
21:02:20 Susan_Ettenheim: hi teb
21:02:45 Jeff_Lebow: same deal, indeed
21:03:55 Jeff_Lebow: yes
21:04:07 Susan_Ettenheim: hi teb- yes we hear you
21:04:12 teb: hello
21:04:24 Susan_Ettenheim: but you can't hear us
21:04:29 Susan_Ettenheim: ?
21:04:33 teb: can
21:04:35 teb: t
21:04:39 teb: can't hear you.
21:04:40 Jeff_Lebow: come back if you can
21:04:45 teb: I'll try
21:04:50 Jeff_Lebow: stop broadcasting
21:05:24 Jeff_Lebow: and you still don't hear us
21:05:25 Jeff_Lebow: ok
21:17:11 teb: didn't work for me.
21:17:35 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: sorry it didn;t work
21:17:45 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: teb can you check in Tuesday night aroudn 8
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