EdTechTalk#44 Chat Transcript

19:14:02 JeffLebow: http://www.edtechtalk.com/wiki/index.php/EdTechTalk_44
19:21:19 dave-on-air: hi steve
19:23:31 Steve_K: Greetings from Kingston, NH
19:24:02 dave-on-air: you're jsut down the road from jeff
19:24:11 dave-on-air: he's in bow
19:24:48 JeffLebow: Hello Steve
19:28:34 Steve_K: Marc Prensky has written extensively about the power of games and simulations as educational tools. He has a new book out (I haven't read it yet). See http://www.marcprensky.com/
19:29:38 dave-on-air: i've followed prensky's work...
19:29:43 dave-on-air: haven't read the book
19:29:45 dave-on-air: any good?
19:30:57 Steve_K: He spoke last year at the McAuliffe conference in Nashua...he was excellent.
19:37:42 DougSymington: http://www.edtechtalk.com/wiki/index.php/EdTechTalk_44
19:43:35 dave-on-air: hi lee
19:50:03 lee: HiHi D
19:50:19 lee: ave
19:52:17 DougSymington: http://www.drupaled.org/forum/general-discussion/social-constructionist-...
19:54:19 Steve_K: Take a look at KOHA at http://www.koha.org/ I have'nt use this software, but many folks have said positive things about this app.
19:56:29 lee: Jeff, i received the mp3 link from the spacecast
19:57:10 lee: but I do not know how you normally download it...
19:57:40 JeffLebow: not sure what you mean Lee
19:57:50 JeffLebow: We normally encode it at 64kbs
19:58:21 dave-on-air: east ontario... more canadians!
19:58:46 eastontario: For a look at a javascript client side game/learning tool for bridge, please visit: www.eastontario.com/count2
19:58:59 lee: It is a website.. with an mp3 playing.. but how do I get the original audio so I can edit it?
19:59:18 lee: I have a name as well in second life
19:59:24 lee: Laurie Carson
20:15:37 JeffLebow: Lee, are you asking how to download the mp3 file to your hard drive?
20:15:45 lee: yes
20:17:01 JeffLebow: did you get my skype message Lee?
20:17:54 lee: yes, thanks!
20:19:20 dave-on-air: hi cheryl
20:19:29 dave-on-air: i missed that join
20:20:16 dave-on-air: jeff... you still recording
20:20:33 JeffLebow: yes
20:28:33 lee: whats crackling?
20:29:07 dave-on-air: bad skypecast connection
20:29:19 dave-on-air: we're using http://skypecast.skype.com
20:29:29 dave-on-air: oops
20:29:30 dave-on-air: bad link
20:30:30 lee: ahhh
20:33:28 CherylOakes: Hi Dave, it took a while. I was multi tasking and listening, then had to go get a new user name and password. Congratulations with Oscar.
20:33:58 lee: yes... ditto
20:34:04 lee: He beautiful!
20:34:08 lee: He's
20:34:13 lee: Hi Cheryl
20:35:07 CherylOakes: HiHi Lee, my computer is acting up on this site tonight.
20:35:14 CherylOakes: Slow, slow , slow.
20:35:24 CherylOakes: Lee , where are you coming from?
20:35:27 lee: Yes mine was as well. But I had second life open
20:35:35 lee: I am in Virginia
20:35:38 CherylOakes: I hear you.
20:35:41 lee: You?
20:35:46 CherylOakes: Oh, I am in Maine, Wells, on the coast.
20:35:52 lee: Ok.
20:36:02 CherylOakes: I teach elementary technology, the best job in the world.
20:36:04 lee: I have heard you before
20:36:13 lee: on a podcast
20:36:33 CherylOakes: Yes, I have a podcast, Audio Notes with Mrs. Oakes, but I also join in with Bob Sprankle on Bit by Bit.
20:36:48 CherylOakes: how about you?
20:37:08 lee: Yes, I have a podcast called CompTech8
20:37:15 lee: also a webcast called SpaceCast
20:37:15 dave-on-air: http://educationbridges.org
20:37:41 CherylOakes: I'll check them out later, I don't dare look at anything else.
20:37:48 lee: and I have been doing a Moodle and Personal Learning Space which is an elgg
20:37:55 lee: hosted by worldbridges
20:38:09 CherylOakes: I just signed up for Nuvvo.com tonight, it looks pretty easy.
20:38:17 CherylOakes: It is for online courses.
20:38:42 dave-on-air: http://webcastacademy.net
20:40:01 lee: I am wondering if Drupal is better than Moodle?
20:40:07 lee: I am doing Moodle now
20:40:09 lee: Hi Heron
20:40:13 lee: and Scott
20:40:21 CherylOakes: I have no idea about Moodle vs. Drupal, sorry.
20:40:33 lee: brb
20:42:21 CherylOakes: Dave you need a bouncer!
20:42:55 lee: What happened to iNeen
20:43:27 lee: Goodnight Dave1
20:43:46 CherylOakes: Bye, give Oscar a Little kiss, beinjinos!
20:44:18 CherylOakes: Good night.
20:45:24 dave-on-air: will
20:45:24 dave-on-air: do
20:45:28 dave-on-air: cutie
20:57:47 Lee: You know, Scott, that is what I am doing.
20:57:52 Lee: with my class
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