EdTechTalk#45 Chat Transcript

18:47:15 Brad_Hicks: Hi guys - sorry listening while I get ready for work, ironinng shirt etc
18:47:42 Brad_Hicks: don't have time to join converstaion though :(
18:50:15 MenoRich: Hey Brad
18:55:52 MenoRich: Hey Jason
18:56:01 MenoRich: We're at the Webcastatorium
19:16:57 dave: hey doug
19:17:05 DougSymington: Hi Everyone
19:17:15 dave: jeff is vid casting from second life
19:17:20 dave: we're at his place
19:17:26 DougSymington: cool, I'll fire it up
20:06:36 dave: hi brian
20:06:48 Brian_Teaman: hey dave. Just lurking over here.
20:06:57 dave: lurk away
20:07:04 dave: we're in second life
20:07:07 dave: and live webcasting
20:07:23 Brian_Teaman: only caught the end of this. I'll have to listen to the whole thing when you pod it.
20:07:36 dave: they're be video too
20:07:41 Brian_Teaman: never heard of second life.
20:07:42 dave: there will be
20:07:43 Brian_Teaman: cool.
20:08:00 Brian_Teaman: hopefully longer than the last vidcast from Boston. which was like 2 minutes?
20:08:21 Brian_Teaman: Very cool to see all of Doug's equipment.
20:08:40 dave: have you been looking at doug's equipment?
20:08:43 dave: :)
20:09:20 Brian_Teaman: *) Amazing
20:09:31 Brian_Teaman: well strung
20:09:47 dave: that was jeff i think...
20:11:33 dave: :)
20:11:55 cheryloakes: I found an identity for second life, SnowflakeSnoates
20:12:13 cheryloakes: I have to wait for a newer faster computer.
20:12:25 cheryloakes: to get into second life, I don't have the power!!!
20:14:22 dave: no power
20:14:24 dave: lalala
20:15:16 cheryloakes: I'll have all the lingo by the time I get my new laptop, I'll be able to teleport into the Maze, Dave.
20:15:23 dave: woohoo
20:16:06 DougSymington: Cheryl--love the 2nd Life id
20:16:15 DougSymington: look fwd to seeing you "in world
20:16:18 DougSymington: "
20:16:25 cheryloakes: What is your ID for 2nd lf?
20:23:33 DougSymington: my id Cosmo Commons
20:24:00 cheryloakes: OKay, I'll keep the id's in my list
20:25:05 cheryloakes: snowflake snoats
20:25:17 cheryloakes: you got it.
20:25:48 cheryloakes: it is very sad not to have the power.
20:32:11 JohnBlake: hey
20:32:17 dave: hey
20:32:45 JohnBlake: Chatted with Jeff Flynn Saturday morning
20:32:58 MenoRich: hello John
20:33:23 JohnBlake: Hello MenoRich
20:33:44 JohnBlake: Skype issues
20:45:13 lee: Hello again
20:45:21 lee: I had line problems
20:45:40 cheryloakes: hi lee, i am having audio problems.
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