EdTechTalk#49 Chat Transcript

From EdTechTalk#49
with Guests Miguel Guhlin & Wesley Fryer

June 11, 2006

18:53:08 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Hi John good to see you
18:53:30 John_Blake: Thank Jeff,
18:53:38 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Jeff, Love the new intense look of EdTechTalk.com
18:54:23 John_Blake: We are under a servere thunder storm watch, not sure if the power will stay on here...
18:54:32 JeffLebow: here too
18:55:13 John_Blake: I'm in eastern North Carolina, near Myrtle Beach, SC
18:55:54 John_Blake: I agree, the color scheme is really neat looking
18:56:42 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I am only hearing Dave on the stream
18:58:11 dave: hi chat room
18:58:28 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Hi dave, I could only hear you now nothing
18:58:33 John_Blake: :D
18:58:39 dave: jeff has picked up the stream
18:58:48 dave: how about now?
18:59:09 dave: hey brad
18:59:18 Brad_Hicks: Hi guys
18:59:19 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: It is dead sound
18:59:25 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Hi Brad
18:59:31 Brad_Hicks: Problems with stream?
18:59:44 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I don't even hear the dead air.
19:00:45 JeffLebow: anyone getting audio?
19:00:50 JasonRobertshaw: I can hear you in SL
19:01:01 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I now hear you.
19:01:08 John_Blake: :(
19:01:13 dave: yay
19:01:15 dave: audio is good
19:01:16 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: nice and loud
19:01:36 David_Noble: Audio fine.
19:01:52 David_Noble: Are you at Worldbridges in SL?
19:02:27 John_Blake: A-OK here
19:02:42 Brad_Hicks: nothing here
19:02:57 Brad_Hicks: got it now
19:03:05 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I have audio now
19:03:17 Wesley_Fryer: Glad the audio is working now! You guys are awesome!
19:03:24 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: It is all very good a the moment
19:03:46 JasonRobertshaw: Yup, at Meno's
19:05:08 JasonRobertshaw: We all need assitant directors :)
19:07:19 dave: hey folks!
19:07:24 dave: nice to see you all here
19:07:28 cheryloakes: Howdy!
19:07:37 Gary: Hello
19:07:48 vox: thanks...where in SL are folks?
19:08:00 cheryloakes: Hi Jeff, our students have been very busy chatting!!
19:08:00 JasonRobertshaw: Meno's Playground
19:08:13 JasonRobertshaw: Yuja, 20, 240, 81
19:08:21 vox: great, thanks
19:08:34 cheryloakes: Hey watch out Dave.:-)
19:08:39 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Yes Cheryl, they have. I am trusting they are behaving themselves. I have had to get stern with a few that are pushing some limits.
19:09:03 dave: they are self described that way!
19:10:13 John_Blake: what kinds of topics would work with middle school aged students?
19:10:53 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: JOhn, I am finding that if I turn students loose, they find their own topics.
19:11:41 John_Blake: so, you mean in the classroom? or with other classes outside your school?>
19:12:21 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Cheryl and I have used think.com and our students connected with each other and they are connecting with students all over. Think.com is a protected environment
19:12:52 mguhlin: Hi folks!
19:13:05 John_Blake: ok, thanks Jeff, I will look into think.com, I have tried their demo version
19:13:13 John_Blake: looks interesting
19:13:18 dave: yay. fun.
19:14:03 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: If you register for think.com then you can authorize your students to become members
19:14:47 John_Blake: I have been using Moodle in my classroom with some success
19:14:56 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: great John
19:15:15 John_Blake: Congrats to Wes on landing a new Jig!
19:15:15 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Mighel sounds very good
19:16:05 cheryloakes: Yahoo Wes, that is great.
19:16:39 cheryloakes: Jeff, I have a one strike policy with my students, but it has taken a year for them to understand no bullying, and what is appropriate for elementary blogs.
19:17:09 cheryloakes: John are you still in school this week?
19:17:22 John_Blake: Cheryl, do you have a acceptable use policy in your room?
19:17:33 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I had one student who used a word that he thought was OK but I didn't. So I made it a learning experience for all
19:17:39 cheryloakes: Yes, it is for the whole school, is that what you mean?
19:17:39 John_Blake: no, we finished up last week...:-)
19:17:56 cheryloakes: Yes, a teachable moment is what I call them Jeff.
19:18:09 dave: please! no green!
19:18:13 dave: can't scan text!
19:18:14 John_Blake: well maybe I mean rules and procedures for class use
19:18:22 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Yes, it's the very we use when we use a straw and milk but I didn't want to hear it.
19:18:28 cheryloakes: How is red DAve?
19:18:32 dave: that's fine
19:18:35 dave: thanks c
19:18:44 mguhlin: pushing the envelope, huh, Cheryl? <grin>
19:18:55 John_Blake: red ink ...teacher tool haha
19:18:56 dave: like i said, all those webheads are the same
19:18:57 cheryloakes: Hi Miguel. of course
19:19:16 cheryloakes: That is why I joined the webheads Dave. ;-)
19:20:48 John_Blake: dopey DOPA <wink>
19:21:36 mguhlin: What Wes is describing occurred with Gabbly
19:21:52 mguhlin: in my district. One week it worked, the next, it didn't.
19:21:54 JeffLebow: FYI, if anyone wants to listen 'real time' - no 30 sec. delay, feel free to join the skypecast at https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
19:22:10 cheryloakes: what happened to make it not work?
19:22:12 John_Blake: Our kids love to use the web to listen to music while doing their class assignments online
19:22:13 dave: http://davecormier.com/edblog/?p=59#comments
19:24:59 JasonRobertshaw: John_Blake...do you allow mp3 players in/during class?
19:25:08 Wesley_Fryer: i think Miguel's IT department learned about and started to block
19:25:19 cheryloakes: Okay, I got it.
19:25:29 cheryloakes: Hi Wes, and congratulations.
19:25:32 mguhlin: Cheryl, it was blocked
19:26:34 mguhlin: MP3 players are just finding their way into our district, but I had to defend their use as digital audio recorders...and such "hot" technology needed to be kept track of. It was more ignorance of the tools and their use than negative. however, approp modelling in schools makes a difference.
19:26:51 mguhlin: That's why your work, Cheryl, and that of other Bloggers in Classblogmeister is so important.
19:27:05 David_Noble: Oops, crashed in SL
19:27:29 cheryloakes: Well, blogmeister and think.com are working for me with gr. 3 and 4, and my school podcast.
19:27:51 John_Blake: Our school admins say block them.
19:27:53 Wesley_Fryer: yes, you are definitely right cheryl!
19:27:56 Wesley_Fryer: i'll mention that
19:28:16 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I agree that in the earlier grades we have scaffolded environment s that are working
19:28:28 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I am finding that the kids are embracingand loving it.
19:28:38 Wesley_Fryer: does anyone know high school students doing something like think.com?
19:28:42 cheryloakes: Jeff, it is important that we do this at the elementary grades . The kids love it.
19:28:59 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I have even had older siblings who I had in years past, contact me and ask if they could get into think.com
19:28:59 cheryloakes: John what are yo u using?
19:29:29 John_Blake: Moodle and garageband to create podcasts with middle and high school
19:29:47 cheryloakes: Jeff, it was interesting, the siblings gave me the most trouble in terms of not following the rules, since I couldn't bump them off think.com.
19:30:18 cheryloakes: Can you moderate the moodle?
19:30:18 John_Blake: we post student podcasts on a .Mac account to model appropriate use
19:30:19 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: ahh, we I am trying it, calling myself their ms teacher.
19:30:33 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: we will see
19:31:06 cheryloakes: I am making my priority to get the junior high involved so these kids can continue.
19:31:17 John_Blake: Moodle keeps a log and I print it out the first day to demo how it records student chats...we do not call it chat!
19:31:39 cheryloakes: OH, the log is good, so are you the only moderator?
19:31:46 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: If I get the chance, I am trying to make think.com the "portfolio" component for the immediate use.
19:32:20 cheryloakes: Hm, that makes sense since it is an easy template process.
19:32:22 John_Blake: If a student blogs a post at home that threatens a student or school and the blog is viewed at school the school is liable
19:32:23 Wesley_Fryer: i wonder if any or many high school students are using think.com?
19:32:33 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I have used the chat logs for a lot of modelling and teaching for my students. They just chatted among themselves.
19:32:43 Wesley_Fryer: but it is hard for the school folks to often determine where the blog post took place
19:32:48 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: There are HS in think.com
19:32:51 cheryloakes: I just see high schoolers on the list, but really don't chat with them.
19:33:05 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Yea we don't need to go there.
19:33:17 Wesley_Fryer: it would be interesting to contact Oracle and get stats on their registered users, if they share that
19:33:19 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I wonder if there is some way to separeate them
19:33:21 John_Blake: In Moodle Cheryl, teachers do not moderate chat. That is an issue
19:33:53 cheryloakes: I think I need to moderate at my level.
19:33:57 cheryloakes: Hi Buth!
19:34:00 Paul_Ellerman: My wife's high shool has send no to MP3 players, they are afraid of student recording test answers / questions, homework answers etc.
19:34:01 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I log into the chats with my students and watch them as they chat
19:34:26 buthaina: Hi Cheryl and all
19:34:34 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I show the chat rooms on the projector to help drive home the point to the students that people are watching.
19:34:37 cheryloakes: Yes, Jeff, I am on their pages and checking their tracks.
19:35:02 John_Blake: yes, you need to moderate at 3rd and 4th grade level. but it takes too long for middle schoolers that are familiar with IM
19:35:08 buthaina: Sorry i'm a bit late, overslept :)
19:35:11 JasonRobertshaw: Ooo...good one Jeff_from
19:35:18 dave: hey, you slept
19:35:19 dave: that's good
19:35:21 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Most of my experience has been with moodle but I feel like I have less sense of what the students are doing in think.com
19:36:07 buthaina: Yes, it's 3:35 am here and I've asked for a wake up call
19:36:13 buthaina: oops, lost sound
19:36:27 cheryloakes: Jeff, you are right, and unless you are chatting and emailing kids and listening to their conversations at school, it is hard. But, I keep their passwords so I can login as a student and I do random checks. So far so good.
19:36:56 Paul_Ellerman: How many students do you have cheryl?
19:37:04 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I am trying that and I am amazed at how they police each other also
19:37:11 cheryloakes: I am following 200 3rd and 4th graders.
19:37:14 buthaina: Sound is back.. and now it's gone
19:37:25 buthaina: it's back now
19:37:29 John_Blake: I lie to them and tell them my principal gets a transcript everyday from Moodle...and my principal plays along with that strategy..she knows she can have me print it out any time, if they abuse the chat feature..I also use Apple's Remote Access to monitor their computers and can lock out offenders instantly that works too
19:37:29 cheryloakes: They do police each other and they are proud that no one has lost privileges.
19:37:45 buthaina: ohhhh..not now
19:37:52 buthaina: yes, now
19:37:57 cheryloakes: John, sometimes the illusion is the best.
19:38:08 Wesley_Fryer: perception is reality!
19:38:25 Wesley_Fryer: bluffs may work less well at upper grades tho
19:38:33 cheryloakes: that is working for me.
19:38:38 John_Blake: I tell them I can go into "God Mode" and see all do all...they are afraid of my hacking skills...
19:39:10 cheryloakes: That works for middle school doesn't it? But, I think all this is training them to police each other.
19:39:17 buthaina: yes, sorry my mistake, the way i've positioned my mic..sorry guys
19:40:19 John_Blake: well that is really the trick...policing themselves really works best, we call it Positive Behavior Support...
19:40:55 cheryloakes: Right John, and they should be great neighbors and good citizens, that is part of our teaching them to be life long learners.
19:41:05 buthaina: Interesting defintion of PD; new for me and very inspiring
19:41:14 Paul_Ellerman: True True Cheryl and John
19:41:35 John_Blake: Thanks and hey Paul
19:41:48 buthaina: :)
19:41:51 mguhlin: Jeff, PD as we've done it hasn't worked. So what to do? Leverage the tech to make greater connections with others. Capture people's' voices
19:42:04 mguhlin: and put them online so that as many people can hear it will comment on it.
19:42:49 mguhlin: Not just "just-in-time"
19:43:05 mguhlin: Planned excursions into schools with children. The old "SuperSub" model
19:43:25 mguhlin: The SuperSub walks in, teaches the class the way it should be, then invite the teacher to participate.
19:43:31 dave: tough to sustain
19:43:33 mguhlin: And, record everything and share the story
19:43:42 dave: how can i possibly compete with teh supersub
19:43:45 mguhlin: Tough to sustain...one person can't do it alone.
19:44:02 cheryloakes: So, Miguel it is the old team teaching, co-teaching but with technology and each person is vested.
19:44:22 John_Blake: I have a problem here in NC with PD...we do not have time with all the other initiatives our superintendents has going on...
19:44:24 mguhlin: Co-teaching does seem to be making a return
19:44:28 cheryloakes: I agree to record things and allow for comments so the conversation continues.
19:44:46 mguhlin: We change schools one person at a time
19:45:17 Paul_Ellerman: The problem at my wife's school is a lack of computers in the class room. Some of the classes do not even have any.
19:45:18 cheryloakes: Change happens better in smaller groups, interest groups.
19:46:03 Wesley_Fryer: real education happens via conversations
19:46:23 Wesley_Fryer: so our PD should have as a goal getting teachers talking with each other, and talking with kids about this stuff
19:47:13 John_Blake: good point Wes
19:47:49 Wesley_Fryer: i heard a great forumla on friday that i think we need teachers to understand and embrace
19:48:00 buthaina: Right, Wesley and also through bottom up method too..As Miguel said, (Sorry was it Miguel who said that)
19:48:07 Wesley_Fryer: interactivity + meaning = engagemen t
19:48:18 Wesley_Fryer: giving kids laptops is not enough
19:48:28 dave: no
19:48:30 Wesley_Fryer: that increases changes for interactivity, but not meaningful tasks
19:48:36 Wesley_Fryer: that is up to the teacher to help setup
19:48:42 cheryloakes: if we don't give the meaning, the kids will interact in their own way.
19:49:06 Wesley_Fryer: i think meaning should be socially negotiated
19:49:17 Brad_Hicks: we need more examples out there for teachers about how to use these technologies
19:49:48 buthaina: No, of course not, Wesley, it's not the technology but the good thing is that technology helps us do it
19:49:52 buthaina: yes
19:50:02 John_Blake: this is a good reason why students only see computers as gaming machines and a place to listen to music and movies
19:50:16 Brad_Hicks: yep - engagement is the key
19:50:38 cheryloakes: For example, Brody wanted to play a racing game on an internet game site, I wanted him to interact with others, so the suggestion is, make a survey to find out if kids like to play your game or a different game.
19:50:43 John_Blake: Children of Poverty...
19:51:10 Brad_Hicks: students also need to be helped to learn the difference between computers for leisure time and computers for work/ as ahelpful working tool
19:51:18 Paul_Ellerman: I mthink meaning can also be, what the students want to get out of the learning, so this not only comes from the teacher, but also the student.
19:51:21 cheryloakes: good point Brad
19:51:26 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Teachers need to guide the discussions and offer the big guiding questions
19:51:46 John_Blake: I like that Brad
19:52:24 John_Blake: Brad, you must have never seen our school secretary "at work"
19:52:26 Brad_Hicks: as John said a lot are stuck on the idea of computers for leisure - i see that all the time when i go into classrooms as a relief teacher
19:53:05 John_Blake: she runs her streaming video with her gospel music running all the time
19:53:23 Brad_Hicks: I used to negotiate 40-45 mins of work from my students and then 15-20 min of personal time, that was in a media class when they are at computers for most of the class time
19:53:32 buthaina: All my students have cellphones and were invited to communicate with me outsdie the class to use them..%60 of them used that method, since we, (my Ss and I were deprived from using a c-lab or our laptops)
19:53:35 John_Blake: the point is, looks for workers have bad computer habits
19:53:48 mguhlin: Systematizing the formula across the District is not only about admin making it easier for teachers, but also, for teachers to step up. Both jobs are tough.
19:54:05 cheryloakes: Buth, I am amazed at that great 60%, we need to use that more.
19:54:06 mguhlin: I honestly believe that change occurs ONE person at a time.
19:54:30 mguhlin: Technology for most is irrelevant in classrooms
19:55:05 Brad_Hicks: Yes I think a lot of students here would get a bit of a shock if their teachers started texting them about school work
19:55:13 John_Blake: Good point Wes!
19:55:37 Brad_Hicks: would probably need some sort of parent consent first re students' phone numbers
19:55:51 mguhlin: Technology as a tool of liberation is an excellent point...globalvoices highlights this every day
19:55:53 John_Blake: that is very true with our Migrant students
19:56:06 buthaina: We're trying, Cheryl..
19:57:26 John_Blake: got my VOTE
19:57:44 dave: all vote for miguel
19:57:56 John_Blake: Miguel for President
19:57:58 cheryloakes: Yes.
19:58:22 Brad_Hicks: standardising is just becoming a big political agenda here is Aust
19:58:33 Brad_Hicks: in*
19:58:51 cheryloakes: I am waiting for the pendulum to swing back to less standards and common sense.
19:59:11 John_Blake: North Carolina is all about high stakes testing
19:59:43 cheryloakes: JOhn, I podcasted with my students about our standardized testing, they had some insightful comments.
19:59:45 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Yes bring on the revolution
19:59:59 Brad_Hicks: problem is governments want accountability if something does not work - they want to be able to point the fingure at someone
20:00:10 John_Blake: this year, if a kid does not pass their End of Course test, a State test, they do not earn credit for the class...
20:00:11 cheryloakes: Jeff, no green, Dave will reprimand you, he can't scan the green text.
20:00:30 Brad_Hicks: at times they come close here to wanting to tie teachers pay to student performance
20:00:40 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Is that better?
20:00:40 John_Blake: :o
20:00:47 cheryloakes: I like blue,
20:01:05 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Less test more voice, engagement for the student
20:01:06 John_Blake: Reading skills must improve first of all
20:01:38 buthaina: yes, I agree..
20:01:51 cheryloakes: At our level, elementary, it is all about reading. It still must meet the student needs.
20:01:52 buthaina: it is and a worldwide revolution
20:01:56 JeffLebow: We're going to 'open the floor up' for questions soon. If anybody wants to chime in, please join the skypecast at https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
20:01:57 John_Blake: what about PDA's in 1-to-1 inititaves?
20:02:27 buthaina: isn't politics is the otherside of education
20:02:28 mguhlin: Laptops and PDAs is still about money, even at $100 per machine
20:02:31 Brad_Hicks: even strudents in seemingly better off areas here have literacy problems, there is a lot of parent neglect of children - students may be clothed and fed with roof over their heads, but parents are leading their own lives and not taking an interest in their children
20:02:43 buthaina: it's what systems whant nations to be
20:03:00 dave: and lets all remember that the 100 dollars laptop doesn't exist
20:03:24 cheryloakes: politics and education are very touchy since our education in ME is funded by property taxes.
20:04:32 Brad_Hicks: well people have to think about what is important - a poorly educated population will mean a decline in living standards for all in a country - is this worth a little less tax?
20:05:12 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: In Michigan, the tax dollars are growing less and less. As educators we have tougher choices to make.
20:05:29 John_Blake: In my school, each kid has a computer, and we can not pay them to attend school regularly
20:05:58 buthaina: right, dave, and we taked about this earlier..who knows waht those $100 would allow Ss to learn; maybe whatever a system wants them to learn..Just as one of my professors at SUNY commented on a paper I wrote on a similar topic
20:06:18 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I do think that computing will expand horizons and networks to people around the nation and globe. I think this will have a profound effect.
20:06:19 Brad_Hicks: politicians have to be courageous and make a stand for the future - but unfortunatley decisions are usually based on how to win another term in office
20:06:24 John_Blake: education is not important to them. they have disfunctional families and communities that do not value there kids
20:06:31 John_Blake: their*
20:07:17 John_Blake: if it is not blocked...
20:07:22 Brad_Hicks: what sort of changes does education have to go thru? lots of people say this but there need to be suggestions put forward
20:07:41 John_Blake: true
20:07:43 Brad_Hicks: about how to better engage students
20:08:31 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I do believe computers are allowing more visual and audio producations allowing mor students to express themsleves succesfully.
20:08:38 buthaina: yes, it does
20:09:03 Brad_Hicks: I agree that there need to be changes becuase I see too amny disengaged students. But again it requires political, institutional and community change - which are all often lumbering
20:09:21 mguhlin: Change has to be realized by as many people on an individual basis as possible
20:09:29 mguhlin: how do we facilitate that?
20:09:35 cheryloakes: BRad lumbering doesn't cut it today with the speed of technology.
20:09:35 mguhlin: We share our testimony
20:10:08 Brad_Hicks: politicians are making it hard when they are pushing for standardisation and prescribed achievement targets
20:10:35 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I do believe that the rate of change and the standards of excellence are rising more quickly now.
20:10:41 Brad_Hicks: yes but our social structures are not keeping up with the technology
20:10:44 mguhlin: I need to make changes that result in changes in my behavior
20:10:50 mguhlin: You might consider that as well
20:11:02 mguhlin: Politicians pander to the masses
20:11:06 JasonRobertshaw: What about the decentralization of learning...so many distance learning degrees now for upper ed. Will that come down to the "home school" level. Will we lose the brick and mortar.
20:11:54 Brad_Hicks: yes we can try to make changes on our own scale, just a pity that this does not have influence at a faster pace
20:12:17 mguhlin: He who believes does not flee
20:12:44 John_Blake: ouch
20:12:50 Paul_Ellerman: I don<t think wide scale homeschool will take palce. far to many families have both parents working outside the home.
20:12:57 John_Blake: great show guys
20:12:57 Brad_Hicks: Here in W.Aust we have gone from centralisation to decentralisation and now back again to centralisation
20:12:58 mguhlin: yeah
20:13:04 buthaina: in my case, I know who's controlling the educational system at this point, and i'm not surprised about what kind of graduates, followers, or citizens they want to produce
20:13:24 buthaina: I mean in my country, Kuwait
20:13:30 MattC: Although it may not seem like it, I believe technology in the classroom in advancing faster than we perceive.
20:13:48 MattC: Just not as fast as we like.
20:14:29 Brad_Hicks: hmm... many teachers are still not switched onto the potentail of technology - especially for global communication
20:14:40 Brad_Hicks: here in W.Aust anyway
20:14:52 John_Blake: same here Brad
20:14:53 buthaina: noFFin, Dave, just continue what we're doing
20:15:02 cheryloakes: Here in the US too Brad, the collaboration piece has not made it to the mainstream.
20:15:18 Paul_Ellerman: No I agree Brad. there are 3 teachers at my wife<s school that have websites ' wikis
20:15:54 Brad_Hicks: don't get me wrong - i'm very optimistic and enthusiastic about bringing in these technologies, but frustrated about how slow teachers are to switch onto this stuff
20:16:01 John_Blake: Brad if you asked all the teachers in our district what a Blog is, they would prbly say something you eat on a picnic
20:16:27 John_Blake: :?
20:16:32 cheryloakes: But if you asked the kids they would know!
20:16:48 John_Blake: :D
20:16:49 MattC: Work with the teachers that do know what a blog is
20:16:56 MattC: St
20:16:59 MattC: st
20:17:05 MattC: start there
20:17:23 cheryloakes: then hope it spreads to others
20:17:24 John_Blake: our district has cut our technology training
20:17:29 John_Blake: to almost nothting
20:17:35 dave: so many people are doing that...
20:17:40 dave: its so strange
20:17:48 John_Blake: PD is a real problem
20:17:48 Brad_Hicks: in a way our education bodies are making it harder for teachers by bogging them down with standards and achievement targets and having to introduce new courses - this on top of usual preparation and marking etc, no wonder they don't weant to know about these new tecvhnologies - they don't have the trime!
20:17:56 buthaina: Sorry, the (noFFin) was for (nothing) in ebonic.i'm ha
20:18:27 buthaina: No sound is heard here..
20:18:38 JeffLebow: others still getting audio?
20:18:43 cheryloakes: I have audio
20:18:59 buthaina: ok, this must be me
20:19:00 Brad_Hicks: Here I am running PD for colleagues for free after school because the admin won't do anything about it in school hours
20:19:16 buthaina: i hear now ..and now no
20:19:20 Brad_Hicks: and I've only learnt about this stuff in the last 12 months!'
20:19:21 cheryloakes: you go Brad.
20:20:17 Brad_Hicks: I'm just glad i have a community like you guys to keep learning and working with
20:20:29 John_Blake: Brad... how do they find the time to participate with your free PD?
20:20:33 cheryloakes: BRad, you are right,this is what I live for.
20:20:40 Brad_Hicks: but am starting to find some links here in Aust and W.Aust as well
20:20:42 mguhlin: Community is great!
20:20:44 MattC: What's the Margaret Mead quote: A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
20:20:50 buthaina: still no sound heard here
20:21:17 John_Blake: Cheryl...skype in
20:21:27 Brad_Hicks: usually only half turn up every 2nd fortnight , so i usually repeat a session every other week
20:21:40 John_Blake: cool
20:21:46 JeffLebow: skype conf is full, so please join skypecast - https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
20:23:14 John_Blake: My students really become engaged when we create podcasts
20:29:48 buthaina: Great, I hear you now all, loud and clear..I mean through the skypecast
20:30:00 buthaina: Thanks, Jeff
20:32:24 buthaina: Humm; sound's been going and coming; it's good now
20:33:33 buthaina: ok now
20:33:44 Lyndall: Teachers need to see that the time invested is worth it
20:34:47 Brad_Hicks: yes - we need to keep putting up examples for teachers to see/listen to. Would be nice to have somewher on the web showcasing this stuff
20:35:18 dave: i can do that
20:35:33 dave: lets do it on educationbridges
20:35:38 Brad_Hicks: Wes - my wife is an English teacher and for me she is that one teacher that i work with who is trying the implementation she is talking about
20:36:43 Brad_Hicks: sorry - implementation you are talikng about
20:36:49 John_Blake: live events are engaging
20:37:36 Paul_Ellerman: Brad, thats a great idea... a showcase of RL possiblities!
20:38:04 dave: what format would we like?
20:38:04 buthaina: Well, through my participation in WebheadsinAction and worldBridges I uderstand it's a universal or global issue not problem; and all I see is that we just keep doing waht we are through technology, and don't give up.
20:39:04 buthaina: I was amazed to know or learn that you guys in the advanced world are also experiencing similar difficutlties
20:39:14 Brad_Hicks: wiki sowcase?
20:39:23 dave: mmm...
20:39:23 Brad_Hicks: showcase*?
20:39:29 dave: tough for multimedia
20:39:35 dave: i was thinking drupal posts.
20:39:47 dave: we've tried the wikishocase thing with the edtechtalk wiki
20:39:47 Brad_Hicks: or webpage , maybe ourmedia type repository
20:39:56 Paul_Ellerman: The showcase could be a mixture of links and actual content...
20:40:04 Lyndall: Communal blog? Is there such a thing?
20:40:04 dave: definetly
20:40:17 dave: i'm thinking of the same thing at tutorcasts.org
20:40:27 dave: which i'm hoping will be that for screencasts
20:40:55 Brad_Hicks: if we make these examples easily accessible for teacxhers to see then we have more chance of engaging teachers with it
20:41:18 dave: so a group blog that allows for people to upload files or simply put in links
20:41:20 dave: needs tags
20:41:25 dave: categories
20:41:30 dave: i think drupal
20:41:33 Brad_Hicks: I think you need examples with lesson planning on how those best practice examples were set up by the teacher
20:42:07 Brad_Hicks: uploading could become very heavy on server space
20:42:17 John_Blake: Lesson plans are key Brad
20:42:42 Lyndall: I use Quia dot com - they allow teachers to share stuff too and is low cost
20:42:57 Brad_Hicks: this sounds like a great idea dave
20:43:03 dave: i think so too
20:43:04 John_Blake: I have an idea...I use Google Video to post videos and copy and paste the code into our school's Moodle
20:43:31 cheryloakes: that is interesting John, is it like bubbleshare? that is what I use.
20:43:33 buthaina: Any link please
20:43:36 John_Blake: this saves server space and bandwith is not too bad
20:43:41 Brad_Hicks: want to put up examples on a place that may not be blocked on a school network
20:43:59 cheryloakes: www.bubbleshare.com
20:44:00 John_Blake: Cheryl, we use imovie
20:44:14 dave: how does teacheracademy.net sound to you guys?
20:44:16 cheryloakes: so you upload the finished movie.
20:44:21 John_Blake: create movies and then upload them to Google video
20:44:35 Brad_Hicks: I think name needs something about new media
20:44:40 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Sounds like a great ambitous plan to me dave
20:44:42 cheryloakes: is teacheracademy.net with you?
20:44:48 John_Blake: then post the embed code into a page in Moodle for our kids to view
20:44:49 Brad_Hicks: if that is what we are showcasing
20:44:57 dave: it will be in 15 seconds after i buy it
20:45:00 dave: if we want it?
20:45:04 buthaina: thaks, cheryl
20:45:08 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: newmediateaching.net
20:45:10 cheryloakes: sounds good to me.
20:45:12 JasonRobertshaw: Is that like TeachersTeachingTeachers?
20:45:41 buthaina: www.you are toofast.com
20:45:45 cheryloakes: Thanks Wes, and Miguel, great conversations. Jeff and Dave thanks to you too. I couldn't skype in.
20:45:52 Brad_Hicks: it is great that we can get these professional learning communities established in this way
20:46:18 dave: newmediateaching.net
20:46:24 dave: all agreed?
20:46:28 Paul_Ellerman: I like it
20:46:29 Brad_Hicks: sounds good to me dave
20:46:31 Lyndall: Ilike it
20:46:32 John_Blake: (y)
20:46:35 cheryloakes: sounds extremely good, Dave.
20:46:36 buthaina: mguhmi.net
20:46:46 buthaina: thanks
20:46:47 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: This was an awesome evening with contributions fromm around the world.
20:47:15 Wesley_Fryer: sorry i was out of the chatroom for most of this
20:47:30 cheryloakes: check the transcript.
20:47:32 Wesley_Fryer: i am honored to have been in the conversation, great fun! and important stuff to discuss
20:47:36 Wesley_Fryer: i will!
20:47:43 JasonRobertshaw: Giving away cash prizes for #50? ;)
20:47:49 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: This was an awesome experience with live audio with chat undertones.
20:47:59 John_Blake: Thanks, can we count this a PD? haha
20:48:02 Brad_Hicks: sorry if I came across a bit negative - I'm not really , just feeling a bit frustrated with the pace of things in the education system here :)
20:48:08 Lyndall: At 2am in the morning?
20:48:09 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Yea Worldbridges, thanks Jeff and Dave
20:48:09 Wesley_Fryer: i think we should be able to, John!
20:48:22 Wesley_Fryer: hey, we have all been there Brad-- or are there now!
20:48:27 JasonRobertshaw: Thanks all!
20:48:31 cheryloakes: in my school we can write up hours like this
20:48:32 kmls: hey dave---this would be cool for the linux symposium
20:48:43 John_Blake: this has been much more informative than most I have spent money on thanks guys
20:48:46 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: This is some of the best PD but is under the radar as far as the administrative number counters go.
20:49:02 Brad_Hicks: hey dave the newmediateaching.net is a good development
20:49:11 buthaina: Thank you so much; this session's so beneficial..Thanks a lot Jeff and dave as awlays for the good stuff you provide
20:49:23 Paul_Ellerman: Excellent session to night!
20:49:43 Brad_Hicks: now we need the CMS academy so that we can all contribute!
20:50:00 Brad_Hicks: showcase of good new media
20:50:08 buthaina: Now, where could I find there URLs' please dave or Jeff..
20:50:26 buthaina: I just need to add them to somewhere
20:50:27 Brad_Hicks: will neeed to devlop categories
20:50:32 Paul_Ellerman: :D
20:50:34 buthaina: please, please, please
20:50:36 Brad_Hicks: lol
20:50:51 buthaina: they were too fast for me
20:50:59 John_Blake: man ya'll are good!
20:51:02 buthaina: or i am too slow for them
20:51:07 buthaina: probably me
20:51:17 Brad_Hicks: guys I still had trouble uploading to webcastacademy in the last few days - of my mp3 file
20:51:21 cheryloakes: http://www.speedofcreativty.org
20:51:27 cheryloakes: that is for wes fryer
20:52:02 John_Blake: admin admin haha
20:52:07 cheryloakes: miguel is at http://www.edsupport.cc/mguhlin/blog/
20:52:15 cheryloakes: great show!
20:52:16 buthaina: No, Cheryle that didn't work
20:52:45 buthaina: ok, cheryle trying the later one
20:52:54 cheryloakes: http://www.speedofcreativity.org/
20:52:59 dave: http://newmediateaching.net/
20:53:04 cheryloakes: I spelled it wrong Buth.
20:53:14 buthaina: A good one, Jeff
20:53:18 buthaina: I'm lol
20:53:42 buthaina: Cheryl still, Noffin
20:53:51 JOhn_Blake: one more time..what is the url?
20:53:52 buthaina: I mean nothing
20:54:02 JOhn_Blake: I had to log out
20:54:02 dave: http://newmediateaching.net
20:54:20 buthaina: k, let's dave's
20:54:21 cheryloakes: hm, it is working for me.
20:54:54 MattC: just getting the godaddy parked page
20:54:58 Brad_Hicks: ok dave i have signed up
20:55:02 buthaina: Me
20:55:03 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Hey where is my password? I registered where is it?
20:55:06 JOhn_Blake: requesting an account hehe
20:55:08 buthaina: Jeff.Can I
20:55:12 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: come on guys
20:55:18 Paul_Ellerman: Have an account!
20:55:24 buthaina: hahhaa
20:55:46 Brad_Hicks: no email back yet - damn
20:56:28 dave: dave wins first post!
20:57:32 Paul_Ellerman: speaking of SL (LOL)... has anyone checked out: http://www.simteach.com/wiki/index.php?title=Second_Life_Education_Wiki
20:58:14 Brad_Hicks: how long should password email take dave?
20:58:20 dave: should be immediate
20:58:20 buthaina: Yes, Dave, thanks that link worked but i already have it...BTW, are the links to your gustes are the same already published through your EdtechTalk site?
20:58:27 JeffLebow: check spam folder
20:59:30 buthaina: Jeff, do you mean my spam folder!!!
20:59:53 dave: that was for brad?
20:59:59 JasonRobertshaw: Paul, saw that. Nice to see the infor organized.
21:00:42 JOhn_Blake: set up my new account on the New Media Teaching site
21:01:18 Paul_Ellerman: Night all
21:02:12 buthaina: Nthanks, Paul..no, it's the first time i learn about it through you here at Edtechtalk...
21:02:19 dave: goodnight everyone
21:02:31 dave: i wanna see new media teaching rocking by morning!
21:03:28 Brad_Hicks: need more permisiions for posting dave
21:04:17 Brad_Hicks: well done guys - great show
21:04:56 Brad_Hicks: thanks for the conversation everyone - really enjoyed it
21:06:31 buthaina: strangething happened; I see Arabic charachters for time and date before the name of each participant
21:08:46 buthaina: This has started with the last note posted by john Blake
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