EdTechTalk#50 Chat Transcript

18:47:22 dave: hi techtchr.... wanna skype in?
18:47:34 TechTchr: Jennifer Wagner
18:47:44 TechTchr: Technospud Projects
18:48:57 TechTchr: first time here -- just looking to see what it is all about
18:49:13 dave: do you have skype?
18:49:16 dave: adn a headset?
18:49:24 dave: are you getting the audio
18:49:37 DougSymington: hi all
18:49:43 TechTchr: I am listening to the chat too -- and you are spuds
18:50:04 TechTchr: honorary Technospuds
18:50:52 dave: hi steve
18:51:05 Steve_K: Hello
18:52:07 Steve_K: Yes, this is Steve in Exeter
18:52:11 dave: show starts in 8 min
18:52:18 Steve_K: Yes,
18:52:23 Steve_K: I'm in all summer
18:52:39 kmls: hi steve
18:52:47 kmls: good talk this afternoon
18:53:59 kmls: This is Kathy m from MV
18:56:41 dave: steve... you wanna skype in?
18:56:56 JL: http://lullabot.com/
18:59:29 dave: jennifer
18:59:33 dave: do you wanna come on next?
18:59:38 dave: plug the book?
18:59:55 JenniferW: hmmm -- i guess
19:00:08 dave: head set
19:00:10 dave: microphone
19:00:10 JenniferW: nope
19:00:12 dave: skype account
19:00:14 JenniferW: just listening today
19:00:17 dave: k
19:00:35 JenniferW: its okay if I just lurk??
19:00:47 dave: absolutely
19:00:50 JenniferW: thanks
19:00:54 Steve_K: Dave, sure I'll Skype in a few minutes.
19:00:59 dave: cool
19:01:09 dave: my skype id is 'coarsesalt'
19:01:11 JenniferW: grins -- I'll prepare to skype in the futre
19:01:17 dave: great
19:03:13 dave: http://barblcohen.edublogs.org/
19:03:14 JL: http://barblcohen.edublogs.org/
19:03:30 dave: http://banyan.edublogs.org/
19:03:38 JL: http://banyan.edublogs.org/
19:03:41 dave: http://room12.edublogs.org/
19:05:49 dave: http://www.rodspulsepodcast.com/
19:06:37 JL: Jennifer Maddrell Instructional Systems Technology Masters major at Indiana University
19:07:05 JL: http://designedtoinspire.com/drupal/
19:08:42 dave: http://ikt-diginalet.blogspot.com
19:10:47 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
19:12:40 dave: http://mciu.org/~spjvweb/googlevideo.wmv
19:14:21 JL: Joyce, can you back off the mic a little bit?
19:21:34 joycevalenza: http://mciu.org/~spjvweb/movietrailers.html
19:21:36 joycevalenza: http://mciu.org/~spjvweb/infoskillsvideo.html
19:21:45 JenniferW: thank you, Joyce. I am enjoying your site
19:21:57 joycevalenza: thanks, jennifer
19:21:58 kmls: Steve gave a very insightful keynote this afternoon
19:23:53 JasonR: Steve - What model Tandberg are you using? Are you using IP to connect?
19:25:19 dave: http://k12opensource.org/
19:25:29 joycevalenza: http://mciu.org/~spjvweb/opensource.html
19:28:55 Steve_K: RE Tandberg...IP and the Tandberg 1000 desktop. We also have other codecs for larger groups
19:30:41 JL: Kathy Schrock Administrator for Technology for the Nauset Public Schools on Cape Cod, MA.
19:30:53 JL: http://school.discovery.com/schrockguide/index.html
19:31:17 joycevalenza: and a librarian
19:33:36 dave: http://education.qld.gov.au/learningplace/
19:34:16 JL: Lori Burch I'm an instructional technology specialist working with teachers and students primarily at the elementary level http://www.burchlearning.com/
19:34:45 joycevalenza: and a good buddy
19:35:30 JenniferW: great site -- thank you
19:37:34 dave: http://teachandlearnonline.blogspot.com/
19:42:20 JL: Is anyone else interested in joining the conversation?
19:43:07 JenniferW: could you mention my online projects for teachers at www.technospudprojects.com -- its on summer break but will kick off again in September. K - 8th grade Worldwide. Thanks
19:43:20 JL: will do
19:43:30 JenniferW: thanks
19:44:31 JasonR: Steve - great about the Tandbergs. I use mostly Polycoms at work. But got a chance to play with a LifeSize HD codec the other day.
19:46:18 JL: Marblehead Community Charter Public School JMP Cronin - wiki Moodle, parents page, (all locked down) http://www.marbleheadcharter.com/class_pages/seventh/
19:47:30 JL: Graham Wegner An Aussie primary school educator involved in technology leadership at his school, always looking to learn and discuss breaking issues. http://www.gwegner.edublogs.org/
19:49:56 heron: i'd like to introduce myself
19:50:00 joycevalenza: How about a host appreciation moment?
19:50:02 heron: on the skypw cast
19:52:59 dave: greating d.
19:53:05 dave: greetings
19:53:08 suriawang: hello
19:54:56 dave: d. you wanna come in?
19:58:34 JasonR: Wichtenstein was a beery swine
19:58:55 dave: LOL
19:58:56 JenniferW: great fun -- thank you. I have blogged this chat. Thanks!!!
19:59:17 JenniferW: meaning --I tagged it. Grins -- don't worry. I didn't copy it word for word
19:59:29 joycevalenza: Thanks Dave and Jeff. We appreciate our hosts too!
19:59:38 JenniferW: thanks for a great afternoon
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