July 16, 2006

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A good old fashion edtech news roundup. Jeff and Dave talk about Conroe and flash chats (see show notes below) and Dave does a preliminary roundup of the world of Mobile Education.
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News & Resources
Webheads discuss Flash Video Chat Options
Flashmeeting, 123flashchat.comuserplane.com

Skype protocol hacked

StoryCorps on DemocracyNow

Great Keyboarding Resource - typing-lessons.org

  IBM Review of Open Source CMS

IPv.6 -340,282,366,920,938,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 new web addresses
340 undecillion, 282 decillion, 366 nonillion, 920 octillion, 938 septillion 

Intel's New Chip - Conroe- living up to the hype  - prices announced

What is mobile education?
Who's the audience? Are we expecting kids who don't want to do their homework to do more work on their cell phone?


Where the $100 laptop might fit in.


the ibm digital library and cell phone accessibility

http://mobiled.uiah.fi/ ' The Server and the Kit


Tablet PCs

Podcasting outside the classroom

A possible case study. David Sims and his Vet Students.

Chat Transcript 

 18:52:59 USSROVER: evening all

18:53:38 JL: Howdy
18:54:38 USSROVER: I'll be lurking soto speak
18:54:58 USSROVER: my show list count 176 shows
19:00:19 dave-on-air: hi brad
19:00:27 dave-on-air: hi cheryl
19:00:43 JL: testing
19:01:07 Cheryl_Oakes: Hi Dave
19:01:16 Cheryl_Oakes: I liked last week's show with the tech tips.
19:01:21 Brad_Hicks: Problems with Firefox
19:01:34 Brad_Hicks: switched to Safari
19:01:38 USSROVER: testing OK
19:01:49 USSROVER: hi brad Cheryl & wb JL
19:01:54 Cheryl_Oakes: safari working for me.
19:02:03 Cheryl_Oakes: Hu
19:02:06 Brad_Hicks: Firefox and Java don't seem to like each other
19:02:07 Cheryl_Oakes: Hi,
19:02:19 Cheryl_Oakes: Safari isn't as dependable
19:02:40 mauricheeio: Flock Browser works sometimes and Opera
19:02:53 USSROVER: try Opera9
19:04:06 USSROVER: try Opera9 http://www.opera.com
19:04:26 dave-on-air: oops!
19:05:19 dave-on-air: http://cmsacademy.net/drupal
19:06:06 mauricheeio: is it a streaming webcast or a skypecast this time?
19:06:12 dave-on-air: both
19:06:33 mauricheeio: sk
19:06:34 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
19:06:56 mauricheeio: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
19:08:14 Paul_Ellerman: Hi everyone
19:08:21 Brad_Hicks: Hi Paul
19:09:04 Paul_Ellerman: Canada!
19:11:39 mauricheeio: that sounds like a great idea. way to go guys
19:14:19 dave-on-air: http://edtechtalk.com/EdTechTalk54
19:14:25 dave-on-air: show notes
19:25:02 mauricheeio: could you repeat the URL for the typing website again? Is it Mavis Bacon's
19:26:03 dave-on-air: http://edtechtalk.com/EdTechTalk54
19:26:04 coordinator2: It's in the shownotes typing-lessons.org
19:26:30 mauricheeio: Thank You
19:26:44 Brad_Hicks: do you have a url for that IBM CMS review Jaff?
19:26:59 JL: In the shownotes Bred :)
19:27:10 JL: http://edtechtalk.com/EdTechTalk54
19:37:25 coordinator2: I thought of creating studycasts with my 8th grade US History Students.
19:40:49 coordinator2: I am also using recording on audacity with Adult ESL class.
19:43:38 coordinator2: Goodnight Everybody.
19:43:44 dave-on-air: cheers
19:43:59 Cheryl_Oakes: great show! see you online soon.
19:44:26 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
19:44:59 Paul_Ellerman: Has anyone tried Vyew? As a desktop sharing program?
19:45:40 coordinator2: Whatever happened to Writely?
19:45:52 mauricheeio: Google Bought Writely
19:46:09 coordinator2: I was never able to join.
19:46:42 Cheryl_Oakes: I use writely, but I had a user name before google bought it.
19:46:46 coordinator2: We were working on school plans for NCLB and we wanted to collaborate on the document.
19:46:54 Cheryl_Oakes: I use it to collaborate with other people when we design workshops.
19:46:56 Paul_Ellerman: If anyone whats to play with vyew, I have a meeting upa nd running
19:47:07 Cheryl_Oakes: We used it for our tech plan with 12 people
19:47:31 Paul_Ellerman: 536348
19:47:36 Paul_Ellerman: Is the meeting number
19:47:59 Brad_Hicks: thanks guys
19:49:37 Paul_Ellerman: night all
19:52:21 coordinator2: What the meeting # for vyew?
19:54:42 coordinator2: bye
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Thanks for your response to my comment last week. It is amazing to be part of the 'community'!
I wasn't meaning to 'criticise' you - just get some thoughts, and a bit of a North American perspective!
You seem as ambivalent as I about the issue of mobile education. I have read some real raves about the value and advantages but am yet to be convinced of the pedagogy, and (I must be too old!) get a slight sense of gimmickry from some of it.
I know Marc Prensky is a great advocate [http://www.markusbader.net/receiver/14/articles/pdf/14_03.pdf; http://www.marcprensky.com/writing/Prensky-What_Can_You_Learn_From_a_Cel..., and there are groups here running some trial programmes - especially for "disengaged" learners.[http://www.engageme.net/] There is a school of thought that more young people have mobile phones than computers and that therefore these tools could/should be put to use in an educational context.
I work in a Vocational Education setting (although I am actually in General Education) and I am aware that there is interest in using mobile devices for on-the-job assessment tasks.
I have yet to identify a specific use with my cohort of students, and most of them can't afford expensive devices or services anyway! However I am sure that they will become part of the edtech future, as the pedagogical value is researched.
For a good overview try the Educause site: http://www.educause.edu/content.asp?page_id=5527&bhcp=1
Thanks again for your speedy response and all the 'very special' shows. I am still trawling around on the periphery of all this edtech stuff, and I always look forward to a new show. I find them informative and inspiring.

wrong choice of words on my part... (tell you a secret, the whole audio actually was something like "well, i certainly don't think they meant to criticize but..." but i mumbled through it and cut the rest of the comment out of the audio) Your comment was great, and got me moving in a direction. Please keep them coming!