EdTechTalk #60 - An Interview with Terry Anderson

Terry Anderson - Athabasca University

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Terry Anderson, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Distance Education at Athabasca University dropped by tonight. We talked about distance ed, his time 'back on the land'. We talked about where education might be going... and we talked about athabasca's new EDD program starting (maybe) next year.. Besides being an all round big wig in education (see link above) Terry is involved in all kinds of educational projects, including an appearance at the upcomming Curverider conference. I had a great time.

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18:50:52 dave-on-air: hey jen

18:50:56 JenW: hey dave

18:51:54 dave-on-air: how does the audio sound jen?

18:52:50 JenW: ahhh - not turned on yet

18:52:56 JenW: going over to skype

18:53:52 USSROVER: We just did a quickie :)

18:54:24 dave-on-air: tattle tale

18:54:25 Steve_K: Close enough :D

18:54:28 USSROVER: DAve here is link http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtualpc/default.mspx"

18:54:29 dave-on-air: ha

18:54:39 USSROVER: :)

18:54:57 JenW: skypecast sounds good

18:57:36 JenW: do you want me to tag team you???? using the chat in skype???

18:58:23 JenW: yeah right -- back channel??

18:59:04 DanParkCityUT: Howdy Rover, Gang...

18:59:37 DanParkCityUT: Is green allowed for a guest here?

18:59:54 dave-on-air: oh yes

19:00:04 USSROVER: hi Dan

19:00:10 DanParkCityUT: AOK, first time visitor...

19:00:19 USSROVER: just finished up with VM stuff

19:00:21 JenW: hey dan -- welcome

19:00:34 DanParkCityUT: Rover, you sure have been on the air a lot today ;0

19:00:47 DanParkCityUT: er... ;)

19:01:02 DanParkCityUT: Thank you Jen, glad to be here

19:01:15 USSROVER: yepper when I have something to say I say it load and often :)

19:01:54 DanParkCityUT: Yup, I knew that, it's just been a while Rover...

19:02:06 USSROVER: :)

19:02:24 USSROVER: also going to give BLAIR a bad time as well

19:02:38 USSROVER: different show and chat

19:02:44 DanParkCityUT: Why is that not a surprise Rover lol

19:03:25 DanParkCityUT: Stream is coming in loud and clear

19:04:02 DanParkCityUT: Hi Sharon

19:04:04 JenW: jen waves to sharon

19:04:17 sharon_(eebee1): hello everyone from Montréal

19:04:47 dave-on-air: http://www.athabascau.ca/html/staff/academic/terrya.html

19:05:51 sharon_(eebee1): he sounds like he is talking underwater

19:05:59 sharon_(eebee1): dave is loud and clear

19:06:13 DanParkCityUT: Tried the link Dave, but Oh Well... I'm using FF

19:06:25 cathy_evanoff: I hear Dave

19:06:32 cathy_evanoff: Terry is in and out

19:06:45 DanParkCityUT: Agreed Cathy

19:06:45 sharon_(eebee1): I am using wireless too, but everything is loud and clear

19:06:53 sharon_(eebee1): yes, have read TIP

19:06:59 JenW: sharon -- I think you break up when you use wireless and skype

19:07:04 JenW: and are chatting

19:07:12 JenW: but I am not sure :)

19:07:20 sharon_(eebee1): will have to see

19:07:31 sharon_(eebee1): have never had probs with both before

19:08:39 sharon_(eebee1): yes, many have done that in Canada

19:09:54 DanParkCityUT: Sharon.. OUCH

19:09:57 cathy_evanoff: IS she on wireless? She is in and out

19:10:04 sharon_(eebee1): okay will move to LAN

19:10:08 sharon_(eebee1): give me a sec

19:10:23 dave-on-air: book link?

19:10:33 JenW: brb

19:11:06 JenW: http://www.athabascau.ca/html/staff/academic/terrya.html

19:11:09 JenW: not sure which book

19:11:36 DanParkCityUT: Gottqa go light up the BBZ... have a great day all..

19:11:59 JenW: bye Dan

19:12:00 cathy_evanoff: Anderson, T. & Elloumni, F. (Eds.) (2004). Theory and Practice of Online Learning. Athabasca: Athabasca University Press. Available http://cde.athabascau.ca/online_book/

19:12:04 DanParkCityUT: er.."BBQ"

19:12:39 DanParkCityUT: G'nite all

19:12:48 USSROVER: later Dan

19:13:26 sharon_(eebee1): am back on LAN

19:14:08 sharon_(eebee1): eluminate is great - if expensive

19:16:22 JasonR: Greetings

19:16:40 JenW: http://www.elluminate.com/

19:17:01 sharon_(eebee1): I had a friend who says that BB now stands for "Black Ball"

19:17:23 JasonR: Little David

19:18:06 JasonR: They want your soft lumber

19:18:28 sharon_(eebee1): would be very interested in that too

19:19:58 sharon_(eebee1): things are changing quickly about that

19:20:18 sharon_(eebee1): however, there are still the conservatives who believe more in the traditional research approaches

19:20:57 sharon_(eebee1): My own thesis supervisor told me that other day that he had *never* read a blog and never intended to - this is an professor of educational technology!

19:21:38 sharon_(eebee1): this is while another prof on my thesis committee just rec"d a Cdn grant to study blogs

19:22:27 dave-on-air: hey harold

19:22:44 HaroldJarche: Hi :-)

19:22:46 sharon_(eebee1): me neither - why he would refuse

19:22:53 sharon_(eebee1): would claim he is too olde

19:23:09 sharon_(eebee1): (don't think he is much older than me!)

19:23:54 sharon_(eebee1): too late for new thesis supervisor - am submitting tomorrow...

19:24:10 dave-on-air: ha!

19:25:00 sharon_(eebee1): good job

19:25:26 sharon_(eebee1): final draft!

19:28:36 sharon_(eebee1): yes, I agree about being nothing but a pain - my IT director's solution was to let me have my own server and host the moodle etc. - and they financially support that

19:28:47 sharon_(eebee1): nice compromise

19:29:13 sharon_(eebee1): that way I can be administrator with no middle man

19:29:27 sharon_(eebee1): yes, it implies a great deal of trust

19:30:46 dave-on-air: questions?

19:30:55 USSROVER: Dave -on-air request if possible

19:31:06 dave-on-air: ?

19:31:14 dave-on-air: request?

19:31:26 sharon_(eebee1): yes, am interested in his view on blended learning approach - what is its future in K-12 domain?

19:31:30 USSROVER: for thurs & Friday

19:32:04 USSROVER: play the recoding of our talk I'll be on the road then

19:32:13 USSROVER: recording*

19:32:45 HaroldJarche: learning objects are based on premise of learning as content delivery - IMO wrong model

19:34:02 JenW: why?? because there is no way to prove they have really done the work? or what is the debate about it??

19:35:25 JasonR: Taking some online classes right now. It's seems like it takes more work to do well.

19:35:39 JasonR: It seems, even

19:36:41 lee: Hello All

19:36:54 dave-on-air: hi lee

19:38:08 USSROVER: hi lee

19:38:18 sharon_(eebee1): yes

19:38:39 sharon_(eebee1): two questions

19:38:43 dave-on-air: more questions

19:38:46 dave-on-air: ?

19:39:19 sharon_(eebee1): yes, 2 questions - blended's future, where PhD fits in

19:39:30 JasonR: Re: old masters holding on to knowledge...participated in this presentation today...http://www.simteach.com/wiki/index.php?title=Slcc06-robbins... Image Slippage: Navigating the Dichotomies of an Academic Identity in a Nonacademic Virtual World...think we will see more blurring of the role/line between teacher and student

19:40:11 sharon_(eebee1): stopwatches! wow! - lol

19:40:32 sharon_(eebee1): yes, not enough

19:40:49 sharon_(eebee1): how do I persuade my admin otherwise?

19:41:05 sharon_(eebee1): videoconferencing really must have focus

19:41:20 sharon_(eebee1): yes

19:41:23 lee: Will Gaming and Virtual Reality Worlds start being addressed more in the masters of distance of education

19:42:04 sharon_(eebee1): so you do see a bright future for blended?

19:42:40 lee: Gaming as an Educational tool..and virtual as an interactive tool

19:43:12 sharon_(eebee1): .... and the PhD at AThabasca?? I have a friend pushing Phoenix

19:43:17 JasonR: Dave...what?

19:43:23 dave-on-air: ?

19:43:27 dave-on-air: what what

19:43:34 sharon_(eebee1): blended = less than 50% online, more than half f2f

19:43:39 JasonR: hyperloberability? Something you said about IVC

19:43:51 JasonR: It was muffled

19:44:49 HaroldJarche: you mean there was a time before blended learning? Who ever felt that one modality was sufficient? p

19:44:51 dave-on-air: not sure

19:45:01 JasonR: And the presenter had nice pink hair too :)

19:46:41 lee: and wings

19:46:46 JasonR: Today's conference was the first time I thought of SL as a tool and not as a toy. Really started to think about meaningful lessons that could benefit from SL interactions. More at http://www.simteach.com/wiki/index.php?title=Abstracts_for_SLCC_06

19:46:54 sharon_(eebee1): purchase of island?? - only in Canada... ;-)

19:47:46 cathy_evanoff: I love that idea- 8th grades will do great

19:48:14 sharon_(eebee1): what is blog url for Terry?

19:48:25 sharon_(eebee1): NRC of Canada?

19:48:31 JasonR: I met an 8th grade teacher from NY that wants to bring her class into SL. She is building a mini-Everglades to teach an environmental science lesson.

19:48:36 cathy_evanoff: I took my first building class in SL last night it was a great experience

19:49:13 JenW: http://elgg.net/terrya/weblog/

19:49:17 JenW: Terry's blog

19:49:19 sharon_(eebee1): thanx

19:49:29 dave-on-air: ask for mic?

19:49:40 sharon_(eebee1): I thought SL = simulated learning, but turns out to be Second Life?

19:49:53 HaroldJarche: http://www.simteach.com/wiki/index.php?title=Top_20_Educational_Location...

19:50:08 sharon_(eebee1): Good ole Dewey

19:51:28 sharon_(eebee1): what is the spending for Cdns for education?

19:51:35 HaroldJarche: Nintendo spends $140 million on R&D

19:52:01 JasonR: Is there any way to teach lessons via Xbox Live? Does it even have that capacity? Curious.

19:52:26 JasonR: Videoconferencing is coming to the Xbox, I hear.

19:52:28 sharon_(eebee1): 300x less spending on education than health in Canada

19:52:40 sharon_(eebee1): Design-based research?

19:53:01 USSROVER: folks I'm fading been up too long with very little sleep so later all

19:53:09 sharon_(eebee1): my understanding is that AR is under the umbrella of DBR

19:53:15 JenW: go rest ussr -- we will see you later!!!

19:53:28 dave-on-air: cheers

19:53:39 sharon_(eebee1): later USSR

19:53:57 USSROVER: dave if you can play our conversations thrus & friday show Thurs for sure

19:54:02 sharon_(eebee1): frankly, I think Design-based R is the way to go

19:54:04 dave-on-air: k

19:54:09 USSROVER: thanks

19:54:19 JasonR: action research: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_research

19:54:58 JasonR: I get nothing for DBR in Wikipedia. Anyone?

19:55:01 sharon_(eebee1): is there literature to support that distinction? Have not seen it

19:55:37 sharon_(eebee1): I have some lit for Design-based research

19:55:55 sharon_(eebee1): loved it too

19:56:14 cathy_evanoff: Have to run- will listen to the rest when posted :)

19:56:22 JenW: good night Cathy

19:56:31 JenW: and have a good night too

19:56:35 lee: Interesting, Terry..

19:56:39 cathy_evanoff: night all

19:57:29 JenW: but what MAKES a wikipedia publishable -- who decides this??

19:57:38 dave-on-air: community

19:57:43 dave-on-air: there's guidelines

19:57:43 JenW: perhaps WE should become wikipedians

19:57:44 JasonR: The absence of anything else in its class

19:58:02 lee: hooray

19:58:05 dave-on-air: http://cider.athabascau.cqa

19:58:06 lee: tis tru

19:58:08 terry_anderson: cider.athabascau.ca

19:58:28 JasonR: http://cider.athabascau.ca/

19:59:07 lee: I have been talking with UMUC about the MDE program

19:59:13 lee: so this has been great Terry

19:59:16 HaroldJarche: last word on blended learning http://www.experiencedesignernetwork.com/archives/000493.html

19:59:33 lee: I am now going to be looking at your Univ. as well

19:59:38 sharon_(eebee1): wall-dropping = blended learning approach for those who can still meet f2f

19:59:49 JasonR: Especially in context of the US, and the obsession over standardized testing...

20:00:25 lee: yes

20:00:30 JenM: Could Terry please mention the latest on the mLearn 2006 conf. coming up this fall?

20:00:55 frances: can you repeat the fellow's name again that you are referring to from europe re: learning networks

20:01:40 lee: Yes, as the personal guidance saves alot of time when learning skills or applications

20:01:43 frances: thanks!

20:02:05 dave-on-air: http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk/8/2/5/koper.html

20:02:17 dave-on-air: http://www.iel.nl/rkp.htm

20:02:19 lee: The in person guidance..that is

20:02:27 JasonR: http://www.mlearn2006.org/ ?

20:04:16 HaroldJarche: Timu http://flosse.dicole.org/

20:05:33 frances: yeah -- that was just great

20:05:40 sharon_(eebee1): That was serious OUCh

20:05:42 JenW: is CIDER for everyone??

20:05:43 JenM: Thank you! Enjoy following Terry's work!

20:05:57 sharon_(eebee1): Thank Terry - would love to keep in touch

20:06:01 JasonR: Thank you.

20:06:09 terry_anderson: Yes, we except everyone as an honarary Canadian in CIDER

20:06:15 JenW: ahhhhh -- thank you

20:06:33 JenW: I shall enjoy my dual cyber-citizenship

20:06:54 scott: nice job of chat hosting - Dave C!!

20:07:21 sharon_(eebee1): yes, good job, Dave

20:07:35 JenM: Nice job. "see" you all later!

20:07:48 dave-on-air: http://www.rent-a-tutor.com/myvideopodcast/

20:07:59 JenW: lol is this safe to click on

20:08:11 frances: yes - that is marian from germany

20:08:31 JenW: me too

20:08:31 frances: he does skypecasts also about using skype casts

20:08:58 scott: *choochoo*

20:09:06 dave-on-air: ask for microphone

20:10:29 lee: its php u idot was the exact quote from myvideopodcast in my window

20:11:02 scott: "Those who can't - teach others how not to"

20:11:19 lee: nice scott

20:11:27 lee: :)

20:11:29 JasonR: Yeah, keeping that one Scott

20:11:36 scott: 'twas a cartoon panel in the latest New Yorker magazine

20:12:35 lee: unmute myvideopodcast

20:12:50 dave-on-air: no such person

20:13:01 lee: How is UMUC for a MDE?

20:13:47 dave-on-air: cde.athabascau.ca

20:14:09 lee: new2mac....can you unmute him

20:14:11 dave-on-air: http://cde.athabascau.ca

20:15:43 JasonR: And is the EED taught all via Distance Learning?

20:16:12 HaroldJarche: g'night john boy

20:16:12 frances: yes - thanks very much Terry

20:16:27 frances: and Dave for putting us together! thanks

20:16:38 sharon_(eebee1): great job Dave and Terry!

20:16:41 JasonR: thanks

20:16:41 scott: where will the podcast be made available from this Skypecast??

20:16:49 lee: thanks Terry

20:16:55 new2mac: thanks terry

20:16:56 lee: very cool

20:17:04 dave-on-air: ha

20:17:07 dave-on-air: edtechtalk.com

20:17:41 new2mac: gaggle of geese

20:17:42 JenW: that is scarey

20:18:06 new2mac: its the archive in mp3?

20:18:22 frances: thanks and bye

20:18:26 dave-on-air: mp3

20:18:30 dave-on-air: http://edtechtalk.com

20:18:48 lee: cheers Dave

20:18:51 lee: thanks

20:19:44 JasonR: i can hear you on the stream btw

20:20:10 new2mac: cool man

20:20:19 new2mac: created by nicecast?

20:21:06 new2mac: terry, regarding the wiki, its up to the individuals/groups to do it

20:23:15 lee: That is a good thing

20:24:30 new2mac: yes it sure is

20:25:43 dave-on-air: what is created by nicecast?

20:25:43 new2mac: on the right re channels 1-4 is it the same thing on diffrent bitrates or different feeds

20:26:01 new2mac: dave,the archive

20:26:14 dave-on-air: i record it on audacity

20:26:19 new2mac: ah..

20:26:24 new2mac: mac or pc?

20:26:32 dave-on-air: today... pc

20:26:37 dave-on-air: on mac, i guess i use nicecast

20:26:44 new2mac: :)

20:27:33 new2mac: good to see you guys using skypecast tech for edu purposes, it will take time to pick up

20:29:46 new2mac: ok lee, dave got to go. thanks again for the show and keep up the wonderful work

20:30:08 dave-on-air: cheers

20:30:39 new2mac: the link earlier has the ability to feed visuals/webpages for the audience

20:30:59 lee: See you later and thanks for coming new2mac

20:31:01 lee: gotta run

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