EdTech Talk #7 - July 17, 2005

EdTech Talk #7 - July 17, 2005
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Community Q & A
A live interactive help session for all questions related to Ed Tech - anything from 'What is rss?' to 'How do you increase upload limits for Moodle?'.  Questions can be asked during the show, but first we'll be tackling questions posted beforehand on our forums. Answers will come from the webcast team, 'expert' guests, and our listener community. Whenever possible, we will use our full multimedia arsenal (i.e. screen capture videos and audio guides) to record comprehensive answers. Please help us get started by using our forums to post any questions you have.
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Hi, I summarised this show for a blog post over here (http://jamm.mindspaceart.com/jammtools/weblog/4.html) so thought I might as well drop it in here: This is an audio discussion at EdTechTalk, discussing many online collaboration and education tools, including:

What is a web server
How do you work with/on a server
Server software
Moodle (education platform)
Elgg (social network platform)
Blogging software
What is RSS
What is podcasting
Skype and other VOIP tools

A nice, intro for people new to these ideas.