EdTechTalk#32 Chat Transcript

JeffLebow >>> Hey Graham
GrahamStanley >>> Hi Dave & Jeff1
GrahamStanley >>> 2 long paragraphs?
GrahamStanley >>> would love to
GrahamStanley >>> "yes, you're right"
GrahamStanley >>> "absolutely right, but do you know of any case where someone has been prosecuted?"
GrahamStanley >>> Hi sus
Sus_Denmark >>> Hi Graham!!
GrahamStanley >>> do you use elgg?
Sus_Denmark >>> "Yes, I do"
Sus_Denmark >>> for quite a while actually
Sus_Denmark >>> I suppose the webcast started a few mins ago?
GrahamStanley >>> of course you do - you're actually in my friends list!
GrahamStanley >>> "hi gulsah, glad you could join us"
gulsahsunter >>> hi everyone
Sus_Denmark >>> "yes, Graham - I'm collecting elgg friends"
Sus_Denmark >>> to see hoaf rathat will take me
GrahamStanley >>> have you been using it with students?
Sus_Denmark >>> How far I mean
Sus_Denmark >>> "Graham, I don't have students myself"
GrahamStanley >>> "ok, sorry"
GrahamStanley >>> Moodle and elgg are different beasts
Sus_Denmark >>> "We're considering introducing elgg to rhe EVO workshop,but we need to check the newest version"
GrahamStanley >>> I agree: the social aspect of it is very attractive to students
Sus_Denmark >>> "I think elggcould be more like a supplement,It would be hard to have an elgg only course running"
GrahamStanley >>> that's a good idea sus
GrahamStanley >>> do you think so?
GrahamStanley >>> "I think it would work well - we thought about it, but weren't sure about the podcasting supplement"
Sus_Denmark >>> "in landscapes, we see many different objects and checkpoints"
GrahamStanley >>> Could we have a link to the university that are using elgg for podcasting?
Sus_Denmark >>> Graham - did YOU use elgg with students?
GrahamStanley >>> I used elgg with a group of Erasmus students and was very happy
GrahamStanley >>> the course ran Oct-Jan last year
gulsahsunter >>> actually this is my first year in teaching and i have to improve myself
Sus_Denmark >>> "We tried to encourage psrticipants in the Nordic Voice conference & CoP join elgg and start blogging with us, so far only one new blogger started out"
GrahamStanley >>> "well, you're jumping itno the deep end gulsah! Welcome aboard"
Sus_Denmark >>> "Guksa, where are you?"
Sus_Denmark >>> Gulsa
gulsahsunter >>> turkey
JeffLebow >>> http://mosaic.chn.nl/
Sus_Denmark >>> I'm Sus in Denmark
gulsahsunter >>> hi sus
GrahamStanley >>> What are you teaching gulsah? (age/level)
gulsahsunter >>> high school prep classes
Sus_Denmark >>> would you suggest that the Moodle / elgg integration should be a protected blog space?
gulsahsunter >>> in a private school
gulsahsunter >>> luckly
gulsahsunter >>> because conditions are different in turkey
gulsahsunter >>> as you might know
GrahamStanley >>> "Sus, I used elgg as an alternative to blogger with my erasmus students, so they were principally using the blogging features"
GrahamStanley >>> "but the added extras such as tagging, file sharing, etc really appealed and worked well with the group"
Sus_Denmark >>> "what sort of templates, Ben - skins?"
Sus_Denmark >>> "right Graham,that's what I find is very promising as well"
GrahamStanley >>> "gulsah, sounds good. Do you want to use any online tools with your students, or do you use them already?"
GrahamStanley >>> thanks ben
Sus_Denmark >>> Bye bye Ben
gulsahsunter >>> actually we have call lessons
gulsahsunter >>> but they are actually not online
GrahamStanley >>> what do you do with the students?
gulsahsunter >>> we have used some cds
gulsahsunter >>> to practise
gulsahsunter >>> grammar basically
GrahamStanley >>> Is there any way of getting the students online?
Sus_Denmark >>> do you have access to getting online somehow?
Sus_Denmark >>> "hehe, twins"
GrahamStanley >>> sus! like minds...
gulsahsunter >>> yes we have comp. labs
JeffLebow >>> http://www.alvit.de/handbook/
gulsahsunter >>> that is why i want to learn some new ways
GrahamStanley >>> don't seel yourself too cheap guys!
Sus_Denmark >>> Allo Dave
Dave_Ritter >>> hi there
GrahamStanley >>> 50 million is too low for the kind of quality you offer
gulsahsunter >>> hi
GrahamStanley >>> "Hi Dave, how's it going?"
Dave_Ritter >>> very well thank you
Sus_Denmark >>> CSS will often open sub sub menus?
Dave_Ritter >>> looking forward to being on the show
JeffLebow >>> http://www.zohowriter.com/
Sus_Denmark >>> Isn't there sometimes a problem with validating CSS pages for all browsers and systems?
Sus_Denmark >>> "when Iused mac,it was often very problematic to open and read CSS pages"
JeffLebow >>> http://www.mcelhearn.com/article.php?story=20060111150127268
Sus_Denmark >>> I HATE iTunes lately
Sus_Denmark >>> "each time I need to listen to something offline,iTunes WANT to connect online, and alsowhen I'm turning off iTunes"
Sus_Denmark >>> and all of my other Media palyers have been taken over by iTunes
JeffLebow >>> http://www.podzinger.com/
Sus_Denmark >>> I'm wondering how I can avoid this Big iTunes is watching me
John_&_Dave >>> Hi all
Sus_Denmark >>> So how do I Zing your podcast?
Sus_Denmark >>> "Zing would be a ve-ry wise voice-to text reader,then"
Sus_Denmark >>> hah hah
Sus_Denmark >>> I wcould indeed use a few interns myself
GrahamStanley >>> I think iTunes's success has gone to its head
Sus_Denmark >>> we'll look forward to
JeffLebow >>> http://www.iplaymusic.com/
John_&_Dave >>> we count as two!
GrahamStanley >>> the magnificent seven
GrahamStanley >>> hi dave
Sus_Denmark >>> Cool
JeffLebow >>> Here we come John & Dave
Sus_Denmark >>> "I already listened to this some days ago,it was very good!"
JeffLebow >>> please turn your webcasts off
dave >>> what do you mean sus?
Sus_Denmark >>> theIplay music lesson
dave >>> ah. very cool
dave >>> did you use a very small guitar to play along
Sus_Denmark >>> NO - but it did bring back sweet moemries from the days way back in the past when I gave up learning the guitar
Sus_Denmark >>> you're even VERY loud
Sus_Denmark >>> memories
GrahamStanley >>> sing-along-a-dave
GrahamStanley >>> Neil Diamond Dave?
John_&_Dave >>> ok. Dave's got a headset on his laptop
JeffLebow >>> http://www.nuvvo.com/
GrahamStanley >>> CWD?
GrahamStanley >>> Canadian World Domination?
dave >>> yes
John_&_Dave >>> :)
John_&_Dave >>> http://www.nuvvo.com/pricing
John_&_Dave >>> There are google ads on the market: http://market.nuvvo.com
GrahamStanley >>> Is http://cwd.ptbcanadian.com part of the World Bridges network?
John_&_Dave >>> http://www.savvica.com/know-better/products+services/enterprise
John_&_Dave >>> http://www.nuvvo.com/quickstart
Sus_Denmark >>> what can Nuvvo offer today - is is both asycn and synch sessions?
GrahamStanley >>> "I see nuvvo has blogging capacity - is that open and supported by RSS, or is it a closed (nuvvo members only) environment?"
John_&_Dave >>> "nuvvo is mostly asynch, but we now have Skype integration."
John_&_Dave >>> nuvvo runs courses... some are private and some are public (including lots of free public courses).
GrahamStanley >>> I also see mp3 integration. Do you have any podcasting tools?
John_&_Dave >>> "no podcasting, yet."
GrahamStanley >>> any plans for it?
John_&_Dave >>> we are adding rss/atom syndication to blogs hosted by nuvvo.
John_&_Dave >>> podcasting is really hot right now--and its easy for us to do. we'll likely have it in the next few months.
GrahamStanley >>> great
dave >>> cool
John_&_Dave >>> check out our blog: http://blog.nuvvo.com
GrahamStanley >>> thanks
John_&_Dave >>> there's a couple entries there regarding rss/atom integration.
John_&_Dave >>> We use a lot of open source software ourselves.
John_&_Dave >>> here's a moodle comparison: http://www.nuvvo.com/moodle
John_&_Dave >>> http://www.nuvvo.com/sign-up
GrahamStanley >>> I like the look of the website
Sus_Denmark >>> thanks for linking to a French podcast from your blog
GrahamStanley >>> thanks a lot
Sus_Denmark >>> Thanx to YOU
GrahamStanley >>> blogger is a very basic lms
JeffLebow >>> Graham hear we come
JeffLebow >>> webcast off please
GrahamStanley >>> "ready when you are, switching off the stream"
gharwell1 >>> Speaking of everyone having their hand out.... Is anybody actually makingmoneywith their Blogs or Podcasts?
John_&_Dave >>> Thanks a lot guys.
JeffLebow >>> Thank you J & D.
JeffLebow >>> Best wishes with Nuvvo - we'll certainly stay tuned in
GrahamStanley >>> yes gharwell
Sus_Denmark >>> You'd better . just see how easily even I forgot all about the turn cast off rule
John_&_Dave >>> I was our pleasure. thank you.
GrahamStanley >>> some people do
John_&_Dave >>> will there be a permanent link where we can link to from our blog?
Sus_Denmark >>> please do NOT let your decent sessions be spoiled by voice ads
dave >>> http://edtechtalk.com
dave >>> it'll be up today or tomorrow... or something
John_&_Dave >>> thanks.
Sus_Denmark >>> or do you already Do this in secret guys? Hidden hints to sponsored services?
Sus_Denmark >>> Hiya Bob
elderbob >>> Im on the conference line...no one here.
elderbob >>> Hi Sus.
Sus_Denmark >>> :just joking guys
Sus_Denmark >>> Bob asks if anyone is in the telecon?
Sus_Denmark >>> which beer do you prefer?
elderbob >>> It has me on hold and is playing background music.
Sus_Denmark >>> perhaps it is not active Bob?
Sus_Denmark >>> some people complained they could not get into the teleconference earlier today
elderbob >>> Hmmmmm...so there is a live chat.
Sus_Denmark >>> Senseo makes you burp - sounds like a great promo effect
dave >>> yes. it's very funny
Sus_Denmark >>> Bravo Graham
Sus_Denmark >>> Hi Elizabeth
Elizabeth_H-S >>> Hi sus--who is speaking currently?
Sus_Denmark >>> I'll say goodbye for now
Sus_Denmark >>> Graham Stanley
Elizabeth_H-S >>> "Ok, sus--all too brief"
Sus_Denmark >>> tahnks for everything Elizabeth
hahahaha! >>> hi ppl
hahahaha! >>> damn it's so boringg
Elizabeth_H-S >>> "Thanks, Graham"
dave >>> http://incsub.org/blog/2006/the-inevitable-personal-learning-environment...
Elizabeth_H-S >>> You guys are never boring
Elizabeth_H-S >>> But you may be talking only to yourself
dave >>> http://headspacej.blogspot.com/2006/01/personal-learning-environments.html
Elizabeth_H-S >>> Wiki-books
Elizabeth_H-S >>> "Yes, easily updated."
Elizabeth_H-S >>> Please give time again?
JeffLebow >>> Wikibooks - Wednesday 8pmEST
GrahamStanley >>> "Oh guys, how about 15.00 on Saturdays for the ELT Podcasting webcasts?"
Elizabeth_H-S >>> "Thanks, Jeff."