EdTechWeekly #122

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EdTechWeekly #122
April 5, 2009

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18:58:17 angelamaiers -> Hello Friends!
18:58:23 courosa -> @mememe click on the ustream channel to the right
18:58:46 PeggyG -> Lorna did a screencast with instructions for listening to ETT shows :-)
18:58:51 mememe -> where it says EdTEchTalk A or B?
18:59:03 courosa -> Still think you need to plan a "bring someone with you" ponzi scheme of community development.
18:59:17 angelamaiers -> Hi Alec!
18:59:22 kwhobbes -> how would you do that courosa?
18:59:31 courosa -> Hey Angela, how are you?
18:59:42 minhaaj -> Thx JL
18:59:47 minhaaj -> would be too late to speak though :)
18:59:55 courosa -> @kwhobbes Just think that the best entry to the community is a guide.
18:59:58 LindaNitsche -> So do I listen to the audio or the video?
18:59:58 Gary -> @mememe - or the UStream
19:00:01 angelamaiers -> Doing well- got a suprise snow storm in Iowa today- glad to be listening here tonight!
19:00:05 PeggyG -> This is Lorna's screencast--can't remember if it included ustream. http://classroomblogging.com/mov/ett_live.mov
19:00:07 LindaNitsche -> So many choices!
19:01:06 kwhobbes -> @coursa, would you listen together?
19:01:52 kwhobbes -> I'm sitting at a desk!
19:02:11 courosa -> @kwhobbes Number of different ways I think, depending on proximity.
19:02:22 [email protected] -> lol
19:02:59 [email protected] -> Pumping wattage in your cottage? Drive time!
19:03:10 courosa -> Is Dave using Windows?
19:03:43 kwhobbes -> maybe you need to reboot!
19:04:34 LindaN -> OK, I am listening to two streams...AAAgh!
19:04:55 dave -> http://www.sweetwater.com/c695--USB_Audio_Interfaces/popular/pn1
19:05:41 marlenearmstrong -> Listening to the UStream....what can I do with this webpage?
19:05:43 matt montagne -> very cool dave
19:05:49 matt montagne -> which one are you using??
19:05:52 angelamaiers -> Love that- little jiggers!
19:06:01 courosa -> @dave content of audio, or quality?
19:06:06 marlenearmstrong -> EdTech Talk UStream
19:06:18 courosa -> tee hee
19:06:19 Tom -> a little distorted... just a little... but clear
19:06:32 LindaN -> Hi Joyce!
19:06:40 JenM -> Skype on the iPhone: http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/technology/2009-04-01-att-skype...
19:06:49 joycevalenza -> Hi Linda. Greetings room!
19:06:53 courosa -> (except in Canada ... dang)
19:07:05 PeggyG -> I absolutely am loving Skype on my iphone!!
19:07:07 Neil Stephenson -> courosa.. I feel your pain
19:07:12 joycevalenza -> i think i walked into a gadget fest
19:07:14 matt montagne -> we gotta reference "Japan's first podcaster" his audio always sounds awesome, even live
19:07:26 Gary -> @ courosa - would have bought an iPod touch but...
19:07:32 kwhobbes -> I wish I could get an iphone!
19:07:39 minhaaj -> i've been meaning to ask someone about iphone skype. how does that work Peggy?
19:07:41 courosa -> you can easily spoof wifi over 3G
19:07:49 angelamaiers -> I so want an iphone!
19:08:01 Valaina -> I want to get an iTouch
19:08:12 kwhobbes -> we don't get Rogers here in rural Sask so can't get service!
19:08:12 jackiegerstein -> I want a video Skype on the iphone
19:08:18 PeggyG -> very slick app! can even follow group chat messages instantly!!
19:08:35 kwhobbes -> @Valaina - the ipod touch is great but would rather have an iphone
19:08:36 courosa -> US based iTunes account
19:08:46 Neil Stephenson -> hey hey .. go easy on the Canadians
19:08:48 courosa -> You can use Fring to do it anyways
19:08:49 PeggyG -> it tells you if you have new chat messages or calls whenever you sign in
19:08:49 minhaaj -> great. unlike fring, it doesn't charge you for outgoing calls to landline/mobiles if i get it right.
19:08:59 Neil Stephenson -> or nimbuzz.. it works well
19:09:02 minhaaj -> lovely.
19:09:03 JL -> http://screencastle.com/
19:09:13 courosa -> yea, haven't tried nimbuzz yet, but hear it does
19:09:17 zoe pipe -> I just bought an iphone today, wish I could skype in Canada
19:09:18 minhaaj -> IM+ is also an option but nothing like a native app.
19:09:26 JL -> http://goview.com/goldwyn/spring/play?method=indexPage
19:09:35 courosa -> @zoepipe See fring or nimbuzz
19:10:04 jackiegerstein -> claps for Peggy!
19:10:17 PeggyG -> you bet-just a sec!
19:10:29 JenM -> http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-10211253-93.html
19:10:32 minhaaj -> Peggy always had my 'best wired-granny' award
19:10:34 minhaaj -> lol
19:10:43 PeggyG -> http://live.classroom20.com/archive.html
19:10:54 PeggyG -> that's funny Minhaaj!
19:11:07 [email protected] -> What's 100 million among friends?
19:11:27 minhaaj -> you beat me on tech Peggy. Sometimes, that is. lol
19:11:40 PeggyG -> there are some fantastic screencasting links in the resources for the show yesterday! Even Jeff's Jing screencast about how to use Jing :-)
19:11:52 minhaaj -> Hey Sheila
19:11:58 dave -> http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/null/130078
19:11:59 courosa -> I think the Web 2.0 companies are now represented by a non-pronouncable symbol.
19:12:07 JenM -> VC Funding: http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/04/04/the-google-ventures-cheat-sheet/ ... and ... http://venturebeat.com/2009/04/03/the-vc-walking-dead-extended-edition/
19:12:12 kwhobbes -> like Prince?
19:12:21 JenM -> @alec :)
19:12:23 courosa -> Exactly like prince!
19:12:29 kwhobbes -> who is now Prince again.
19:12:31 sheila -> Hi all!
19:12:40 kwhobbes -> Hi JenM
19:12:43 [email protected] -> and unplug them
19:12:49 angelamaiers -> WOW!
19:12:52 zoe pipe -> How many schools turn off computers everyday?
19:12:53 JenM -> iphone ... http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/05/fashion/05iphone.html?_r=1&partner=rss...
19:13:27 kwhobbes -> we don't - so IT can monitor and update during non-school time.
19:13:29 JenM -> iphone apps: http://news.stanford.edu/news/2009/april1/free-iphone-software-developme...
19:13:33 Valaina -> we turn ours off everyday at school except 2 days a week
19:13:59 matt montagne -> There are very few "killer apps" for me on my iPhone. I just haven't found that many that have been that useful
19:14:18 JL -> http://picasaweb.google.com/jefflebow/ETWMods#
19:14:19 kyteacher -> @kwhobbes Our school computers stay on for the same reason.
19:14:24 sroseman -> yeah read it in the paper edition of the New York Times
19:14:41 angelamaiers -> I love my dayjob, and my night job, weekend job, etc..
19:14:42 sroseman -> re creating iphone apps
19:14:44 joycevalenza -> I am out of iphone space.  must delete stuff :-(
19:14:54 Neil Stephenson -> @matt - you mean the fart simulator isn't the killer app you've veen waiting for?
19:14:57 JL -> http://www.photofunia.com/
19:15:02 Molly McGinn -> that is hilarious!
19:15:03 Cal -> laptop adapters still use electricity when they're plugged in and not charging your laptop
19:15:11 kwhobbes -> @angelamaiers - yeah, me too! What would I do with my time?
19:15:14 JohnS -> Goomoodleikiog: http://sites.google.com/site/goomoodleikiog/presentation/our-video
19:15:25 matt montagne -> @Neil...I think that is the problem with software dev...too many fart apps and not enough meaningful apps
19:15:31 courosa -> I think Jeff has a bit of the Snoop Dogg going in that mugshot pic
19:15:57 matt montagne -> Google Apps for EDU integration with Moodle is VERY, VERY nice
19:15:59 angelamaiers -> I love this video!
19:16:17 matt montagne -> SSO integration between Moodle and Google Apps...good stuff
19:16:30 sharonp -> Coolio!
19:16:37 doriedance -> sounds cool-John
19:16:38 dave -> http://gong.ust.hk/features_nano.html
19:16:46 doriedance -> can't wait to explore
19:17:06 matt montagne -> it is a bit broken in moodle 1.9+
19:17:14 Maureen -> @matt montagne- I use a 3rd party for moodle- asked them re sso, they are "researching" it. Was it easy to do?
19:17:25 matt montagne -> hmm...
19:17:42 JenM -> URL Shorteners: http://blog.digg.com/?p=591 ... and ... http://searchengineland.com/analysis-which-url-shortening-service-should...
19:17:44 PeggyG -> #joycevalenza--how did you fill your iphone space? just apps?
19:17:54 matt montagne -> @Maureen...yes, quite easy...hold up, I'll get a link
19:18:37 matt montagne -> http://middleschoolblog.blogspot.com/2009/04/moodle-google-integration-m...
19:18:53 Maureen -> Thx Matt
19:19:06 doriedance -> good point
19:19:07 joycevalenza -> Music
19:19:10 courosa -> Most services are blocked from schools anyways. In many cases.
19:19:23 matt montagne -> @Maureen...we've been pretty thrilled with it...a screencast of our progress to be posted soon
19:19:28 courosa -> Is content every really "dangerous" though?
19:19:31 PeggyG -> I agree about that concern re tiny urls--don't know what you're clicking on!
19:19:35 jackiegerstein -> So do you follow evil doers on Twitter
19:19:36 Neil Stephenson -> @matt.. thanks for sharing your link - looking forward to reading more
19:19:48 doriedance -> evil doers lol
19:19:50 sharonp -> depends on who is viewing the content
19:19:53 kwhobbes -> @courosa - unless you have someone who is willing to advocate for their use!
19:19:54 JL -> http://scr.im/
19:19:59 matt montagne -> np Neil
19:20:04 jackiegerstein -> Makes tiny url even when I don't want it in twiiter
19:20:07 Maureen -> @Matt we have indiv user signons, then they sign onto moodle, then they sign onto google apps- too many sign ons!
19:20:09 courosa -> But the content itself?
19:20:09 Tom -> I love tr.im
19:20:14 JL -> http://scr.im/jefflebow
19:20:15 dave -> @courosa knowledge is very dangerous and needs to be protected
19:20:20 dave -> http://scr.im/dave
19:20:23 dave -> i got dave!
19:20:26 dave -> first time ever
19:20:28 James Sigler -> I follow Darth Vadar.  You can't get more evil than that.
19:20:48 courosa -> @dave knowledge on a web page? Perhaps information.
19:20:49 sharonp -> I think Darth is following me....
19:20:52 matt montagne -> @Maureen...yes, I hear 'ya...we have that same thing going on right now, but hope to implement some versiion of moodle-google apps SSO this summer
19:20:53 dave -> Darth is a soldier of order. he's not evil... unless ur a rule breaker
19:20:55 BronStuckey -> Tweetdeck does all that include translate tweets etc etc
19:20:58 JL -> meeting24.tv
19:21:10 dave -> @courosa lol
19:21:28 James Sigler -> @sharonp are you a member of the rebel alliance?
19:21:31 JohnS -> AT&T tweaks wireless terms of service to forbid video streaming, filesharing, data tethering: http://www.engadget.com/2009/04/03/atandt-tweaks-wireless-terms-of-servi... and then, a few hours later, AT&T retracts new terms of service, apologizes: http://www.engadget.com/2009/04/03/atandt-retracts-new-terms-of-service-...
19:21:47 sharonp -> @James I am outed!! Shhh don't tell anyone!
19:22:13 courosa -> jailbreak ... jailbreak ... jailbreak - fight 'the man'
19:22:44 dave -> http://newspapertree.com/opinion/3613-the-rise-of-the-digital-refuseniks
19:22:48 ajblanco -> I'm nervous to jailbreak my iPHONE, I'm afraid i will break it somehow
19:22:53 Gary -> Big companies are nervous - the "bailouts" are ending.
19:22:55 sharonp -> I passed along the url of how to use skype on your iphone in Canada to my geekiest former student - he has new respect for me!
19:22:58 jackiegerstein -> ahhhhhhhhhhh!  Not more
19:23:18 jackiegerstein -> it is SO SILLY!
19:23:24 courosa -> @sharonp Nice! :-)
19:23:31 BronStuckey -> Blah digital hogwash
19:23:43 BronStuckey -> boo to Prensky
19:23:49 joycevalenza -> double boo
19:23:52 courosa -> People should really research the story of King Ludd
19:24:10 kwhobbes -> Yeah, For to Mr. Holt!
19:24:18 jackiegerstein -> I have ONLINE college students who claim they can't use WIkis etc because they are digital immigrants! - use it as any excuse
19:24:19 sharonp -> I cannot wait to move to an iPod Touch or iPhone with skype and ditch my cell phone (yes, I know I need to be in a wireless enviro to make it work)
19:24:35 James Sigler -> 10 years ago people complained they couldn't do e-mail
19:25:04 sharonp -> oh good grief @jackie! Those are probably the same students littering Facebook iwth their nonsense
19:25:08 angelamaiers -> You guys need to have your won glossary- refusenics!
19:25:11 kyteacher -> There are still people in my building who don't do email.
19:25:16 jackiegerstein -> My favorite quote by Pensay during an interview this week was, "twitter is just popular with those who love it"  yikes
19:25:18 BronStuckey -> I use "digital natives" as a measure of whether the author of an articles knows what they are talking about - if they use this term I do not read further!
19:25:20 Gary -> Yes we are finished with Fortran and need to move on.
19:25:36 jackiegerstein -> @ sharon lol
19:25:38 courosa -> These are basic communication skills
19:25:47 ajblanco -> LOVE googledocs
19:25:51 Neil Stephenson -> @Bron - nice criteria..
19:25:54 Cal -> I had a colleague say she couldn't/wouldn't even comment on a blog... she says she isn't "tech friendly"
19:25:57 JenM -> Skype recording: http://voipcallrecording.com/Skype_Call_Recorder
19:25:58 LindaN -> They all use email and social networks...but have not even considered that it ispart of teaching because it was not part of their educational experience
19:26:13 kyteacher -> We enable them & put hard copies of all announcements in teachers' mailboxes.
19:26:15 zoe pipe -> My grade five students only use google docs...I love to be able to edit and collaborate with them
19:26:22 angelamaiers -> And...how do we lead students through this space if we have never been there ourselves?
19:26:24 PeggyG -> I love the Google Docs offline feature for when you want to continue working away from the internet
19:26:28 Neil Stephenson -> googledocs - amazing..
19:26:28 matt montagne -> that is the great thing about things like google docs...they are simple and require no "training"
19:26:39 angelamaiers -> Nice segway!!!
19:26:45 sharonp -> @kyteacher Don't get me started on that practice! Can we NOT save a free trees?
19:27:00 sharonp -> I love google docs
19:27:02 JL -> http://www.edutecher.net/
19:27:08 LindaN -> @angelamaiers So True!
19:27:19 courosa -> of the 115 contributed, how many were unique? Wondering how many people put in dups (out of curiousity)
19:27:22 PeggyG -> You can use Call REcorder on a Mac from ecamm--great tool!
19:27:25 matt montagne -> @PeggyG...I wonder about offline editing of shared/collaborative docs...for example, if you and I are collaborating and both go offline to edit, and then go back online and sync, what will happen to the edits??
19:27:26 kyteacher -> @sharonp Yep.  Hate that I get a hard copy of everything that I just read online.
19:27:29 JL -> http://coe.sdsu.edu/eet/
19:27:33 James Sigler -> We didn't really get good at e-mail until all teachers in my district got laptops
19:27:33 Neil Stephenson -> @matt.. but for some refusnick - it's not simple enough - and many refuse to even experiment
19:27:37 angelamaiers -> @matt0 do not assume- 50 percent of my grad students had no idea about google docs or the Google more button!
19:27:51 JenM -> All of our links for this week: http://delicious.com/edtechtalk/20090405
19:27:58 angelamaiers -> Thanks Jen!
19:27:59 JohnS -> The Three-E Strategy for Overcoming Resistance to Technological Change: http://www.educause.edu/EQ/EDUCAUSEQuarterlyMagazineVolum/TheThreeEStrat...
19:28:15 matt montagne -> trudat angela
19:28:19 angelamaiers -> John- I just read the Educause piece today- great!
19:28:20 kyteacher -> We assign a student to occassionally empty his email inbox. 
19:28:22 PeggyG -> don't think that works smoothly Matt--it syncs when you come back online--maybe you could take turns going online to sync?? might lose somethings
19:28:51 sharonp -> @James Sigler I work in a school that has had the longest running laptop program in the province (10 years) and we STILL get memos in our mailbox (hard copies) as well as the memo sent as an attachment ....jeesh! and they wonder why the teachers are not using the smartboards!
19:29:02 JohnS -> Change Learning: http://www.changelearning.ca/
19:29:05 Neil Stephenson -> we've been using Google Docs this year to collaborate between school for peer editing - it's been pretty cool
19:29:06 LindaN -> Technology is the tool not the reason for being.
19:29:11 matt montagne -> @PeggyG...we'll have to try it at some point
19:29:41 PeggyG -> would love to try it out with you Matt!
19:29:57 sharonp -> oh yes!!
19:30:04 kwhobbes -> technology is the tool we use to ehance the learning. We need to focus on the learning not the technology.
19:30:18 courosa -> Sounds like that study was sponsored by Twitter Research Labs
19:30:23 dave -> http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&rlz=1C1CHMB_enCA321CA321&q=surfing+the...
19:30:25 jackiegerstein -> 20% by 9% -so what does that equal
19:30:27 angelamaiers -> any thoughts on Prensky engage or enrage me?
19:30:28 sharonp -> I love this research! Nearly sent it to my admin.... :-)
19:30:36 kwhobbes -> @sharonp - do your students use the laptops for all classes?
19:30:44 Cathy E -> Does that make y0ou 9% smarter too
19:30:55 PeggyG -> sounds like the same research that says doodling during presentations/lectures help you focus and learn more :-)
19:30:57 James Sigler -> @sharonp e-mail is a first step for using technology.  Smartboards are beyond the first step
19:31:05 angelamaiers -> What percent of that is Twittering? DOes that shoot the percentage of productivity WAY up???
19:31:09 jackiegerstein -> Like Marzano reporting about Interactive Whiteboards ; )
19:31:17 Neil Stephenson -> SMART boards need to go away
19:31:17 LindaN -> We need to make it clear, easy, and popular...last case scenario- mandatory.
19:31:27 JenM -> John and Jen: http://staff.bbhcsd.org/schinkerj/2009/03/31/just-jen/
19:31:30 kwhobbes -> @angelamaiers - I find it to be another one of his writings for marketing for his computer games.
19:31:32 sharonp -> @kwhobbes They have their own laptop which they bring to all their classes, but the students have told me that they are rarely used ("except in Mrs. Peters' classes!")
19:31:41 angelamaiers -> @jackiegerstein- spent some time on your wiki this weekend- fabulous stuff!
19:31:50 jannachiang -> I have tried to actually do the wii remote interactive whiteboad in my classroom
19:32:02 PeggyG -> How exciting Jen and John!!
19:32:07 jackiegerstein -> Thanks so much Angela - all of this is SO much fun! 
19:32:12 kwhobbes -> @sharonp - so is there an expectation for teachers to begin using them more?
19:32:21 jannachiang -> http://www.johnnylee.net/
19:32:23 matt montagne -> very cool John and Jen
19:32:39 Neil Stephenson -> like hobbes said - focus on the learning - designing meaningful experiences for our students
19:32:48 sharonp -> @kwhobbes That is such a good point and one I have raised with the admin (this is my first year at the school - I was in a for a shock)
19:33:02 courosa -> Bah, I'm a 59yr old female ... fools!
19:33:05 angelamaiers -> That is sooo cool- that is why I am so excited to go to NECC
19:33:30 sharonp -> We are bringing the wiimote IWB with us to South Africa
19:33:37 Cathy E -> @angelamiers I so hope I get to meet you f2f
19:33:39 angelamaiers -> @courosa- I was not going to let the secret out, but....
19:33:46 jackiegerstein -> Me too - I met so many people via all of these communites - that I can't wait to meet F2F at NECC
19:33:53 angelamaiers -> @Cathy- me too!
19:33:54 kwhobbes -> @sharonp - if they aren't being used could you send them out here - we'll use them!
19:34:12 sroseman -> me too
19:34:12 courosa -> @angela Was going to tell you at NECC, but unlikely going. :-(
19:34:12 BronStuckey -> I will be at NECC Jackie
19:34:12 jackiegerstein -> I met Peggy G through these forums and so visited my class - now she is my real friend!
19:34:12 Neil Stephenson -> I wish I was heading to NECC this year - went last year and loved it
19:34:12 Valaina -> That is one of the great things about NECC
19:34:12 JL -> http://www.kindernet.com/
19:34:12 kwhobbes -> @courosa - are you really Greek!
19:34:34 James Sigler -> @Neil Smartboards are a nice stepping stone to bringing technology and laptops into the classroom.
19:34:35 JL -> http://alpha.benchmarkr.com/
19:34:48 sharonp -> @kwhobbes I don't think the students want to give up their laptops, but the questio about whether they are being used to promote learning is a good one....
19:34:50 courosa -> @kwhobbes :-)
19:34:58 jackiegerstein -> Hurrah Bron!
19:35:05 Neil Stephenson -> @james - I think the time and money could be better spent
19:35:07 JohnS -> 100 Hours of Astronomy: http://www.100hoursofastronomy.org/
19:35:21 Cal -> @sharonp I'm at a 1:1 school too (with a smartboard in every room) and they're all still lecturing
19:35:26 matt montagne -> nice post there JS...great story
19:35:36 sharonp -> @Neil I agree about SBs.... depends on teh school budget
19:35:42 JohnS -> Volcano Explorer: http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/pompeii/interactive/interactive.html
19:35:48 jackiegerstein -> 100 hours was way cool -there was 80 telescopes around the world on Friday/Sat - live - on ustream
19:35:55 kwhobbes -> @Cal - could you send you your laptops then?
19:36:04 sharonp -> @Cal Yup, I am not surprised - have seen few schools really truly integrate their use well
19:36:05 sarah h -> we've been 1:1 for 10 years and still have lecturers. But not so many now
19:36:16 Gary -> Had fun playing with it!
19:36:20 ajblanco -> @sharonp but if teachers are using them as glorified projectors instead of an interactive tool, smartboards are just fancy whiteboards
19:36:31 jend -> The volcano link rules the world - I'm just building a moodle course all abotu volcanoes - thank-you!!!!
19:36:32 James Sigler -> Smartboards, like other tech, are only the tools.  The tools don't change the teaching. 
19:36:40 angelamaiers -> FYI- April is Financial Literacy month- Verizon and Brainpop have some great stuff-
19:36:42 dave -> http://www.usatoday.com/tech/webguide/internetlife/2009-04-02-online-fri...
19:36:49 sharonp -> @ajblanco and they sure look good when they "market" the school - am convinced a lot of it is for marketing purposes
19:37:08 Neil Stephenson -> @ajblanco - I agree..
19:37:11 ajblanco -> Yeah, I can see that too.  Shiny toys hanging on the wall.  Sighs
19:37:19 kwhobbes -> Our teachers with Smartboards have begun to change their teaching - with help - and that leads them to be very positive and active in their tech development.
19:37:22 angelamaiers -> http://www.brainpop.com/
19:37:35 courosa -> That's why they have Omegle to speak to strangers.
19:37:39 sharonp -> SmartBoards look good in a 10 min demo. You can touch them. You can see them. Obviously money well spent....
19:37:43 Neil Stephenson -> kwhobbes - good to hear a positive impact of smartboards
19:37:51 sarah h -> SBs do look really good on a tour. To me, they make it easier to say "look at me, look up here"  Elementary teachers seem to "get it" better than MS/US
19:37:53 matt montagne -> @angela...good stuff from PBS Frontline series as well Credit Card industry...it is a few years old, but is EXCELLENT
19:37:55 PeggyG -> @Angela-can you access and use brainpop without paying?
19:37:58 angelamaiers -> @kwhobbes- that is great to hear! So often they are just really expensive white boards
19:38:07 jend -> courosa - talking to the guy in belgium on omegle was one of my highlights of moodlemoot
19:38:10 angelamaiers -> For April it is free to educators
19:38:17 angelamaiers -> Hey Ben!
19:38:24 Valaina -> Brainpop??\
19:38:26 courosa -> @jend I should have taken it further ... but it was fun! :-)
19:38:28 Neil Stephenson -> It so much harder to change the projects - and market the chaos of real learning
19:38:30 JenM -> Twitter on gmail: http://www.twittergadget.com/
19:38:30 LindaN -> @sarah Absolutely true in my district. elem is eons ahead of the MS and HS
19:38:32 bergenhagen -> my district subscribes to Brainpop
19:38:37 kyteacher -> I think that we also spend a lot of time scaring kids about the people on the internet.
19:38:37 jackiegerstein -> and another aurgument that the kids are not connecting with the evil omnsters behind the internet
19:38:49 MJD -> Good comments about age on Twitter.
19:38:49 sharonp -> @kwhobbes and I hear your school has a really great principal that would support effective PD for integration of SB!
19:38:50 kwhobbes -> @Neil Stephenson - I am pushing the teachers with the Smartboards to seek out new ways of doing things - send them links, ask questions and such.
19:39:03 Ben Grey -> I'm late. Has Dave said anything smart/interesting/Canadian yet?
19:39:07 kyteacher -> We aren't good at balancing the need to be careful with the opportunity to learn and share.
19:39:17 JL -> http://nomee.com/
19:39:19 sharonp -> @BEn Meh. Just Dave.
19:39:20 PeggyG -> have you tried Twitter Mosaic? You can get a mug or tshirt with all of your twitter friend avatars on it :-)
19:39:22 kwhobbes -> @sharonp - :)
19:39:26 courosa -> @ben I believe he sounds out his "u"s more than most.
19:39:30 dave -> @ben couldn't find your link
19:39:32 angelamaiers -> http://www.brainpop.com/
19:39:33 Ben Grey -> Hey, Angela.
19:39:35 jend -> @couros I don't think our belgian friend was going to be any more co-operative - but very fun!
19:39:58 Ben Grey -> My favorite from last week was when Dave said "Yeah-yoo"  Say it again, Dave.
19:40:04 JL -> http://virtual.fetc.org/Microsites/FETC-Virtual-09/about.aspx
19:40:07 James Sigler -> @kwobbes The "with help" is critical.  Training, support, and access are keys to techn intergration in the classroom
19:40:08 malikrichardson -> You have to pay for brainpop... :-(
19:40:16 Ben Grey -> Which link?
19:40:18 courosa -> @jend Thanks! :-)
19:40:24 sharonp -> Florida Ed tech
19:40:33 sharonp -> wow!
19:40:42 Ben Grey -> Alec, he's doing that for dramatic effect.
19:40:44 PeggyG -> yes FETC :-)
19:40:48 Neil Stephenson -> @hobbes.. keep going - I don't mean to be so negative! - At some point we have to use what we can to help people move forward
19:40:50 kwhobbes -> @James Sigler - that is why teachers need someone to help them along the way.
19:40:52 JohnS -> James P. Steyer on City Club of Cleveland: http://www.cityclub.org/Default.aspx?tabid=256&id=15150
19:41:01 Gary -> Apparently not.
19:41:05 angelamaiers -> Nice!
19:41:15 James Sigler -> love brainpop
19:41:39 Tom -> An exciting new twitter app ...NON Adobe Air ... Nambu... seems promising http://nambu.com
19:41:44 kwhobbes -> Guess I have look at brainpop!
19:41:57 Neil Stephenson -> I had an interesting discussoin recently about teacher professionalism.  This person was complaing about why teacher need "help" and "coaching."  What other profession has people pushing and encouraging others to do their job.. thoughts?
19:42:00 kwhobbes -> Anyone use hotchalk for their schools?
19:42:17 courosa -> @khobbes Brainpop has been around for a LONG time, and my students have always really enjoyed it.
19:42:20 kyteacher -> @Neil S Good point.
19:42:21 PeggyG -> FYI-Twitter Mosaic comes from www.zazzle.com--very cool
19:42:25 JohnS -> Study: Internet safer for kids than many think : http://www.eschoolnews.com/news/classroom-news/?i=58005
19:42:28 sharonp -> @Neil I thought most professions do...?
19:42:32 Gary -> @Tom - page loading error.
19:42:33 James Sigler -> Nambu link doesn't work
19:42:44 kwhobbes -> @Neil Stephenso - what do you mean by "others to do their job?"
19:42:47 Valaina -> Find it weird that a professtion who wants students to be livelong learners aren't life long learners themselves
19:42:48 sharonp -> Always happy to hear nurses and doctors keeping up....
19:42:58 malikrichardson -> tried hotchalk... there are better resources out there..
19:43:02 PeggyG -> I use HotChalk for myself :-) great blog posts there!!
19:43:04 dave -> http://www.eschoolnews.com/news/top-news/related-top-news/index.cfm?i=57949
19:43:09 courosa -> Law enforcement is too busy charging tweens for sexting.
19:43:20 Tom -> sorry.. .http://www.nambu.com/
19:43:25 matt montagne -> I agree, Dave
19:43:27 jackiegerstein -> clapping
19:43:29 kwhobbes -> I want my doc/nurse/plumber to be up on the newest techniques!
19:43:40 Neil Stephenson -> @sharon - I just think of my friends who are MD's/ Lawyers, etc. There doesn't seem to be the same reluctancy to learn/change/grow professionally
19:43:51 dave -> http://www2.macleans.ca/2009/04/02/james-lunney-v-science/
19:43:53 matt montagne -> digittal text books have inherent strengths in terms of their use as assistive technology for learning differences
19:43:58 kwhobbes -> @PeggyG - do you have your students sending you comments/questions?
19:44:05 Gary -> Looney
19:44:10 PeggyG -> the chat logs with the links are so valuable!!
19:44:12 sharonp -> @Neil maybe because their job depends on it?
19:44:18 Neil Stephenson -> Is the idea of a "teacher" coach limited to only teaching?  Anyone have examples from other professions?
19:44:19 JenM -> Google Voice Search: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7982763.stm
19:44:28 matt montagne -> our librarian has discontinued the purchase of reference books...
19:44:31 PeggyG -> @kwhobbes--don't have any students on HotChalk--retired :-)
19:44:49 jackiegerstein -> Open source textbooks! http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/open_source_textbook_maker_flat_wor...
19:44:49 kwhobbes -> @Neil - nursing, most jobs with apprenticeship.
19:44:54 Molly McGinn -> Anyone know if Google is buying Twitter?
19:44:58 PeggyG -> the google voice search on the iphone is amazing!!
19:45:24 Neil Stephenson -> kwhobbes - I'll look into nursing.. thanks
19:45:26 courosa -> The real future of search is straight from the brain.
19:45:36 Ben Grey -> Please set your phones to vibrate. Thank you.
19:45:45 Molly McGinn -> Telapathy..is next
19:45:48 sharonp -> @Neil we don't require our teachers to show their professional growth (at least, the schools I know) - lip service is paid to it
19:46:08 courosa -> no echo here
19:46:10 Molly McGinn -> no echo here
19:46:13 [email protected] -> No echo
19:46:13 sharonp -> no echo here
19:46:14 ajblanco -> no echo
19:46:14 Valaina -> no echo
19:46:19 kyteacher -> None here
19:46:22 PeggyG -> no echo on ustream
19:46:31 JL -> http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2009-03-31/tweeting-throu...
19:46:36 Gary -> echo echo ...
19:46:39 BronStuckey -> we are not
19:46:45 Neil Stephenson -> @sharon - I total agree. how much $ is spent on PD a year?
19:46:45 BronStuckey -> no echo here
19:46:49 Ben Grey -> Apparently there is echo in the chat room.
19:46:51 kwhobbes -> @Neil - when they are going to be nurse practitioners.
19:46:54 LindaN -> Brutal here in my house
19:47:04 JL -> http://wordahead.com/
19:47:09 sharonp -> @Neil and how much accountability is attached with that expenditure?
19:47:18 Neil Stephenson -> kwhobbes - so when they're moving to a new position?
19:47:23 PeggyG -> wasn't that an incredible story about all of the students who got acceptance letters incorrectly!! very disappointed students!!
19:47:27 JL -> https://cms.paypal.com/cgi-bin/marketingweb?cmd=_render-content&content_...
19:47:35 [email protected] -> This show is very Mystery Science Theater 3000-esque.   :-)
19:47:39 sarah h -> lip service to growth here too.  Did you see the interview w/ Linda Darling-Hamilton about how paretns should demand to know how their child's teachers are improvingtheir professional practice?
19:47:42 JohnS -> Conficker Eye Chart: http://www.confickerworkinggroup.org/infection_test/cfeyechart.html
19:47:46 sharonp -> yikes! Don't tell my kids about that paypal thing!
19:48:00 Molly McGinn -> no death
19:48:16 John Rundag -> I love that eye chart!
19:48:26 Cathy E -> @Sarah - would love to see that
19:48:27 sharonp -> @sarah Who is Linda Darling-Hamilton?
19:48:30 JohnS -> Gmail Turns 5: http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2009/04/gmail-turns-5.html
19:48:34 JenM -> Again ... all the links for tonight's show ... http://delicious.com/edtechtalk/20090405
19:48:41 angelamaiers -> @sarah can you share that link
19:48:42 John Rundag -> Conficker blocks access to security sites.
19:48:49 Gary -> And Gmail is still beta?
19:48:52 kwhobbes -> @Neil - it happens when they are training to be a nurse practitioner, which alllows them to do some of the similar things as doctors.
19:48:54 sharonp -> wow, and I have had a gmail account for ALMOST as long
19:49:16 Neil Stephenson -> kwhobbes - My brother in law just became a nurse practitioner
19:49:18 PeggyG -> Linda Darling-Hammond--fantastic teacher educator who handled the education debate for Obama vs Lisa Graham Keene for McCain
19:49:22 sharonp -> LOL... here is when we abuse DAve.... even more
19:49:27 kwhobbes -> @sharonp - Linda Darling-Hammond - isn't she a singer or something?
19:49:29 sarah h -> I'm looking for it--it's in my diigo.  I'll switch to laptop
19:49:37 JL -> http://meeting24.tv/meetings/page/dab9c9f16081cf485fbb33edab2324f90041b5ae
19:49:48 Molly McGinn -> Thanks ..great show.
19:49:55 Neil Stephenson -> thanks
19:49:57 sharonp -> @kwhobbes I feel so .... Canadian for not knowing!
19:49:58 BronStuckey -> gtg - been unreal as usual - thx everyone!
19:50:08 sharonp -> LOL - my pleasure guys!
19:50:24 PeggyG -> thanks for all of the great links!! always takes at least an hour after the show to check them out!!
19:50:26 James Sigler -> @sharonp Linda D-H should have been Sec of Ed instead of Duncan and almost was
19:50:26 joycevalenza -> thanks, great ideas!
19:50:27 kwhobbes -> @sharonp - only know because of my MEd - had to read a number of her books.
19:50:32 [email protected] -> Hello
19:50:36 Neil Stephenson -> kwhobbes.. thanks for the chat! - are you on twiiter? im @neilstephenson
19:50:50 Ben Grey -> Jen, that would be the Willis Tower.
19:51:01 kwhobbes -> @Neil - yep - kwhobbes - also on Plurk!
19:51:09 angelamaiers -> Hi Sam!
19:51:15 [email protected] -> NO Willis Tower!! NO Macy's, either. :-)
19:51:16 Molly McGinn -> how do we get in to the high def room?
19:51:19 [email protected] -> Hey!
19:51:52 [email protected] -> <----using Skype
19:52:00 kwhobbes -> Okay, time to go for supper! Thanks for the great session. How many links do I need to post to get a mention on this show?;)
19:52:13 sharonp -> @kwhobbes LOL!
19:52:16 sarah H -> @angela here it is: http://www.edutopia.org/linda-darling-hammond-teacher-preparation
19:52:20 sharonp -> They take bribes
19:52:25 matt montagne -> nite y'all
19:52:28 matt montagne -> great show
19:52:30 angelamaiers -> Thanks @sarah!
19:52:37 kwhobbes -> @sharonp - yeah, I saw they use paypal!
19:52:38 JenM -> @Ben ... Can't do it ... I worked there on the 47th floor when it was "Sears Tower"
19:52:39 Neil Stephenson -> kwhobbes - preferrably mac products!
19:52:40 angelamaiers -> Great show- nite nite all!
19:52:47 PeggyG -> had to go to the big screen in Studio to see all of you!
19:52:49 sharonp -> great show - learned a lot and will explore those links
19:53:03 kwhobbes -> @Neil - I know but I need them for myself!
19:53:13 sheila -> Hi Tom!
19:53:24 [email protected] -> <----Blackberry user
19:53:28 kwhobbes -> Change my nickname! Yikes, last time I did that I got into trouble!
19:53:41 Ben Grey -> Jen.  Stay strong.  For so many of us, it will always remain The Sears Tower.
19:54:10 kwhobbes -> Boy, there is some serious time lapse reverb going on somewhere!
19:54:24 Ben Grey -> You guys need a topic or something.
19:54:45 Ben Grey -> Maybe talk about your favorite Canadian treats.
19:54:52 kwhobbes -> Okay, time for food! Can't wait to hear how this sounds on the podcast!
19:55:17 Ben Grey -> We get along in a bizzaro world kind of way.
19:55:41 Ben Grey -> One time I said something that Dave kind of agreed with. I still have that tweet framed and up in my office.
19:55:56 PeggyG -> we have plenty of sunshine to share in AZ :-)
19:56:16 Ben Grey -> Ok, topic is sunshine.  Ready, go.
19:57:20 PeggyG -> @Ben Grey--you know we can't stay on the same topic for more than 20 secs!
19:57:37 Molly McGinn -> is the skype login just edtechtalk?
19:57:53 Ben Grey -> This is like the greatest science experiment I've ever listened to.
19:58:06 Molly McGinn -> no
19:58:31 [email protected] -> using headset....but this haedset has no mic....my mic is built-in withmy Toshiba tablet.
19:58:50 [email protected].com -> And Icannot hearanything lol
20:00:13 PeggyG -> too blurry to see on full screen
20:00:19 [email protected] -> Ihear you know wooot
20:00:26 Ben Grey -> Dave, can I email you my pdf copy of wikipedia? I have the entire thing here for you.
20:00:27 [email protected] -> errr....now
20:00:40 PeggyG -> good job sam!! making progress! :-)
20:00:50 Molly McGinn -> Peggy what is the skype contact name to skype in? is it just edtechtalk?
20:00:54 sheila -> What do the messages say on the faces?
20:00:55 PeggyG -> very interesting experience!
20:01:09 JohnS -> They're chats
20:01:11 PeggyG -> sorry Molly-I don't know
20:01:14 JenM -> ttfn ... thank you everyone!
20:01:19 JohnS -> When you type in a chat message, it shows up on your face.
20:01:21 Molly McGinn -> k..this is very cool anyway
20:01:27 sheila -> Tx John
20:01:56 [email protected] -> Going to get my mic...afk a couple
20:01:56 PeggyG -> I wondered what that text was appearing on the screen--cool!
20:02:36 PeggyG -> lots of lag with the audio and video right now
20:02:49 PeggyG -> thanks--fun!!!
20:02:50 Molly McGinn -> good start guys
20:03:05 sheila -> Night all!  Thanks for showing us another tool!
20:03:20 PeggyG -> that's a great quote!! if you're not crashing something you're not trying hard enough! :-)
20:03:34 Molly McGinn -> I want to learn how to do this to so lets keep at it..next week?
20:03:50 PeggyG -> see you next week
20:04:35 [email protected] -> Thanks
20:05:41 JL -> Thanks for joining us Sam


Bob, I am so glad to hear your comments on Scratch. I haven't really had time to do much more than a cursory exploration of the program, but I've been trying to get my 7th graders interested in trying it so they can teach each other and me! I did that with Sketch-Up -I really didn't know how to use it, but we opened up that program as a project option, and the kids did a great job.