EdTechWeekly #145

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It's just John and Dave on the show this week, as we leisurely discuss the role of the backchannel in presentations, Wikipedia, and personal response systems. The fast-paced format returns next week when more of the regular crew returns.

EdTechWeekly #145
November 29, 2009

Chat Log Below

[19:12] <JenW> thinking -- do I want to stay??   :) 
[19:12] <JenW> can we throw out TOPICS??
[19:12] <GaryM> Dave should talk about the Grey Cup
[19:13] <davecormier> http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/archives/2009/11/24/spectacle_at_we.htm...
[19:13] <mrsdurff> ah, the old fashioned way
[19:13] <mrsdurff> thanks
[19:13] <JenW> she should have stopped and asked what was going on
[19:14] <jackiegerstein> Dana got a lot of twittering about this during the wek
[19:14] <JenW> sadness -- NO SOUND
[19:14] <davecormier> @jenw no sound?
[19:14] <JenW> it came back
[19:14] <jackiegerstein> JenW - I am using RealPlayer
[19:14] <davecormier> i can hear john
[19:15] <jackiegerstein> It was the way it was projected - she couldn;'t see it nor the audience
[19:15] <cyndidannerkuhn> projecting it is the problem I suspect
[19:15] <JenW> it will certainly weed out the speakers who can't handle a backchannel
[19:15] <mrsdurff> talking about danah boyd?
[19:15] <JenW> yes
[19:15] <jackiegerstein> yes
[19:15] <mrsdurff> how would any of us reacted?
[19:15] <jackiegerstein> It should be the speaker's choice about it being projected
[19:16] <mrsdurff> i submit not in the same way
[19:16] <cyndidannerkuhn> I use backchannel in my class each week, it actually helps the learning and helps me improve from week to week
[19:16] <GaryM> If a teacher was using Twitter in the classroom during a class, there would be different consequences  (for the students).
[19:16] <cyndidannerkuhn> I use Chatz, anybody know of a better one?
[19:16] <JenW> people are going to backchannel even if it is not projected --- and people also share twitter -- like sharing their screens and pointing at others -- I have done that.   I don't think NOT projecting is the answer
[19:16] <jackiegerstein> I was at the ISTE panel with Vicki Davis and company when members of the audience challenged it to be used and being projected during their panel discussion
[19:17] <mrsdurff> i submit any of us would not have reacted the same way
[19:17] <CathyE> Were the comments about her personally or what she was saying?
[19:17] <JenW> at CathyE -- both
[19:17] <JenW> but it seems -- at least from what I read -- no one seemed to stop it
[19:17] <jackiegerstein> She did not have an "informed" consent so I disagree with this argument
[19:18] <mrsdurff> i so agree with cormier
[19:18] <JenW> this should be an open mic discussion
[19:18] <mrsdurff> my kids in class do the same 3X's / wk
[19:19] <JenW> this is going to be sad if the keynote has to fill out a HUGE form of what they allow and what they won't
[19:19] <GaryM> Multi-tasking, despite what we believe, does not really exist.
[19:19] <mrsdurff> that is true dave
[19:19] <JenW> why did she need that -- should it not be assumed??
[19:19] <mrsdurff> this is go with the flow
[19:20] <cyndidannerkuhn> I use it with my students as a way to take notes , ask questions, etc.  Thye help each other and we end with a pretty good set of resources, notes and then I can address things that they were unclear about.  It works MOST of the TIME
[19:20] <jackiegerstein> She did not know the set up - She didn't know that the twitter would be PROJECTED behind her
[19:20] <JenW> she was unaware of what was causing the
[19:20] <mrsdurff> but cyndi they are polite
[19:20] <jackiegerstein> That is my point
[19:20] <JenW> causing the atmosphere
[19:20] <cyndidannerkuhn> I agree, if you don't know about Twitter at this point, you have been living in a cave
[19:20] <mrsdurff> how could you not know - yes
[19:21] <mrsdurff> what dave said cyndi
[19:21] <JenW> this is what bothered me:  when she said"  Rather than getting into flow and becoming an entertainer, I retreated into myself. I basically decided to read the entire speech instead of deliver it. I counted for the time when I could get off stage. I was reading aloud while thinking all sorts of terrible thoughts about myself and my failures.
[19:21] <cyndidannerkuhn> yes, and they have their name attached!! 
[19:21] <mrsdurff> i would have and probably twittered myself
[19:21] <jackiegerstein> Brigth lights - she claimed
[19:21] <JenW> http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/archives/2009/11/24/spectacle_at_we.htm...
[19:22] <JenW> SHE READ THE SCRIPT -- that bothered me
[19:22] <mrsdurff> yeah jen who writes a speech
[19:22] <mrsdurff> is it time for Educon yet?
[19:22] <jackiegerstein> LOL Durff
[19:22] <jackiegerstein> It sounds like it
[19:22] <mrsdurff> it;s sad
[19:22] <JenW> she said:   The Twitter stream had become the center of attention, not the speaker. Not me.
[19:23] <jackiegerstein> Yes Jen
[19:23] <mrsdurff> why didn't she go with it?
[19:23] <jackiegerstein> But they were rude - commenting on her appearance
[19:23] <JenW> yes, they were very rude
[19:23] <JenW> but -- grins -- I wrote about that on my blog
[19:23] <mrsdurff> and they use them
[19:23] <jackiegerstein> I would have freadked too
[19:23] <GaryM> We used to call it "passing notes"
[19:23] <JenW> http://jenuinetech.com/blog/?p=1260
[19:24] <mrsdurff> i show middle schoolers how to backchannel
[19:24] <JenW> so-- the more you are paid-- the more harrassment you can expect??   Smiles, my fee just went WAY down
[19:24] <cyndidannerkuhn> for that kinda money, she should have been aware, hmmmmm...
[19:24] <jackiegerstein> So what would have you done?
[19:25] <mrsdurff> i'm a rebel
[19:25] <JenW> What would I have done -- or what would I think I would have done??  2 different things
[19:25] <JenW> I probably would have cried.
[19:25] <jackiegerstein> What would you have done as the speaker - even one who was paid that much money
[19:25] <mrsdurff> i would have laughed , joined them tweeting, and had a Starbucks
[19:25] <JenW> I think I would have complained from the getgo of the setup -- she was aware of things she did not like
[19:25] <GaryM> Depending on the "note" it was sometimes appropraite to read them when they were caught (but not always).
[19:26] <davecormier> I specifically requested the setup last month for a presentation
[19:26] <mrsdurff> i can only wish for that kind of $
[19:27] <mrsdurff> called thinking on your feet
[19:27] <JenW> Durff -- I know a speaker in our PLN that made THIS MONTH is speaking engagements what takes me 5 months to make
[19:27] <mrsdurff> teachers do it everyday
[19:27] <mrsdurff> sigh Jen
[19:27] <JenW> in salary
[19:27] <mrsdurff> if only it were us
[19:27] <JenW> and Durff -- I would like to put you to the test to see how you handle this.  How about Educon??
[19:28] <mrsdurff> you're on
[19:28] <cyndidannerkuhn> We are all trained teachers!!  Most of us klnow how to handle change on the fly when something isn't working
[19:28] <JenW> I think a classroom is a bit different than a 2000 auditorium
[19:28] <davecormier> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Climatic_Research_Unit_e-mail_hacking_...
[19:28] <mrsdurff> find a chat that is not blocked by the district
[19:28] <GaryM> Sorry!!
[19:28] <jackiegerstein> I can handle bombing in a lesson/presentation - folks making fun of my appearance would be something different
[19:29] <@JohnSchinker> Not debating that at all, cyndi. Just that we do need to be aware of what's happening in our classrooms.
[19:29] <JenW> I can stare down my students --- much different than dealing with a huge auditorum crowd
[19:29] <mrsdurff> I make fun of my appearance daily
[19:29] <davecormier> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:3RR#The_three-revert_rule
[19:29] <JenW> wonder how long it would have taken her to say "please lower the spotlights" and please raise the house lights........
[19:29] <mrsdurff> so it's funny?
[19:31] <GaryM> Riders ahead 10-0 (for any Canadians in the chat)
[19:32] <mrsdurff> hi malik
[19:32] <malikrichardson> Hello!
[19:33] <JenW> I edited my first WORD in wikipedia last week and was PSYCHED   :)
[19:34] <JenW> it was just a typo....but I felt I had contributed
[19:34] <cyndidannerkuhn> I hate to admit it, I use Wikipedia, but have never edited or contributed!! Yikes!!!
[19:34] <mrsdurff> you did
[19:34] <mrsdurff> Jen
[19:34] <mrsdurff> we need a clap button
[19:35] <JenW> I wish I felt an expert enough to feel I could contribute more than just spelling errors
[19:35] <GaryM> Just found an error in a book that I am reading  (error related to biology).  No chance to change that.
[19:36] <JenW> yes, I used PLUTO as a defense for wikipedia this past week at a conference.  Textbooks say Pluto is still a planet -- Wikipedia has the new info
[19:36] <JenW> People did agree with that
[19:36] <@JohnSchinker> but you can correct that pretty easily in the classroom, Jen.
[19:37] <JenW> yes, but still people who disregard WIKIPEDIA as a unusable source -- I was able to counter that
[19:37] <davecormier> http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/education/bal-md.co.handheld22nov22,0,6...
[19:39] <mrsdurff> is this the john & dave show?
[19:39] <GaryM> Testing - not an appropriate use!
[19:39] <davecormier> doing 'high paced' with two people is a bit tough :)
[19:39] <jackiegerstein> I HATE instant response devices - still teacher driven
[19:39] <mrsdurff> i use cell phones instead of those horrible clickers
[19:39] <GaryM> But not for testing.
[19:40] <jackiegerstein> They can raise their hands to do the same thing
[19:40] <mrsdurff> those are meant for whole class instruction - industrial age classrooms
[19:40] <jackiegerstein> Loses its novelty fast too
[19:41] <cyndidannerkuhn> I have a set of 32 Quizdoms I won at Necc a couple years ago, they just sit in my office!!  Just don't need them, they would not enhance what I teach. 
[19:41] <jackiegerstein> yes durff - my point -thx for the clarification
[19:41] <mrsdurff> just not worth the $
[19:41] <mrsdurff> cyndi - yard sales are wonderful things
[19:42] <mrsdurff> why use whole class instruction anyway?
[19:42] <jackiegerstein> agreement
[19:42] <cyndidannerkuhn> yup, keep thinking somebody around the College of Ed might wnat them, but so far, they sit!!
[19:42] <GaryM> Students think in different ways during a test and may not do it in a sequentiail way.  The teacher would control that.
[19:43] <mrsdurff> so odd to agree with cormier so much in one day - it's the space-time continuum
[19:43] <mrsdurff> a test?
[19:43] <cyndidannerkuhn> But it is still quite a bit of work to set it up too, not sure they are really much of a time saver
[19:43] <jackiegerstein> Then it is for teacher assessment not student learning
[19:43] <mrsdurff> a what?
[19:43] <cyndidannerkuhn> Yeah, cell phones
[19:43] <mrsdurff> i don't test
[19:44] <mrsdurff> eek
[19:44] <cyndidannerkuhn> I don't test either
[19:44] <JenW> wow -- this went fast
[19:44] <mrsdurff> watch that planet
[19:44] <mrsdurff> it might hit us
[19:45] <GaryM> What about the argument about thanksgiving.  Was hoping for some fighting.
[19:45] <mrsdurff> card board is nice
[19:45] <JenW> POST SHOW??
[19:45] <cyndidannerkuhn> thnaks for interesting conversations!!  have a great week
[19:45] <mrsdurff> take care all!