EdTechWeekly #146

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 With beachdude lurking in the waves, Dave, John, and Jen do their best with this week's edtech news and resources.

EdTechWeekly #146
December 6, 2009

This Week's Delicious Links

Chat Log Below


18:59:20 jackiegerstein: Hey it's the old chat room!

18:59:29 sheila: I can float now!  :)

19:00:50 jackiegerstein: LOL

19:01:16 PeggyG: home sweet home :-) Hi everyone!

19:01:26 jackiegerstein: Hey Peggy

19:01:27 PeggyG: so happy to see this chat room!!!!!!!

19:01:36 jackiegerstein: Me too

19:01:41 mrsdurff: could it be true?

19:01:47 Gary: Back to "normal" whatever that means.

19:02:01 jackiegerstein: As the chat room visitors sigh with relief

19:02:12 jackiegerstein: creatures of habit

19:02:32 PeggyG: I'm thrilled to have the old chat back after the very challenging experience with it on K12 Online Fireside Chat

19:02:41 mrsdurff: Could this all be a dream?

19:02:59 mrsdurff: someone pinch me

19:03:25 PeggyG: I love the format of the show--new links and commentary are always helpful!

19:03:27 mrsdurff: we like it or we wouldn't be here

19:03:32 jackiegerstein: I think there is just too many live webinars, elluminate sessions, Second Life events in the metaverse now

19:03:48 sheila: Works for me! I know others who can't be here do download audio for later. 

19:03:50 mrsdurff: never too many

19:04:08 sheila: Like the timing of it too!

19:04:08 PeggyG: you find things I don't find even with twitter and Diigo and my PLN--I always look forward to it!

19:04:16 jackiegerstein: I still like hearing all of the links - what I am saying is that it is not the format but just lots out there

19:04:36 mrsdurff: i look forward to getting together with everyone

19:05:08 PeggyG: the conversation always enhances the shared links, even if you haven't had a chance to explore them in depth before you share them

19:05:15 sheila: So is audio going in and out for others or is it just me. (oh,no I hope not)

19:05:20 jackiegerstein: LOL - folks are jumping on the text color change because they can in this chat!

19:05:26 PeggyG: audio is good for me Sheila

19:05:45 JenM: http://www.uwex.edu/disted/conference/index.cfm

19:05:46 mrsdurff: hi steve and sue

19:05:50 Gary: Maybe every second week the fast paced form and then more of a discussion?

19:05:54 sroseman: hi guys

19:06:08 sroseman: best of 2009

19:06:10 PeggyG: it's fun to revisit the links and continue the conversation with you

19:06:14 Steve_K: Good evening everyone

19:06:32 mrsdurff: sound on ETT A

19:07:14 mrsdurff: the PETE-C has Sir Ken keynoting !

19:07:19 mrsdurff: hi kim

19:07:26 kcaise: hi durff

19:07:27 PeggyG: We can't participate in that conference virtually for free, right?

19:07:28 jackiegerstein: what is the PETE-C

19:07:32 kcaise: hi everyone

19:07:34 JohnS: An Open Letter from Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg: http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=190423927130 

19:07:36 jackiegerstein: hi kim

19:07:42 mrsdurff: Peggy - I think so

19:07:45 kcaise: hi jackie

19:07:58 mrsdurff: don't quote me on that

19:08:17 mrsdurff: ask @jgates

19:09:49 mrsdurff: Welcome Harold

19:09:49 PeggyG: that's a really interesting change for Facebook! I think I like it!

19:09:52 Gary: If edtechtalk got too large then you would need to worry about security?

19:09:59 Harold: Hello everyone

19:10:08 mrsdurff: Hi Cathy

19:10:23 Cathy E: Hello All

19:10:36 mrsdurff: everyone here have sound

19:10:37 PeggyG: when you connect with a university there are tons of people you don't know or have anything in common with except the same university

19:11:11 Gary: Yes joking

19:11:24 mrsdurff: he's talking about me again

19:11:51 mrsdurff: hi csitterle

19:12:01 mrsdurff: wb Harold

19:12:05 Harold: Trying to get sound :)

19:12:06 mrsdurff: hi Matthew

19:12:07 csitterle: Hi there Durff

19:12:16 Matthew Wendlng: Hello!  

19:12:48 dave:  http://www.darcynorman.net/2009/11/24/how-do-you-connect-to-people-onlin...

19:13:03 PeggyG: I'm always amazed at my digital footprint! Did a recent search on pipl.com and found a newsletter I created during my doctoral years in 1973--entire newsletter saved in microfiche!

19:13:09 mrsdurff: hi dawn

19:13:10 Matthew Wendlng: I'm trying to figure out the interface of this site - I'm supposed to be a guest on the broadcast tonight.  My profession, Dr. Cheryl Ball, invited me.

19:13:26 mrsdurff: wow

19:13:28 jackiegerstein: Thank is amazing Peggy

19:13:33 mrsdurff: media literacy

19:13:36 Matthew Wendlng: So how does this work exactly?  

19:13:40 PeggyG: Hi Matthew! Really looking forward to having you on WOW3 tonight!! It will start at 8:30pm EST

19:13:45 mrsdurff: sound on 

19:13:49 mrsdurff: ETT A

19:13:59 mrsdurff: we chat here

19:14:05 JenM: Ed-media: Call for Proposal ... http://aace.org/conf/edmedia/call.htm

19:14:13 PeggyG: We will skype you into our WOW3 call and we participate in this chat room

19:14:17 dawn: @MrsDurff Hi   no sound yet?

19:14:21 jackiegerstein: Love the background music to this video

19:14:27 mrsdurff: i'm fine

19:14:28 PeggyG: sound is on ETT-A

19:14:38 JenM: http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/archives/2009/11/24/spectacle_at_we.html

19:14:43 Harold: got sound  :)

19:14:50 Matthew Wendlng: So the audio is conducted through Skype - is it streamed through this interface?

19:14:58 dave: wow... i wish we'd done half a show on this

19:15:34 PeggyG: for you Matthew the audio will come through Skype. It will be streamed to everyone else so you will need to mute the audio on the stream and just listen via Skype

19:15:38 jackiegerstein: I want someone to hire me to just go to technology conferences all year long

19:15:55 jackiegerstein: Yes we did ': )

19:15:59 PeggyG: I know what you mean Jackie!!

19:16:32 Matthew Wendlng: Ah, ok!  So all that someone needs to do in order to listen in is join this particular chat?

19:16:58 JohnS: Time to wave goodbye to old-fashioned lecture notes: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/higher/time-to-wave-goodbye-...

19:17:04 PeggyG: are you hearing the audio now Matthew?

19:17:18 dave: http://edtechtalk.com:8000/listen.pls

19:17:24 dave: click that matthew

19:17:28 Gary: @Matthew - chat is here but need to also use the stream (Channel A right now)

19:17:29 dave: tell me what happens

19:18:08 Gary: @Matthew - sometimes the Ustream channel is running.

19:18:39 JohnS: MultiMedia Training Videos: http://www.multimediatrainingvideos.com/ 

19:18:46 JohnS: Teacher Training Videos: http://teachertrainingvideos.com/ 

19:19:28 Matthew Wendlng: Alright thank you very much!  Which channel will the WOW3 broadcast be utilizing?

19:19:29 dave: http://www.flickr.com/groups/apostrophes/pool

19:19:44 jackiegerstein: I recommend these training videos to my college students

19:20:19 mrsdurff: connect on flickr?

19:21:12 JenM: Chrome Extensions: http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/12/05/11-chrome-extensions-for-starters/

19:21:17 sheila: @Matthew - we will use ustsream later tonight.

19:22:03 dave: @sheila you guys are going to have to walk me through the ustream on a mac again

19:22:16 Gary: Assuming flickr is not blocked by your school 

19:22:24 dave: @gary :P

19:22:52 PeggyG: @Matthew--you won't need to use ustream during wow3 because you'll be listening via Skype. You just need to log into this chat room to follow the chat.

19:23:04 kcaise: speaking of chatrooms, love this format back!

19:23:17 PeggyG: yes Kim!!!!

19:23:18 JohnS: OneLook Reverse Dictionary: http://www.onelook.com/reverse-dictionary.shtml

19:23:19 sroseman: Chrome is for the Mac now am I correct

19:23:20 sheila: @dave Easier than nicecast for me!

19:23:44 Harold: Flock works well F/F clone

19:23:45 PeggyG: did you see the announcement that Google bought Etherpad?

19:23:48 dave: @sheila... drop instructions in here... i'll see if i can host and learn :)

19:23:51 kcaise: i love the zotero plugin to word too!

19:23:51 JohnS: Book Glutton: http://www.bookglutton.com/ 

19:24:04 Gary: Safari is faster on the mac though

19:24:15 jackiegerstein: Yes Peggy - we were tweeting about the etherpad catastophe all day yesterday.

19:24:23 PeggyG: I'm so happy to have the pop up/floating window back!

19:24:51 kcaise: bookglutton is a great community

19:25:16 dave: http://www.maximumpc.com/article/features/20_essential_tricks_and_skills...

19:25:54 mrsdurff:   I like the JenM approach

19:26:03 sheila: @dave http://educationaltechnology.ca/couros/765

19:26:20 PeggyG: that looks like a really helpful resource for learning Skype tricks :-)

19:26:20 JenM: New Show Coming to ETT (2010): http://instructionaldesigning.org/

19:26:39 dawn: Is book glutton free?

19:26:46 dave: new show! new show! new show!

19:26:54 PeggyG: yes I'm really looking forward to the new show!! Instructional Design with Robert Squires from Montana

19:26:54 JohnS: Book Glutton is free for books that are in the public domain.

19:27:08 mrsdurff: I thought Instructional Design was the name of show

19:27:26 dawn: Thanks John

19:27:58 PeggyG: he has some great ideas for things he'd like to share about instructional design, especially for higher ed but also students

19:28:13 PeggyG: Yes I was in the brainstorming session with him

19:28:48 JohnS: Backupify: http://www.backupify.com/index.php 

19:28:53 PeggyG: I noticed edublogs was down today! very surprised!

19:29:34 PeggyG: brilliant!! backup your blog and twitter--anything in the cloud!

19:29:59 PeggyG: hmmm--no backup for Etherpad :-)

19:30:06 sheila: How many times do you go back in twitter? Hmm?

19:30:33 PeggyG: not often Sheila!!! can't even keep up with the current tweets!

19:30:43 Gary: Yes - does Twitter need to have a backup?

19:31:17 PeggyG: if you could back up Twitter for a specific group or hashtage it might be helpful

19:32:04 mrsdurff: amen

19:32:24 mrsdurff: our IT just found stuff of mine fromm 2005

19:32:33 jackiegerstein: I don't have any reason to save Twitter - when I find links I find that I like, I diigo them

19:32:51 dave: http://www.infed.org/biblio/communities_of_practice.htm#lpp

19:32:54 PeggyG: me too Jackie! wonder if we need to back up Diigo??

19:32:55 dawn: How would educational institutions be affected by backing up 2.0"s ?

19:33:17 mrsdurff: :D 

19:33:53 mrsdurff: we have a problem? who knew

19:34:34 JenM: Amazon.com textbook trade-in ... http://www.amazon.com/b/?node=2205237011

19:34:35 mrsdurff: wb cathy

19:34:42 dawn: hey, I am using chrome tonight soooo much better, neat.

19:34:57 jackiegerstein: Yikes Peggy - I never thought about backing up Diigo!

19:35:17 JohnS: MIT wins $40,000 prize in nationwide balloon-hunt contest: http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/12/05/darpa.balloon.challenge/ 

19:35:19 PeggyG: me either--but this is making me think!!

19:35:26 mrsdurff: i use Chrome when FF frustrates me

19:35:51 sheila: I didn't see any balloons . . . 

19:36:07 mrsdurff: balloons? a party/

19:36:19 mrsdurff: is there coffee?

19:36:25 sheila: :)

19:37:25 dave: http://davecormier.com/edblog/2006/03/01/server-mayhem-google-cache-and-...

19:37:38 dave: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE5AT1MQ20091130

19:37:41 PeggyG: that is fascinating!! the balloon hunt contest!

19:37:48 Cathy E: That is such a cool story

19:38:02 dave: http://teachers.net/gazette/wordpress/allison-gray/50-web-apps-for-teach...

19:38:44 JenM: free my pdf: http://freemypdf.com/

19:39:23 JenM: http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/DigitalEducation/2009/12/got_apps.html

19:39:45 mrsdurff: they're whispering again

19:40:02 JenM: http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/DigitalEducation/iLearn_final%20formatted...

19:40:15 JohnS: Steve Wozniak: How I Invented the Personal Computer: http://fora.tv/2006/09/26/Steve_Wozniak#Steve_Wozniak_Remembers_Building...

19:40:40 mrsdurff: hi beachdude and PaulPam

19:41:08 JohnS: Let them sing it for you: http://www.sr.se/P1/src/sing/# 

19:41:15 PeggyG: lots of audio hiccups tonight--stream keeps stopped and refreshing for me

19:41:31 mrsdurff: i thought it was my ISP

19:41:33 jackiegerstein: It is gone for me now - longest silence yet

19:41:35 dave: @peggy ? really? anyone else?

19:41:42 sheila: yes 

19:41:44 dave: oh guys... you need to tell us :P

19:41:46 JohnS: Check the Redesigned Google (With Always-Visible Sidebar) Yourself: http://blogoscoped.com/archive/2009-11-25-n78.html 

19:41:48 beachdude: aloha - I was wondering about the stream as well

19:41:54 jackiegerstein: just did Dave

19:42:00 mrsdurff: we are telling you now

19:42:04 sheila: At first we didn't know if it was us.

19:42:11 csitterle: Has been for me as well-no lost audio, just moments of silence-I thought it was for Jeff...

19:42:19 sroseman: no audio

19:42:28 mrsdurff: true, I have had many ISP problems lately

19:42:32 beachdude: hearing audio now

19:42:35 sheila: @csitterie Funny!

19:42:38 jackiegerstein: LOL - in Second Life everyone starts jumping into the chat as soon as the audio goes

19:42:48 mrsdurff: YEAH JL!!

19:42:59 PeggyG: that's right :-) couldn't hear

19:43:06 jackiegerstein: Missed the last round

19:43:17 PeggyG: see you soon Matthew! we'll be skyping you into the WOW3 call

19:43:19 jackiegerstein: We want the old new chat - lol

19:43:31 beachdude: yeah, I miss the timestamps

19:43:41 beachdude: and all that extra text whenever someone enters

19:43:44 mrsdurff: WOW3.0 at 8:30pm - see you all then!

19:43:51 PeggyG: I don't miss the timestamps and I'm so relieved to have the metadata gone!!!

19:44:06 mrsdurff: going for dinner now 

19:44:23 mrsdurff: doug?

19:44:42 PeggyG: we have a great conversation on WOW3 tonight--media literacies with Cheryl Ball and her student, Matthew

19:44:43 mrsdurff: so who is it?

19:44:48 sheila: JL

19:44:52 mrsdurff: ah

19:45:27 beachdude: so clever

19:45:32 mrsdurff: is beachdude enjoying his vacation?

19:45:33 beachdude: can't slip anything past you all

19:45:50 beachdude: should be back online.  I hear they have internet in Korea

19:45:54 Gary: Where are you beachdude?

19:45:57 sheila: @beachdude Missed about 5 inches of snow today.

19:46:00 PeggyG: they're going to talk about multimodal composition :-) exciting stuff!

19:46:01 mrsdurff: do they now?

19:46:02 beachdude: Waikiki Beach

19:46:12 mrsdurff: pics?

19:46:33 PeggyG: yes Durff!! would love to see a link to the beach!!

19:46:35 beachdude: none yet

19:46:40 mrsdurff: pooh

19:46:43 Gary: @beachdue - My wife is going to an educational conference in Hiwaii in January and I get to tag along.

19:46:52 csitterle: Yeah but you guys talk about each other as much as we talk about you

19:46:58 beachdude: It's a really pleasant place

19:46:59 mrsdurff: no fair y'all

19:47:18 jackiegerstein: bye - thanks!

19:47:29 mrsdurff: i really do have to go have dinner now - take care beachdude and dudette

19:47:33 PeggyG: oh no--do we also need to do a backup recording for our shows???

19:47:42 csitterle: Train video was cool John

19:48:08 Gary: Thanks again.

19:48:08 PeggyG: thanks everyone--see you at WOW3 :-)

19:48:12 sheila: THanks all!

19:48:22 beachdude: sounds like a regular sunday night to me

19:48:32 PeggyG: a perfect Sunday night!!

19:48:46 JohnS: Thanks for coming out, everyone. Nice to see so many of you.

19:49:37 Gary: @JohnS - we promise to listen to the missing part via podcast.