EdTechWeekly #157

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 EdTechWeekly #157
March 14, 2010

In a break from EdTechWeekly tradition, Dave and Jen explored their research projects and interests regarding "community" within an educational setting. If you are looking for the contributed links to news and resources shared by the EdTechTalk "community" this week, please point your browser to our EdTechTalk delicious folder.

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18:49:33 dave -> wow... chatroom has doubled

18:49:36 jenm -> hey!

18:51:47 dave -> http://edtechtalk.com:8000/listen.pls

18:58:08 cyndidannerkuhn -> wow where is everybody?

18:58:29 jenm -> you are everybody!

18:58:39 cyndidannerkuhn -> lol

18:58:53 cyndidannerkuhn -> I feel special for sure

19:00:02 cyndidannerkuhn -> Is that paper psoted someplace to read? 

19:00:52 jenm -> on dave's blog ... we'll dig it up ... one sec

19:04:49 jenm -> http://communitiesofinquiry.com/

19:07:24 sr -> greetings all

19:07:49 jenm -> hi! discussing research re: "community"

19:07:52 PeggyG -> hi everyone

19:09:50 PeggyG -> Have you seen this site about how to build strong web communities? http://www.asaecenter.org/PublicationsResources/ANowDetail.cfm?ItemNumbe...

19:10:14 PeggyG -> it was the feature article this month

19:11:18 cyndidannerkuhn -> students are so "trained" at being graded!  Sometimes the learning gets lost

19:11:27 PeggyG -> I'm really excited about your dissertation research Jen!

19:13:34 PeggyG -> would love to see you look at more than "grades" :-)

19:13:59 jenm -> @peggy ... yep ... when you figure it out, please let me know :)

19:14:15 PeggyG -> you're on the right track!

19:14:51 dave -> is the audio still there?

19:15:18 cyndidannerkuhn -> are these undergraduates or graduate students?

19:15:25 dave -> mine are undergraduate

19:16:21 PeggyG -> yes-great data collection idea if you're observing! it would be interesting to see level of bloom's for teacher/student questions

19:16:22 jenm -> mine are graduate

19:18:20 sr -> be back momentarily

19:19:18 PeggyG -> I agree-it's not right for all teachers! requires outstanding teaching/management skills

19:19:49 cyndidannerkuhn -> agree as well, 

19:22:33 PeggyG -> the teacher as a facilitator is such a key point (in the example you just provided about Alec's style) he spends lots of time doing those things to engage all learners

19:23:03 cyndidannerkuhn -> Alec who? link?

19:23:28 PeggyG -> Alec Couros-does an online grade course open to everyone

19:23:52 PeggyG -> http://eci831.wikispaces.com/Session+List

19:24:19 PeggyG -> it's MUCH more work!!!!

19:25:35 PeggyG -> very interesting model Dave! could students also do that sort of response, synthesizing the day's blog posts/reflections?

19:25:53 dave -> @peggyG that is also part of their responsibility

19:25:59 PeggyG -> great!

19:26:42 PeggyG -> is it equal opportunity or equal recognition?

19:26:54 PeggyG -> that equity point is very interesting

19:27:22 cyndidannerkuhn -> so true, web based is not identical to online!!

19:29:32 PeggyG -> that's so much more than a grade!! :-)

19:31:50 dave -> i keep seeing gary hitting keys... and wondering what he's going to say

19:32:23 PeggyG -> that rigor term came up a LOT with our faculty--meant very different things to different people

19:33:10 PeggyG -> you ask such great questions, Jen! how will you ever "focus" your dissertation? :-) so much to think about and explore!

19:33:27 Gary -> A recent study (U of Alberta) suggests that feedback is important but needs to be seen as immediate. http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2010/03/12/tech-feedback-anticipation... The constant encouragement may be a critical point. 

19:34:21 cyndidannerkuhn -> that is my weakness as well

19:35:29 cyndidannerkuhn -> I hate group work too, such a ordeal most times

19:35:46 dendari -> But practice is important http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com/2010/03/fail-forward-move-forward.htm...

19:36:01 PeggyG -> sorry I have to leave-company arrived-will listen to rest in recording! great conversation!!!

19:41:11 Gary -> @dendari - Makes sense - quality would be a higher level of expectation and could suggest a greater chance of failure.  A better summary of the research at U of Alberta is here http://www.business.ualberta.ca/People/Media/MediaReleasesAndStories/201...

19:41:56 matt montagne -> hey y'all

19:43:18 Gary -> We often "talk" outside of the actual show. Dave, for example, always seems to like topics about Nigeria even when it does not appear on the show.

19:43:45 cyndidannerkuhn -> But it is alwasy interesting and I always learn something

19:46:16 matt montagne -> that is a good point, Dave...this "community" feeling is tough to scale to the typical classroom

19:46:16 cyndidannerkuhn -> hope they plug it, man it is seems difficult for my students!

19:47:12 matt montagne -> classroom attendance is typically compulsory with a beginning and end to the experience...the edtechtalk network doesn't work on this criteria

19:48:49 dave -> @matt yes.

19:49:10 matt montagne -> oops, meant to say *edtech talk community, not network

19:49:19 dave -> :P

19:53:43 cyndidannerkuhn -> Twitter is my professional development daily in my time!

19:54:08 matt montagne -> that is what stinks about twitter...the saturation blurs out the stuff you want to see, unless you really put some effort into it.

19:54:52 cyndidannerkuhn -> my future teachers are really having a tough time getting Twitter and why it MIGHT be useful to them

19:54:57 matt montagne -> I get very, very few responses from twitter to things...I don't take it personally at all, I think it is the saturation thing...

19:55:33 Gary -> Thanks again and Happy Pi Day: http://www.twitpic.com/18kh6p 

19:55:34 cyndidannerkuhn -> Good show, very deep, butvery interesting!  thank you

19:55:51 matt montagne -> nice show...good to catch up with ETT Weekly

19:56:27 jenm -> thanks for hanging with us!