EdTechWeekly #166

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EdTechWeekly #166

May 30, 2010

Facebook, Privacy, and Social Networking


Dave and John are joined by Alvin Trusty and his 18-year-old daughter Kara Trusty to discuss Facebooks' newly revamped privacy settings, the expectations of privacy when posting things online, and best practices for managing your online identity. We also talked about how schools approach social networking, and whether they're adequately preparing students to make intelligent decisions regarding their own online privacy and identities.


Chat log below

18:57:05 dave hey folks
18:57:14 dave going live in a few minutes...
18:57:42 JohnS Hey all....
18:57:50 gary @dave - Did you buy the "want"?
18:58:41 dave how does the audio sound?
18:58:55 techyturner :)
18:59:06 gary Seems fine.
18:59:14 techyturner Great!
18:59:25 Cathy E sounds great
18:59:37 techyturner The chat room seems faster than the audio.
19:00:24 JohnS There's an audio delay.
19:03:56 Cathy E Hello Kara - I'm from the coast of NC
19:04:40 JohnS UPEI Web Expert http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/News/Local_News/PEI/ID=1507071761 Starts at 4:40
19:05:03 dave i see.
19:06:49 JohnS Mark Zuckerburg's post about this: http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=391922327130
19:07:24 Cathy E Exactly- don't post anything you don't want the world to see. Anywere!
19:13:18 gary My son, who is 24, decided to close his FaceBook account, because he does not like the lack of privacy.  He would rather talk to his friends directly or via phone.
19:14:10 jackiegerstein Weird to have a prof try to friend a student.
19:14:22 JohnS Reclaim Privacy: http://www.reclaimprivacy.org/
19:14:55 JohnS Tools to unscramble your privacy settings: http://maketecheasier.com/4-tools-to-unscramble-your-facebook-privacy-se...
19:16:10 dave http://www.flickr.com/photos/opoe/4645558021/
19:16:46 Cathy E Kara, should teachers do a better job of helping high school kids understand social networking?
19:17:10 JohnS http://www.flickr.com/photos/63873121@N00/4630457704/
19:18:31 Kara Trusty I think so. I know at my school we definately don't focus on anything dealing with social networking
19:19:27 JohnS Evolution of privacy on Facebook: http://mattmckeon.com/facebook-privacy/
19:20:54 jackiegerstein My first is my website - second is Facebook - really does come at the top of the list doesn't it?
19:21:34 jackiegerstein I teach kids how to use avatars  - identity behind anonymitiy
19:21:37 jackiegerstein (sp)
19:22:24 jackiegerstein Branding one self
19:22:26 gary My first is Twitter.
19:26:31 dave http://www.flickr.com/photos/davecormier/4514399674/
19:26:35 dave you mean pictures like this?
19:27:04 JohnS Web 2.0 Never Forgets: http://www.trustyetc.com/trustyblog/2010/02/21/web-2-0-never-forgets-dev...
19:28:28 dave or, say, john without pants. http://www.flickr.com/photos/davecormier/2542585269/
19:29:28 JohnS Controlled Social Networking for Student Collaboration: http://www.trustyetc.com/trustyblog/2010/05/21/controlled-social-network...
19:29:48 jackiegerstein I agree! I believe and practice a strong and transparent online presence.
19:30:23 jackiegerstein I am going back to K-8 teaching next year - use Thinquest as a safe networking site - great to teach kids HOW to do this
19:30:38 gary I have been involved in various search committees for non-profits. A positive presence on the web actually works to the candidate's advantage especially when the person will be the public face of the the group.
19:31:18 JohnS Amen, Gary.
19:31:42 gary Someone without a presence may be at a disadvantage.
19:32:40 jackiegerstein Funny how easily schools post photographs in the newspaper of students with full names.
19:34:03 jackiegerstein I am - online makes me more intentional - I model this with my students.
19:34:41 jackiegerstein Internet has the longest memory in the history of the world
19:35:21 gary "From away" - Dave just revealed his roots.
19:37:26 Alvin Trusty Guys... Kara has to run... bday stuff.
19:37:38 jackiegerstein Ouch - speak for yourself - I am always intentional about what is posted online
19:37:44 Cathy E We have a standing release - for newspaper and Internet. Each family signs at the beginning of the year.
19:38:02 Cathy E Thanks for coming Kara
19:38:12 jackiegerstein Thanks Kara!
19:38:20 sroseman Thanks for your perspective, Kara
19:38:31 jackiegerstein Singing Happy Birthday to Kara
19:39:10 not dlnorman uploading photos to flickr now... public... while tweaking my hosts file...
19:39:58 not dlnorman someone made a timelapse video of me and posted it publicly without asking...
19:41:14 jackiegerstein Happy Anniversary
19:41:28 gary Wow - 5 years!
19:41:29 dave @dlnorman
19:41:32 dave i did too ask you
19:41:39 dave sorry... not @dlnorman
19:41:44 not dlnorman I thought you told me... ;-)
19:42:51 dave oh no... i asked you first
19:43:10 jackiegerstein thanks
19:43:23 not dlnorman happy anniversary!
19:44:04 Cathy E night guys
19:44:17 gary Thanks again.