EdTechWeekly #171

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EdTechWeekly #171

October 10, 2010

Regular hosts: Dave, John
Guest hosts: Ginger Lewman, Director, f2f Program, Turning Point Learning Center, Emporia, Kansas

This Week's Menu:

  • John's Link: Five years of K12 Online Conferences. Has this changed professional development? Why are we still physically going to conferences?

  • Ginger Lewman: PBL, Tech Integration, Charter Schools. I can talk about K12Online. Actually, one of my students who just left my school is one of the student strand keynoters this year. I'd be DELIGHTED to talk about K12 Online Conf. There are several threads that can come off this conversation as well, I think.

  • Next week's guests: Lesley Edwards, Teacher/Librarian from North Vancouver, BC, and Jody Meacher, middle grades teacher in a 1:1 school in Eastern Quebec.