EdTechWeekly #172

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EdTechWeekly #172 

October 17, 2010

Regular hosts: Dave, Jen, John

Guest hosts: Lesley Edwards, Teacher/Librarian from North Vancouver, BC.

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Next week: No show on October 24 or October 31. We return November 7 with Connie Sitterley, Teacher / Technology Integration Specialist from Pennsylvania, and Kyli Yerse, school technology consultant.

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Chat log below

18:53:05 JohnS -> yay! Someone in the chat room who's not on the show!
18:53:21 JohnS -> Thanks for stopping by, Ms. Laufenberg. Back from the trip?
18:53:23 JenM -> Yay! Hey!
18:53:34 JenM -> What did you do in NYC?
18:57:41 Lesley Edwards -> Hi Bryan!
18:57:47 JenM -> yay, Bryan!
18:57:52 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Not so funny if you were hoping to cross the line and buy an iPad on launch day!
18:58:19 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Hi everyone!
18:58:32 JenM -> Hi, Connie
19:03:28 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Lesley is still going strong!
19:03:44 Connie Sitterley -> retirement is just a change of options
19:04:23 dave -> http://www.masternewmedia.org/learning_educational_technologies/media-li...
19:04:40 dave -> http://www.masternewmedia.org/learning_educational_technologies/media-li...
19:06:07 dave -> http://www.21cskills.org/
19:08:01 dave -> gary. gary. gary. gary.
19:08:08 Connie Sitterley -> NCTE http://www.ncte.org/ has some updated information lit info
19:09:10 gary -> Hello dave!
19:09:33 gary -> Have been away (travelling).
19:09:53 dave -> @gary. nice.
19:10:41 Steve McQuaid -> Thanks for the sites, folks... I'm interviewing for a job this week that deals with 21st-Century skills and PLE / project-based learning.
19:10:48 Steve McQuaid -> Timely!
19:11:39 Connie Sitterley -> Those skills are being used in different venues
19:11:55 Steve McQuaid -> True enough. They're rather broad / global.
19:13:09 JenM -> http://c4lpt.co.uk/recommended/top100-2010.html
19:13:34 dave -> http://halfanhour.blogspot.com/2010/10/where-i-draw-line.html
19:13:41 dave -> downes on working online
19:13:47 dave -> and being open
19:14:41 Connie Sitterley -> It is always fun to see how many of those 100 I have forgotten accounts in
19:15:56 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Yet just this week I was troubleshooting a problem for someoone, and it was an IE problem
19:16:07 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> They had never heard of Firefox - it solved the problem
19:17:25 Steve McQuaid -> I wish Moodle had support in schools here... not perfect, but a great tool.
19:18:01 JenM -> If you want one that breaks .. http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/maylong-m-150-universe-tablet-pc-powere...
19:18:45 Connie Sitterley -> @Steve The support on moodle site is good-have you tried edmodo?
19:18:50 Steve McQuaid -> I like how the product page says "Easy-to-understand user's manual"
19:18:55 dave -> @Steve what kind of support are you thinking of?
19:19:09 dave -> there's a fair amount of it out there
19:19:22 Steve McQuaid -> Tech support / funding... server space and maintenance issues... time issues
19:19:34 Steve McQuaid -> edmondo, no... don't know it... will check it out
19:19:54 Lesley Edwards -> @Steve There may be support through KnowBC as well.
19:20:04 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Edmodo is great - I have used it in the past
19:20:06 Connie Sitterley -> @Steve-not as "complete" as moodle-but really good support
19:20:40 Steve McQuaid -> I'll have to watch the home page vid and sign up... see if it's useful, and see if it works at school!
19:21:19 Connie Sitterley -> I see the fact that the applications are more general is a good thing
19:21:58 JohnS -> http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2010/10/04/101004fa_fact_gladwell
19:22:27 Connie Sitterley -> ...and they can add gadgets that might not be desireable as well in igoogle
19:22:45 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Many of these services (Animoto, Glogster, etc.) have launched Education focused versions
19:22:56 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> To address that not safe for school issue
19:23:14 Connie Sitterley -> Yes, the ed versions are helpful to "selling" then to leadership
19:23:43 JohnS -> http://gigaom.com/2010/10/11/twitter-founders-gladwell-got-it-wrong/
19:24:15 Steve McQuaid -> Bryan, you're right... I used Glogster with a class only to find out that it had a networking / social "flaw"
19:24:25 Steve McQuaid -> I'll have to go to edu glogster now
19:29:35 jackiegerstein -> I have been listening - I SO disagree with lack of connections via Twitter, met folks via Twitter and then f2f at ISTE, we knew each other prior to meeting f2f - was amazing
19:29:47 JohnS -> Strong things that have happened in Twitter: http://mobilelink.womansday.com/Articles/Health/Social-Networking-to-the...
19:30:17 Connie Sitterley -> I agree, Dave.  I don't have actual connections with most of the people I follow on twitter, but I "get to know" them as they want to be known thru twitter-sometimes the conversations lead deeper
19:32:36 Connie Sitterley -> connections I have thru twitter have lead to invitations being sent for keynoters and presenters for staff development sessions-which then led to meeting and learning
19:33:00 gary -> Another exmaple - dave & I were in Vancouver at the same time. We have never met but attempted to use Twitter to meet up - didn't happen but without the connection through Twitter, would have been impossible to attempt.
19:33:10 Steve McQuaid -> Don't forget your poison-related Twitter story, too, Dave!
19:34:24 jackiegerstein -> Funny - how can he critique a tool that he doesn't use :)
19:34:56 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Well, Aaron Sorkin wrote The Social Network without being a Facebook user, so....
19:35:22 JenM -> http://biepbl.blogspot.com/
19:35:31 JenM -> http://whatedsaid.wordpress.com/
19:36:03 JenM -> http://twitter.com/whatedsaid
19:36:05 Steve McQuaid -> pre-job interview... this is SO timely for me! :)
19:37:49 Steve McQuaid -> That taking the time to reflect with a blog... I'd like to know where they find it!
19:38:34 Connie Sitterley -> Thanks Jen-I was about to ask that question
19:38:39 Steve McQuaid -> I can do short blogs that aren't work-related... small time needs. But to do one for work / school and keep it up, keep it quality... that's tough!
19:39:32 JohnS -> Lesley blogs at http://bookminder.blogspot.com/
19:40:02 Connie Sitterley -> We had the problem that the librarians seemed to feel that they were not respected as a "real teacher" so they felt uneasy about suggestions for teaching
19:41:28 Steve McQuaid -> I have used blogs a few times in school... just as an alternative writing space for students. On my own, I kept a journal-style one from about 2005-2010 (now pretty much dead), and have started a new one that's beer-related.
19:42:43 Steve McQuaid -> Librarians have been called the "keystone species" of the ecosystem of the school.
19:43:12 Connie Sitterley -> Classroom teachers miss out on a lot of strong guidance by not seeing the librarian as the strong resource they are
19:43:31 Steve McQuaid -> When you have a good one, they're priceless!
19:44:53 Connie Sitterley -> Absolutely Lesley-retirement has so many new doors-sometimes it is hard to pick them
19:45:15 JenM -> Yay, Connie!
19:45:24 gary -> "Retirement" does not exist for a teacher - 4 years and unless I leave the country there is always somethng to do in education.
19:45:29 Connie Sitterley -> People seem to think all retired folks do is travel
19:45:53 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Great conversation!
19:46:05 Connie Sitterley -> Wow- I am after a hiatus...cool
19:46:25 jackiegerstein -> thanks - great discussion!
19:46:26 gary -> Thanks again - glad to hear the voices again.
19:46:27 Connie Sitterley -> See you all on the 7th
19:46:33 sroseman -> great chat ..thanks
19:46:37 JohnS -> Thanks, everyone.
19:46:48 jackiegerstein -> Just got back to Edtech talk weekly and now there is a hiatus??! :)
19:46:59 Steve McQuaid -> My audio program crapped out... discussion's done?
19:47:09 JohnS -> Dave turned it off.
19:47:34 gary -> @Jjack - Second your comment
19:47:53 Steve McQuaid -> This is the first one I actually came to... what a tease!
19:48:44 Steve McQuaid -> Next one is Nov 7?
19:48:55 JohnS -> Yep.
19:49:06 JohnS -> Hey -- we need a guest host for Nov 14. Anyone interested?
19:49:46 Steve McQuaid -> I'll try to keep it (and the site in general) in mind! My Firefox crapped out at the same time as my audio program... hopefully I won't lose all the links when I re-boot it.
19:49:59 Steve McQuaid -> Heh... I'd guest host, but I'm a little new!
19:50:02 JohnS -> Audio and all the links should be posted tomorrow.
19:50:13 Steve McQuaid -> Nice... just in case
19:50:21 JohnS -> @Steve listen to some of the shows and let us know if you're interested.
19:51:02 Steve McQuaid -> I'll keep it in mind... as long as I don't need much prep, talking is not a problem.
19:51:33 JohnS -> Cool. Thanks for coming out tonight.
19:51:45 Steve McQuaid -> Thanks. It's been useful!
19:51:49 Steve McQuaid -> Cheers

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